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Dragon Ball FighterZ PC Keyboard Controls

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Keyboard Controls

This article lists the default keyboard controls for Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC. You can totally rebind the keys to your preference.

Basic Controls

  • Up/Down/Left/Right – WASD
  • Light Attack (L) – U
  • Medium Attack (M) – I
  • Heavy Attack (H) – K
  • Special Attack (S) – J
  • Assist 1 (A1) – L
  • Dragon Rush (Throw) – J + K
  • Ki Charge – U + J
  • Sparking Blast – U + I + J + K
  • Super Dash – U + I
  • Vanish – I + K
  • Auto Combo 1 – U + U + U + U
  • Auto Combo 2 – I + I + I + I
  • Character Switch – L (Hold)

Note: The controls used to play Dragon Ball FighterZ are a combination of keyboard keys, the mouse and mouse buttons. all keys can be re-assigned using the Controls tab found in the Options tab on the main menu of the game. From there you can change the key bindings.

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