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Dragon Ball The Breakers Guide to Basic Game Mechanics

Or: All the stuff the game should tell you, but doesn’t.

What Items do, how Escape Time Machines spawn, Dragon Balls – lots of important things to know.

Written by Kicksville

Dragon Ball The Breakers Basic Game Mechanics

Basic Game Mechanics


This guide is designed to cover all the stuff the game should tell you, but doesn’t.

Have you played the two basic tutorials the game gives you when it starts up? Please do so first. Once that’s done:

This guide is to help cover game mechanics the tutorials and in-game manual don’t tell you about or don’t explain well, such as what items do, specifically how Escape Time Machines spawn, etc. It gets into extra detail at points for clarification.

It will NOT tell you what the best skills are, the strongest Raider, etc – This is not a bleeding edge strategy guide, this is just to explain how the basic game mechanics work.

Version History11/11/2022: Version 1.0
First version. Identical to versions I also posted on G-Wave and GameFAQs.

Win Conditions

There’s a few ways to actually win a match in both game roles.

Survivor Win Conditions

  • Activate the Super Time Machine
  • Kill the Raider
  • Leave on the Escape Time Machine

Once the Super Time Machine is destroyed, as long as the Raider doesn’t die, they have effectively won. But getting out on an Escape Time Machine is basically a consolation win condition.

There is only one Escape Time Machine. Survivors summon it from a beacon, then hold a button to escape. It can be summoned again, if any Survivors remain. If the Raider hits it with an attack, it is destroyed. This is normally an instant loss for all remaining Survivors.

However, if the Super Time Machine is out and activating, and the Escape Time Machine is busted during that time, Survivors will only lose if the Super Time Machine is also blown up.

Raider Win Conditions

  • Kill all Survivors
  • Destroy the Super Time Machine (and then don’t die)
  • Destroy the Escape Time Machine
  • Game timer runs out

As long as the Super Time Machine is destroyed, you do not have to kill all remaining survivors – it counts as a win for you even if every single survivor gets to an Escape Time Machine and leaves. You get more experience for killing more, though.

It is possible to destroy the Super Time Machine, then be killed by Survivors and lose. The Survivors have to be gone afterwards (either by escaping or being killed) to secure the win.

The game timer is in the upper left hand corner. It starts at 15 minutes and progresses normally during gameplay. However, if the Super Time Machine is destroyed, the timer will deplete to only 2 minutes.

Items 1

Change Power Cubes

Basic Game Mechanics


  • Change Power S
    Increases Change Power gauge by a slight amount.
  • Change Power L
    Increases Change Power gauge by a large amount.

In the lower left corner, there’s a number by your portrait showing your Change Power Level, going from 0 to 3. This represents how strong you’ll be when transformed – the higher the better. You need to collect Change Power cubes to increases your level.

The higher the level, the more cubes you need to level up. It doesn’t take much to go from 0 to 1, but takes a fair bit to go from 2 to 3.

  • There is such thing as Change Power M, but these are only given by Vending Machines (described further below).

Barrier Recovery Device

Basic Game Mechanics

At the start of the game, you have an invisible barrier protecting you from damage. Once this barrier is hit once, it “cracks”, and you are rendered defenseless until you regenerate the barrier. You need a Barrier Recovery Device for this.

A red warning strip appears around you to indicate you don’t have a barrier.

Once you have a Barrier Recovery Device, you must press the button to activate it and allow the barrier recovery animation to finish. When that happens, a barrier will flash around you and the item will be expended – you have a barrier again.

While the recovery process is going, you can walk around, but if you try to perform another action or are interrupted (including falling from too high up), the recovery will be stopped and you’ll have to start over again.

  • There may be skills which can recover your barrier even without a device, such as Auto Barrier Recovery, although they can have their own downsides.

Barrier Damage and Restoration

Basic Game Mechanics

Basic Game Mechanics

Basic Game Mechanics

1) Bernard minding his own business. Invisible Barrier is intact.
1) Cell throws some garbage at him. Bernard’s Barrier is broken, indicated by the red “crack” animation around him.
3) Bernard now has a red warning strip indicating a lack of a Barrier. Another hit will knock him out.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

1) Bernard has no barrier, indicated by the red warning strip.
2) He activates the Barrier Recovery Device he’s holding. A blue animation appears around him.
3) Upon finishing, a blue shield flashes around him.
4) There is now no warning strip around him, indicating he can take a hit again.

