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Dota Underlords Warriors Trolls Build Guide

Dota Underlords Warriors Trolls Build Guide

Dota Underlords Warriors Trolls Build Guide

This combination has almost eliminated the classic combination of nine Warriors as the latter’s cost is simply monstrous. It is almost impossible to find nine Warriors and increase their level, which cannot be said about a couple of Trolls and six Warriors.

At the beginning of the game, you should focus on quickly getting the first level of the alliance. The best Warriors for the start are Tusk and Tiny. Juggernaut or Axe may take the third place, but they quickly lose their relevance in the late game. Thus, do not invest many resources in them. However, it will be great if you quickly get the second level. Also, Lycan is useful at the beginning of the game. In combination with Tusk, he will provide you with Savage bonus (+10% damage). Lycan is very strong, so the faster he gets the second level, the better.

In the middle of the game, you should find six Warriors while you can keep a Troll ready to pair with Troll Warlord who may be hard to get. His best pair is Witchdoctor. In the middle of the game, you’ll likely have Warriors Tusk, Lycan, Tiny, Pudge, Slardar. Troll Warlord should be the sixth piece in the pack. If you haven’t found him, feel free to take Kunkka or Doom who are the strongest Warriors and are key figures in the late game.

At high levels, you should abandon weak Warriors (Axe, Juggernaut, Tiny). You can get Tusk to the third level, but a better idea is to sell him as the Savage bonus won’t be material in the late game. Ideally, you should have Pudge (🌟🌟-🌟🌟🌟), Slardar (🌟🌟-🌟🌟🌟), Lycan (🌟🌟), Kunkka (🌟🌟), Doom (🌟🌟-🌟🌟🌟) and Troll Warlord (🌟🌟-🌟🌟🌟). The latter couple provides you with the best damage, so try to get at least one character to the third level.

Ultimately, you will have seven cells occupied, so you’ll have three more slots for other heroes. For example, Disruptor, who will switch off Mages and Assassins with his ability. Also, you can take Tidehunter to provide your army with resistance to magic, or Necrophos who will decrease the enemy’s armor (Heartless bonus in combination with Pudge) and heal allies with his ability.


  • High cost. You must have three heroes of the fourth tier. It will be expensive to raise levels for everyone.
  • Warriors are very dependent on items. Without good defense, they will lose to Mages and Hunters.
  • Without Troll Warlord, you may lack the required damage to deal with Knights or more powerful Warriors. The situation may be corrected by a parallel development of a strong hero, for example, Shadow Fiend, who may provide you with stable damage for the first time. You may even stay with him in the late game as Warriors – Trolls have free slots.

Useful items

  • Forged in Battle. If you have found this item early in the game, you may consider taking Axe and Juggernaut to the late game as by round 30 they will boast a huge amount of health.
  • Unstoppable. Victory is one step closer once you have found this item. A couple of additional seconds is a very important advantage in Underlords. After the bonus is triggered, the enemy stops attacking your Warrior, but he can use his ability or deal damage. Finding several copies is big luck – a combination of nine Warriors becomes attractive again.
  • All standard items for defense and fast mana accumulation: Brooch of the Martyr, Chainmail, Vitality Boost, Blade Mail, Vanguard, Mekanism.

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