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Doraemon Story of Seasons Gift List

Talking to the villagers every day and gifting them items will increase your relationship with them. This is important if you want to unlock Story Chapters, Gadgets and more.

Note: A lot of people leave their houses at 7 AM. The easiest way to talk to a bunch of them is to leave your farm from the north and start talking to people in West Natura.

Doraemon Story of Seasons Gift List

Main Characters

Character Loves Likes
Doraemon Dorayaki Sunflower, Watermelon
Sue Baked Potato P.Daisy, Sweet Potato
Big G Curry Normal Wood, Migratory Locust
Sneech Marlin Stew Truffled Egg, Melon
Vera Compote Cabbage, Yogurt
Ryam Sashimi Boat Daikon, Matsutake

East Natura Villagers

Character Loves Likes
Smitty Lightly Roasted Bonito Copper Ore
Blake Ajillo Iron Ore, Cucumber
Gennie Carpaccio Wheat, Carnation
Mark Pot-au-feu Gratin, Cauliflower, Ant
Jemma Apple Tart Pudding, Carrots, P. Daisy
Regis Strange Food Stir-fry, Spices
Serena Shortcake Terrine, Shepherd’s purse, Aloe
Cafet Sandwich Bean Paste, Apple
Eria Spring Salad Sauteed salad, Lily, Wheat flour, Melon

West Natura Villagers

Character Loves Likes
Helen Walnut bread Caramel Almonds, Strawberry, Goldfish, Egg
Harmon Tempura Potato, Sunflower, Fodder
Henson Fritter Gratin, Horse Mackerel
Cooper Horned Atlas Strawbery Milk, Mantis, Mayonnaise, Honeybee
Taurus Plum, Milk
Aries Boiled Carp Peas, Iris, Palbochae
Rem Pudding Dandelion, Morning Glory, Chili Shrimps
Ravi Namasu Fertilizer, Burdock
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Character Loves Likes
Pent Udon Royal Fern, Hard Wood
Sandy Marlin Firewood, Squid, Groundbait
Red Koroppokur Junk Apple Pie
Green Koroppokur Junk Green Potage
Blue Koroppokur Junk Fodder
Yellow Koroppokur Junk Meunier
Purple Koroppokur Junk Quiche
Bear Sake, Salmon Bamboo Shoot, Walnut, Beehive
Rabbit Carrot Dandelion, Cabbage
Squirrel Walnut Almond
Monkey Apple Yam

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