Senzu Beans

Basic Game Mechanics

  • Used on a “dead” ally – Revives that ally instantly, without having to wait.
  • Used on yourself – Revive yourself from knocked out status. Cannot be performed if you’ve been “finished off”. A prompt will appear to allow you to use the bean over your body.

For reviving downed allies with a Senzu Bean, it’ll work no matter what.

As far as using a Senzu Bean on yourself goes, there are technically two “defeated” states to be aware of:

  • Knocked Out – This is when you are defeated by an attack, either after your barrier is destroyed or you’re stuck in Area Destruction. You can crawl around on the ground. You can use a Senzu Bean on yourself in this state.
  • Finished Off – After being knocked out, the Raider has the option to Finish you. The first time they do this to you, you’ll by left lying on the ground again, but can’t move around. (If you’ve been knocked out before, or the Raider is Level 4, a Finisher kills you outright) You CANNOT use a Senzu Bean on yourself in this state.

When you are revived from any knock down state, you have no Barrier and your D Change starts at 0. This still applies if revived by a Senzu Bean, so keep in mind you are very vulnerable to Raider attacks when you get up.

Cooldown Drinks

Basic Game Mechanics


  • Cooldown Drink – Restores a decent amount of the D Change gauge.
  • Super Cooldown Drink – Restores a massive amount of the D Change gauge.

The D Change gauge is full at the start of a game, but will be depleted if you use it to transform or are knocked out. It then slowly restores over time. Using a drink allows you to restore it faster.

The amount restored will depend on your current Change Power level. Using a normal Cooldown Drink at Level 1 will nearly fully refill D Change, but at Level 3 it’ll only restore a chunk of it.

  • You can use a Cooldown Drink while transformed. This will not extend your current transformation time, but it will make it so you have a higher amount of D Change ready to go when the transformation is over.

Items 2

Rocket Launchers

Basic Game Mechanics


  • Rocket Launcher
    Grey. Ammo: 1 rocket. Expended after ammo is used.
  • Super Rocket Launcher
    Gold. Ammo: 3 rockets. Expended after all ammo used.

When a rocket is fired, it travels a long distance and explodes on impact. The explosion is rather large. If this makes contact with a Raider, it will not damage them, but their actions will be interrupted and they will be pushed back a good distance.

  • Rockets will also destroy objects, including buildings.
  • The Gold version’s rocket ammo can be saved – you don’t have to shoot all three at once.

Vegeta’s Gloves

Basic Game Mechanics

Weapon. Fires a miniature version of Vegeta’s Galick Gun, a beam attack. Expended upon a single use.

On impact, the beam can interrupt a Raider’s actions and do a slight amount of damage. This will not knock them back very much, unlike the Rocket Launchers.

  • The beam will also destroy objects, including buildings.


Basic Game Mechanics

This item will put you into a tinted first person mode, allowing you to see other Survivors, Civilians, and the Raider through walls. You cannot move while using it.

If the Raider is at Level 2 or above, the Scouter will explode and no longer be usable.

Capsule Case

Basic Game Mechanics

When used, these cases will produce a random item. This can be a typical item you’d get normally, but it could also be one of a few Capsule Case exclusive items:

  • Bike transport (With your choice of skin applied)
  • Saiyan Pod
  • Vending Machine (any kind)

Back in the hub world, on the start menu, going to Character Visual allows you to choose a Vehicle Skin. This is what you will see when you score a bike transport from a Capsule Case. By default it’s a blue police bike, but it can be changed to a dinosaur, etc. (If you have acquired such a skin to use)

Saiyan Pod

Basic Game Mechanics

When used, launches you into the air and brings you to an overhead view of the whole map. A red reticle will appear which you can use to choose a place to land. The pod will then crash down at that location.

