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Dota Underlords Knight Mage Build

Dota Underlords Knight Mage Build

Knights - Mages Build

This combination is similar to Trolls, but it is more flexible and can change depending on which heroes you get. You may get six Knights plus three Mages as support or make a turn towards Mages, collecting six of them and using strong Knights as support.

At the beginning of the game, you can take Ogre-Magi as tank as you won’t be provided with good Knights. From Mages, take Crystal Maiden, Puck and Razor. You should first raise the level of Razor. Ogre will help you quickly get the bonus of Mage alliance, but you’ll have to drop him in the middle of the game. Take only strong Knights – Luna and Chaos Knight are a priority in the early and middle game.

By the middle of the game, you should have an alliance of at least three Mages: Puck, Razor, Crystal Maiden. Ideally, you should have 🌟🌟 for each of them. You may have a couple of Razors with the second level. Also, you need to find four Knights (ideally, Dragon Knight, Luna, Chaos Knight and Abaddon) who will provide you with the second level of alliance. Later, Abaddon will synergize with Lich if you go up to the tenth hero. Puck and Dragon Knight will get powerful abilities while the remaining Knights and Mages will take main damage or tank enemies while Luna and Razor eliminate the enemy army.

In the end, you’ll have an army with good defense in the form of Knight bonus and a couple of strong DPS. Depending on whom you have collected first, you should decide whether you’ll try to get six Knights or six Mages. This decision should be impacted by whether the enemy has Scaled who may materially decrease the damage dealt by your Mages. If you get too much damage, you should limit yourself to three Mages and collect the combination of Knights. If you don’t deal enough damage yourself, focus on Mages and use Knights as support. Do not delay this decision until the late rounds of the game. Unless you have a series of victories, you won’t be able to change your tactics.

The downside of this combination is the cost (Mages and Knights are very expensive, especially key pieces – Razor and Dragon Knight). In this regard, we recommend using Knights – Mages only if you have a series of victories. The other disadvantages are the same as in the previous combination.

The useful items are also similar to the previous combination. If you get the Final Flash in the middle of the game, you should seriously consider collecting six Mages. In general, we recommend collecting items that boost damage and durability.

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