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Dota Underlords Assassins Strategy and Combination Guide

Dota Underlords Assassins Strategy and Combination Guide

Dota Underlords Assassins Strategy and Combinations Guide

Very popular among novices. The members of the alliance deal huge damage in the early and middle game, but they have problems holding the lead in the late game. Assassins are very dependent on levels and items, so it may be hard to win playing with them. You will have to spend gold and search for copies early enough. Also, it is likely you will not be able to get all nine Assassins. In this case, you should take solid Warlocks, Warriors or Druids who can detain enemy tanks.

At the beginning of the game, you should take Bloodseeker or Bounty Hunter, collect their copies and increase their level as fast as you can. Assassins must exceed the level of their opponent and require upgrades of damage and attack speed. Another great Assassin that is worth taking at the start of the game is the Queen of Pain. She has huge damage and is worth upgrading to the third level, while you’ll later have to abandon the services of Bloodseeker and Bounty Hunter. Do not take Morphling in your team as he is too weak. At first, Assassins can play without tanks but later you should take Slardar, for example. First, he will decrease the armor of your goals. Second, he will provide you with a bonus to magic resistance in combination with Slark.

In the middle game, you should strive to collect Slark and find Templar Assassin and Phantom Assassin. These are three key attacking heroes, so upgrading them is your top priority. As for Sand King and Viper, they are objectively weaker but should be collected in order to have a combination of six Assassins. If you haven’t got Bloodseeker or Bounty Hunter to the third level by round 20, you can safely say goodbye to them.

In the late game, Assassins have trouble staying in the lead. You should keep the pace and find the copies of your creatures faster than your opponents. Your goal is to get the third level for more characters. Against solid armies with Warriors and Knights, you should use heroes with powerful control and damage to armor, like Slardar and Alchemist. Other Warlocks are also good with Assassins: Enigma, Necrophos, Disruptor or, if there’s nothing better, Witchdoctor.


  • The high pace of the game which can be difficult to keep with. Often, instead of a stable economy, you have to spend gold to update the list of heroes as you must constantly upgrade your army.
  • Assassins are vulnerable to control. You will have to increase damage at a frantic pace so that your enemies do not have the time to use their spells.

Useful items

  • Pocket Sand. A useful bonus which provides all Assassins with some control at the very beginning. However, if you have to choose between the Eye of Skadi or Sacred Relic, you should prefer items that increase damage.
  • Mask of Madness. The best item for Slark and many other Assassins. Just grab it.
  • Big-Time Contract. If you get this item at the beginning of the game, you may perform a fierce combination with Bloodseeker, Ogre-Magi and Warlock. Give the item to Bloodseeker and put the rest in the very center so that they are quickly killed. Bloodseeker will get +200% damage and eliminate the entire enemy army on his own.

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