There is a time limit on how long you can look at this map: the pod will automatically land wherever the cursor is pointed when time runs out.

  • This has the same function as Vegeta’s Active Skill called Saiyan Pod, which summons one of these down.
  • When in the map view, you’re suspended in the air and cannot be hurt at all.
  • Since the overtime view is in real time, you can also potentially see the Raider’s exact location, any currently deployed Escape Time Machine beacons, etc.

Vending Machines

Basic Game Mechanics


  • Change Power M Vending Machine
    Increases the buying player’s Change Power level. Can only be used two times before disappearing.
  • Cooldown Drink Vending Machine
    Provides a standard Drink. Can only be used one time before disappearing.
  • Rocket Launcher Vending Machine
    Distributes standard grey Rocket Launchers. Can only be used four times before disappearing.

For the machine use limit, this applies to all players. For example, if one player uses a Change Power M Vending Machine once, and then later another player uses it an additional time, it will disappear (having now been used twice).

Raiders can destroy vending machines with their attacks.

500 Zeni

Basic Game Mechanics

Provides 500 Zeni in currency for this match.

During a game, you can collect Zeni (money), which can be spent at vending machines. More Zeni is gained either by scoring this item or destroying objects with your gun (or running over them).

Every Survivor has their own separate Zeni total, but Zeni gained by any Survivor is given to every player.
(So if if someone else gets 500 Zeni, you get it too. But if you spend 2000 Zeni, it’s only from your total – the other players do not lose 2000 Zeni)

  • Zeni is per-match – it does not carry over between games.
  • This is separate from the silver Z coins used in the hub world for the shop and gacha machine.


Basic Game Mechanics

Radars are a special type of item that do not occupy one of your two items slots when picked up. Once you pick up one Radar, getting more will upgrade the functions of your current Radar, allowing you to see more with it.

Using the button combination shown in the tutorial, you can bring your Radar up. While active, you can navigate in first person view while seeing the Radar’s miniature screen.


  • Dragon Radar
    Able to see Dragon Ball locations. Shown as ball icons.
    There are three types: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The higher the level, the bigger the distance you can see. When you have more than one, you also get the ability to change magnification at the touch of a button (it defaults to the most zoomed out view).
  • Civilian
    Can see the location of Civilians. Shown as a person icon.
  • Power Key
    Can see the location of Power Keys. Shown as a key icon.

Raiders can also pick up every type of Radar and use them! Power Keys found cannot be used by the Raider, though, and will hang above the open crate, unless a Survivor closes in to pick it up.

The magnification level upgrade from Dragon Radar Level 2 or 3 also helps for seeing Civilians and Power Keys, if you have those upgrades too.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

You can tell which upgrades your Radar currently has by looking at the three icons at the bottom, and whether they’re lit up as yellow.

  • The Dragon Radar will show a ball on the screen for any Survivor or Raider in range who is carrying a Dragon Ball, or Dragon Balls.

Power Level and D Change

In the lower left corner during the game, as a Survivor, there are two icons pertaining to transformation.

Basic Game Mechanics
  • Change Power
    This is how strong you will be when transformed. Also, you’ll also be turned into the Warrior Spirit (Transphere) you equipped for whichever level you are at. Change Power is increased by collecting Change Power items (glowing orange blocks).
  • D Change
    When “Change” is visible, you’re able to transform. Otherwise, you’ll see a percentage by the D icon while it fills up with red: This needs to fill up to 100% before you can transform again. This increases automatically over time, or by consuming a Cooldown Drink.

At game start, when you are at Change Power Level 0, you cannot transform at all. You need to hit at least Level 1.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

The maximum Change Power Level is normally 3. If you gather all the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron, there is a wish to give yourself ultimate power – this sends you to Level 4 immediately, which is the only way to get the extra level.

  • While transformed, you can cancel the transformation prematurely by holding in the Right stick / middle mouse button. Depending on how much time you had left, you’ll have some percentage of D Change meter left over instead of 0. The amount will be low, but this function can be useful depending on the circumstances.
  • The above does not apply if you’re Level 4 after a wish from Shenron.


