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Dota Underlords Mage Build & Strategy Guide

Mage Build & Strategy Guide

Dota Underlords Mage Build & Strategy Guide

Another classical tactic which involves building a combination of six Mages out of seven that are available in the game. The maximum bonus of the alliance provides -100% magic resistance for enemies which allows dealing with even such strong groups as Warriors and Knights. A good combination of Mages needs only one round of spells to send enemy heroes to the fountain.

At the beginning of the game, consider Ogre-Magi and Warlock. The first one is a necessary piece at the start to quickly activate the first bonus of Mages alliance, while the second one plays the role of a tank who can later synergize with Shadow Fiend who is very strong with Mages. Tiny is also a good tank as he deals mass magic damage. At first opportunity, find and get the second level for Razor and later for Crystal Maiden. Do not invest much in Ogre-Magi as you’ll have to say goodbye to him in the middle game.

In the middle game, you should collect copies of Puck and Lina who need a second level. Continue collecting copies of Razor as you should ideally get him to the third level. If you have no luck with this, try to collect Shadow Fiend who has a similar combat potential. Finally, your main goal at this stage is the Keeper of the Light. You should find at least one copy to have six Mages and get the final bonus. Be careful with putting him on the board too early if your army has a weak defense. To strengthen your army, use Doom or Kunkka. With good items, they will be difficult to defeat even at the first level.

In the late game, you should hunt for Lich. Ideally, you should get him to the second level and sell Ogre-Magi if you haven’t done this before. All mages are not required to get to the third level as with proper upgrades they’ll have enough damage. The most difficult opponents are Knights, especially if they are paired with Scaled. In this case, you will have problems without proper upgrades. You’ll need to improve your control by taking Medusa and Tidehunter who may detain the enemy and provide your Mages with times for another shot.


  • Vulnerability for control. Mages are usually located close to each other and easily fall under Disruptor’s ability.
  • Weak against Assassins. The latter are ideal against Mages as they quickly jump to the last rows and eliminate them. Choosing a box-shaped position in the corner may help your Mages but not much.
  • Long development. When other combinations get stronger, the alliance of Mages cannot improve materially because you must collect as many as six heroes while protecting your front line.

Useful items

  • Final Flash. The best bonus for Mages as it allows to quickly cast a spell after 30% health.
  • Brooch of the Aggressor, Arcane Boots. These fast mana items will materially improve your chances in the early game.
  • Octarine Essence or Refresher Orb will come in handy in the late game for Shadow Fiend and Lich so that they can cast their spells several times.

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