You can equip transpheres to slot 1, 2, and 3. During the game, your Power Level can be charged to 1, 2, and then 3. When you have full D Change meter and press the button to Transform, you’ll turn into the warrior you’ve assigned to the Power Level you’re currently on.

Basic Game Mechanics

Equipping Transpheres give you the following benefits:

  • You can transform with that warrior’s “spirit” at the appropriate level
  • You can use their Super Attacks while transformed
  • You can assign any Active or Passive skills you have for that Transphere
  • (usable even when you aren’t transformed)

When you start the game, if you (for example) get a Vegeta Transphere from the gacha machine, you will have access to at least one of his possible Active skills, Passive skills, or Super Attacks. However, you won’t have ALL of them, and you will have to keep using the gacha to get any you are missing.

Assigning a Transphere to a Dragon Change Level Slot adds their available Active and Passive skills to the list of those you can assign. Keep in mind you have to actually go on the menu and assign them to yourself in order to actually use them.

If you remove that character’s Transphere from your Level Slots, normally, you cannot assign their skills anymore. But, if you go to Training in the hub world, you can use Warrior Spirits (the fire icon currency) to level up a skill – once it hits Level 10, you can assign it freely without equipping the character it came from.

See the Skill Levels section below for more info.

  • You are free to assign the same Transphere to multiple slots. So you can, for instance, stick Cell in all three slots to guarantee you’ll always become a Cell cosplayer

Skill Levels

Both Survivors and Raiders can level up their skills as they progress.

Survivor Skills

On the hub world, the building directly behind you can be accessed for Training.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

There’s two main things you can do here, both done with the Warrior Spirit (fire icon) currency:
1) Buy Super Attacks (which are also acquired through the gacha machine)
2) Level up Skills, both Active and Passive

The first is fairly straightforward, but leveling up Skills has a few things to note:

  • Leveling a Skill to +10 allows it to always be equipped, even without the corresponding Transphere or Character Skin
  • Skills can be leveled up to +20
  • Some skills cannot be leveled (Grappling Device, Smoke Screen, etc)

To reiterate, you can level Character Skin skills too: If you want to use Bulma’s Charming Pose or Oolong’s Change (Camouflage) without having to play as that character, just level them to +10 and you’re good.

Raider Skills

Every time a Raider’s overall level goes up, they get 1 point. These points can be used to level up their skills.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

To access their skill menu, from the hub world, go to the start menu. In the lower right corner, your last Raider chosen will be shown, and a button is displayed. Press that to go to their customization menu, and skills can be picked from the button promopts shown at the bottom of the screen.

Once at the skill menu, your current Skill Points are listed in the lower left corner.

  • Skills can be leveled up to +20

Super Time Machine Speeds

The Super Time Machine appears when Survivors gather and then place the Power Keys for all five areas. If it finishes charging up, the Survivors win. But if the Raider destroys it, they win as long as they are not killed afterwards.

Basic Game Mechanics

Automatic Speeds

If a Power Key has not been set for an area, and then it gets Area Destroyed by the Raider, the Super Time Machine automatic startup speed will be slower. (This is how fast the bar to activate it progresses on its own with no Survivors working it)

  • Super Time Machine +30% – Default speed. Any areas destroyed had key set or no areas destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +20% – 1 area without a key set was destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +10% – 2 areas without a key set were destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +5% – 3 areas without a key set were destroyed.

When Area Destruction begins, it is still possible for a Survivor to successfully set a Power Key, depriving the Raider of this benefit. The Survivor is most likely to succeed if they were already setting a key when destruction begins. Of course, they risk death by doing so either way, and the Raider still gets the other benefits of blowing up a chunk of the map.

For more information on Area Destruction, please see its section.

Manual Speeds

When a Survivor is close to the Super Time Machine, they may hold a button prompt while near it to speed up activation time. The benefit increases if more Survivors are doing the same, albeit with diminishing returns.

  • 1 Survivor Accessing – +50% speed boost
  • 2 Survivors Accessing – +20% speed boost
  • 3 Survivors Accessing – +10% speed boost

The speed benefit caps at +100%. So if, for instance, the automatic speed is +30% and two Survivors are accessing the Super Time Machine, a third Survivor doing the same will not help. (30 + 50 + 20 = 100, the third Survivor’s 10 will not count)

Escape Time Machine Spawns

As the tutorial points out, the game revolves around the appearance of two types of Time Machines.

The Super Time Machine appears when Survivors gather and then place the Power Keys for all five areas. If it finishes charging up, the Survivors win. But if the Raider destroys it, they win as long as they are not killed afterwards.

There is also the Escape Time Machine, a sort of consolation “win” for Survivors if they cannot pull off the main objective. The Raider still wins (if not killed after), but the Survivor at least escapes.

Acronyms Used

STM = Super Time Machine

ETM = Escape Time Machine

Escape Time Machine Appearances

A blue beacon appears to allow the Escape Time Machine to be summoned. How, why, and where these actually appear can vary.

There are 6 possible beacon locations, one for each Area, including X in the center. Beacon locations within an Area are always the same, if it spawns there.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

1) Only 3 Survivors still alive

If the Raider manages to kill all but three Survivors, a beacon is deployed. How many beacons appear depends on how many players are still alive.

  • 3 Survivors living – 1 ETM beacon
  • 2 Survivors living – 2 ETM beacons
  • 1 Survivor living – 3 ETM beacons

Exactly which Area these beacons appear in is random, although their spawn locations within that Area is always the same.

However, beacons will not appear if Survivors are reduced to 3 while the Super Time Machine is out! Raiders may try to use this to their advantage to hunt down the last Survivors without any escape options on the field. When the STM is destroyed, though, the next rule still applies.

2) Super Time Machine is destroyed

The Raider must hold a button prompt near the Super Time Machine long enough to destroy it. If they manage to, it will not activate, and the Raider will win if they survive the remainder of the match. This also does two things:

  • All possible Escape Time Machine beacons are deployed
  • The game timer is reduced to 2 minutes. If it runs out and the Raider is still alive, they win. Any Survivors who did not escape lose.

Area Destruction and Escape Time Machines

Beacons cannot appear in areas that have been destroyed by the Raider.

In addition to that, if a Raider uses Area Destruction on a place where a beacon currently is deployed, another will not spawn to take its place. This is relevant when ETMs appear from only 3 Survivors being left, since if there’s only two beacons on the field, destroying one means now there’s only one.

This can also be done to destroy the only beacon on the field, resulting in the remaining Survivors having no escape options except activating the Super Time Machine.

Area Destruction

As shown in the tutorial, the Raider can destroy an entire section of the map, and any Survivors still within the area at the time will be knocked out. But, there’s some extra details worth knowing about it.

How Area Destruction Happens

Every time a Raider levels up, they gain the ability to perform Area Destruction once.

They will get the first chance at Level 2. With their max being Level 4, this means they can potentially do Area Destruction up to 3 times.

Chances to use this ability DO NOT stack. For instance, if the Raider does not use Area Destruction at Level 2, then reaches Level 3, they cannot perform destruction twice. It’s once per transformation – use it or lose it.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

This ability serves multiple purposes.

Purpose of Area Destruction

A Raider destroying an area accomplishes a few things.

Slows down the Super Time Machine

This is a big one: If a Power Key has not been set for an area, and then it gets Area Destroyed, the Super Time Machine automatic startup speed will be slower. (This is how fast the bar to activate it progresses on its own with no Survivors working it)

  • Super Time Machine +30% – Default speed. Any areas destroyed had key set or no areas destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +20% – 1 area without a key set was destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +10% – 2 areas without a key set were destroyed.
  • Super Time Machine +5% – 3 areas without a key set were destroyed.

When Area Destruction begins, it is still possible for a Survivor to successfully set a Power Key, depriving the Raider of this benefit. The Survivor is most likely to succeed if they were already setting a key when destruction begins. Of course, they risk death by doing so either way, and the Raider still gets the other benefits of blowing up a chunk of the map.

For more on Super Time Machine Startup speeds, please see its section.

Destroys that section of the map

This perhaps speaks for itself. But, keep in mind this accomplishes a few things:

  • The overall map is harder for Survivors to navigate. Choosing specific chunks of the map to get rid of forces Suvivors to take certain routes, and also means there are less areas for Escape Time Machine beacons to appear in. The Raider can configure the map so they only need to check specific strips of land by the end of the game.
  • All resources in that area – boxes, vending machines, civilians – are gone, depriving the Survivors of their benefits. Of course, this also means the Raider can’t get any further goodies like delicious civilians either, so they need to be mindful.
  • And, of course, any Survivors who are still sticking around will die.
  • To note: Dragon Balls cannot be destroyed and will end up on the ground in other nearby Areas. Knocked out Survivors (whether they were done in by the blast or defeated there earlier) will similarly reappear in nearby Areas, where their revival timers will continue to count down.

Force Super Time Machine Startup

If the keys have been set in all still available areas except for one, and then the Raider destroys that one remaining area, the Super Time Machine will start up, since there are no more keys to place.

This may sound like a bonehead move for the Raider, but they might actually want to do this: While the Super Time Machine is out, the Escape Time Machine beacons can’t spawn even when Survivors are down to three. They can use this extra time to hunt down the Survivors without any risk of them escaping.

Of course, the Super Time Machine can still be activated, but if the Raider has played their cards right it shouldn’t be very likely. It does mean there is a hard time limit until the Super Time Machine must be destroyed and the Escape Time Machine beacons spawn, though, so Survivors will still have a chance to get out if they can last that long.

Destroy new elements on the map

These are factors that will generally show up late game.

  • Destroy spawned Escape Time Machine beacons
    If a beacon is out and is destroyed by Area Destruction, another will not spawn to make up for it.

    For example: If there are only two beacons out, and you destroy one of them, there will only be one beacon.

    This also means if there is only one beacon out, and you destroy it, the Survivors cannot use the Escape Time Machine at all – their only shot at that point is to activate the Super Time Machine, which will spawn all beacons possible when destroyed.

  • Destroy Shenron Summoning Altars
    Aside from limiting Survivor options in general, if an altar is active, destroying it will disperse the Dragon Balls.

    Once the destruction process begins (after Raider picks the area), Shenron cannot be summoned in the area being destroyed at all, even if a Survivor within the area finishes the summon.

    Only the Altar in Area X cannot be destroyed, since you can’t select the center area.


When Area Destruction is performed, the Raider teleports to high up in the air at the center of the map. During this time, while they’re performing the destruction animation, they are completely untouchable to any attacks from Survivors.

In this way, Area Destruction can be used to escape Survivors who threaten to kill the Raider. This is especially useful if the game time is close to depletion, since the Raider automatically wins if time runs out.

However, this does NOT stop the Super Time Machine timer, so the Raider will still lose if that meter reaches completion.

Dragon Balls & Shenron

There are seven Dragon Balls throughout the map which can be found. Gather all of them and you can make a wish. Both Survivors and Raiders can do this. A wish can give you a significant edge, but do note this is not an auto-win for either party.

Dragon Balls are found in boxes and from civilians (by saving or killing them). They may be found on the ground if dropped under certain circumstances.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

Once a player is holding all seven Dragon Balls, they must go to a Shenron Altar in order to activate them. There is one altar on each section of the map including the center (A, B, C, D, E, and X). With all seven on hand, hold the prompted button near the altar to summon Shenron.

The summoning process will have two tells to tip off this is happening: A large gold pillar of light which can be seen shooting into the sky, and a mild “charging” sound effect. This continues once the summoning starts and until it ends.

  • Unlike other activation sequences, additional survivors cannot speed up the activation process.
  • Shenron Altar locations are static – they don’t change, so you can memorize where they are on each map.

Summoning Interruptions

Once activated for the first time, the altar will remain active until one of two things happens:

  • Someone finishes summoning Shenron
  • The altar is obliterated through the Raider’s Area Destruction

On the first point: The person who started summoning Shenron does not have to be the one who finishes summoning Shenron. This means a Survivor can be killed by a Raider, who then steals the wish. Or, a Raider can be interrupted by a Survivor and distracted while another Survivor steals the wish. Etc.

On the second point: Once Area Destruction begins, Shenron summoning cannot be finished. This means no clutch plays where a Survivor gets a wish out just before the area is destroyed: once the Area Destruction process begins, no wish can be scored.

There is one Altar that cannot be hit by Area Destruction: The one in Area X, since the center of the map cannot be selected for termination.


The summoning player gets ten seconds to make a wish. If they do not pick anything during this time, the Dragon Balls disperse across the map and nothing special will happen – don’t be indecisive!

Basic Game Mechanics

There are different wishes depending on if the summoner at completion is a Survivor or a Raider.

Survivor Wishes

I want to get stronger! – Gives you Ultimate Dragon Change

This wish instantly shoots you to Level 4, which is normally unobtainable otherwise. Rather than your character being possessed by the spirit of a warrior, they will literally become that character, like Goku, Vegeta, etc. (The character you chose for Dragon Change Level 3 is the one you’ll turn into)

Basic Game Mechanics

Ultimate Dragon Change will have a power meter which is not depleted with time or by using Super Attacks. In other words, it becomes a standard health bar, only depleted by enemy attacks. You can use your Super Attack as much as you want.

Grant my allies power! – Increases the Dragon Change level of all allies.

All Survivors get a boost of 1 Level to to their Dragon Change power. So a Level 1 becomes Level 2, Level 2 becomes Level 3, etc.

Max level Survivors, those who already are at Level 3, get no benefit from this – they cannot become Level 4 through this method. It only benefits anyone Level 2 or below.

Raider Wishes

Give me even greater power! – Increases evolution level by one.

Raider’s power level will go up by one. When already at Level 4, the maximum level, this wish doesn’t appear.

Heal my wounds! – Restore HP.

Restores any missing health. If the Raider is already at maximum health, this wish doesn’t do anything.

  • Frieza has a passive skill which adds an extra wish, “Make me immortal” It does just that and makes him unable to take damage. Yes, this does pretty much make the second normal wish pointless for him.

Dropping Dragon Balls

As an individual must singularly have all seven Dragon Balls in their position to make use of them, some finagling is needed to get them all into their sole possession.

Dragon Balls you currently hold will be shown both near the lower left corner and over your name tag. You will also see Dragon Balls other Survivors hold by glancing at their name tag, which can be seen from wherever they are on the map.

(Survivors can’t see if a Raider is holding Dragon Balls directly, and vice versa – they either need to see with the Dragon Radar, or force them to drop, detailed in the section below)

Basic Game Mechanics

Both Survivors and Raiders can use the button combination indicated on the screen to drop Dragon Balls they have. All DBs held are dropped in one “stack” – i.e. if you have 4, they will appear as one dropped ball, and picking it up will yield all 4.

A Dragon Ball left out on the field will emit a somewhat tall orange pillar of light until you get closer to it.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

For Survivors, the drop function is essential for getting all the Dragon Balls transferred to one person who can then summon Shenron. Granted, there is sometimes some drama to this: Some individuals may want the other person to drop their Dragon Balls, or may simply not be aware they’re carrying any DBs at all.

People trying to collect the Dragon Balls will generally flash the DB stamp pictured below. If you see someone with a high amount of Dragon Balls and they’re flashing that stamp, they’re probably trying to flag down anyone who has a DB – check if you currently have any. If you’re trying to get them off of others, that stamp is good to remember.

Basic Game Mechanics

Keep in mind squabbling over who gets to be the hero can cost a lot of valuable time, so uhh, good luck with that!

  • Although Raiders can place Dragon Balls, there is no obvious purpose to doing so. But, there’s some interesting things this opens up: A Raider can place DBs somewhere they don’t think Survivors will go easily for safe keeping. Or, they can outright give the Survivors all the Dragon Balls, and see if they’re up to the challenge.

Forced Dragon Ball Drops

A player holding a Dragon Ball will be forced to drop it under the following circumstances:

  • Survivor
    Upon being knocked out by a Raider attack (including Area Destruction). It will drop along with their usable items.
  • Raider
    Being hit by a Survivor’s attack.

Once dropped, any Survivor or Raider can then pick that DB up.

When playing as Raider, it can be easy to not realize your held Dragon Balls have been dropped during combat, so it’s a good idea to keep track of how many you were holding.

  • There is no way for one Survivor to force another Survivor to drop their Dragon Balls. Either they have to drop them manually or have been knocked out by Raider attacks.

Dispersed Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls cannot be destroyed. only relocated. There are a few instances where this may happen.

  • Area Destruction
    A Dragon Ball is still hidden within an area being destroyed. If this happens, it will appear on the ground somewhere outside that area. This also applies if the place is destroyed while someone was summoning Shenron from the altar.
  • Shenron Summon Complete
    After Shenon is summoned and a wish is made (or the timer runs out), the Dragon Balls disperse across the map, appearing at places on the ground.

Keeping all this in mind, it is possible to summon Shenron multiple times during a match, albeit typically unlikely.

  • Newly dispersed Dragon Balls can be piled on top of each other (i.e. you may find one right on top of another)

In-Game Communication

The game has two major methods of communication:

  • Stamps & Emotes wheel
  • Ping location options

The first makes a stamp appear over your lower right corner portrait wherever you are, but can be switched to do emotes with your character. The latter lets you ping items and locations, and has more to it than it may appear at first glance.

Stamps & Emotes

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

Holding the stamp button (Tab / LT / ZL / L2 by default) shows a few stamps which can be selected to show other Survivors. These appear over the portraits in the lower right corner.

These can be useful to try to request certain actions (the Dragon Ball stamp is often used to request another player drop theirs), to compliment other players, or just to whine about how bad your day is going.

  • The stamps available to you, and where they are positioned on the wheel, can be changed from the menu at the hub world.

You can also press the button shown on screen to switch to Emotes (click in Right stick / middle mouse click). These are the poses your character can do, commonly seen on the lobby screen with everyone lined up before a match. Since these are simply poses, they won’t be seen by anyone who isn’t nearby.

Ping Options

Basic Game Mechanics

Tapping the ping button (Q / LB / L / L1 by default) will cause a symbol to appear over the nearest item you’re looking at. This symbol appears for other Survivors, making them aware of the location of the item.

Players can also respond to this by performing a ping over the same item, acknowledging they’re going for it.

Basic Game Mechanics
Basic Game Mechanics

If you hold the same button, you get additional options. This gives you a free form cursor that allows you to place a marker anywhere on the map, regardless of if an item is present.

When releasing the button without pressing anything else, a general location marker is placed. If you press one of the on screen buttons associated with a phrase and then let go, that symbol is placed instead, and the phrase also appears on the right side of the screen for all Survivors.

  • Raiders get voice lines instead of stamps. When chosen, these are heard by all Survivors regardless of where they are. On their end, if Trunks makes an announcement, it’ll cut off the Raider voice line early.
  • Although Raiders don’t have (or need) location ping communication options, there are some special symbols which can appear on screen as the result of certain actions. Henchmen skills, like Frieza’s Zarbon and Dodoria or Spopovich’s Yamu, will show a red person icon when they “spot” a Survivor, helping you track them down.

Miscellaneous Info


  • When flying, holding the jump button ascends. Double tap the jump button to descend.
  • You can also turn off flight mode by clicking in the Right stick / middle mouse button. This will cause you to descend as well, but also allow you to run on the ground once you land. (If you double tap jump to descend and reach the ground, you’ll still be flying)
  • You make no noise when falling and less when running, although Survivors still hear a heartbeat if the Raider is close.
  • As a Survivor who is not transformed: If you press the “gun” button while close to the Raider, you’ll try to punch them. This does no damage and the Raider will automatically swat you away, but it does interrupt their actions and render them unable to do other things briefly.

Super Buu

  • When Survivors are sucked into Super Buu’s body, they have to find the innocent Majin Buu and free him by completing a hold button prompt. He’ll be in a pod slightly more pink than the rest of the stage.

Practice Mode

  • It is possible to play as Raider in Practice Mode. When starting a practice match, change your preference (in the lower left corner) to Raider. Then, following the controls seen in the upper left, switch RAIDER BOT to NO.
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