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DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – How to Make Some of Best QQBangs

How to get +15 -9 QQBangs and more.

What gear do you need to create some of the best QQBangs?

You can use any lv of gear to get some types of QQBangs but for example t1 and t2 gear
usually dont give enough stats. T3 gives some interesting QQBangs but having stam and
ki +5 or at least +4 is important if you want your char with 7 or more stamina and/or ki bars.
T5 its pretty hard not to get +5 to 3 stats and -5 to 3 stats. The better QQBangs are ones
that give +6 more positive stats then negatives and give you a high amount of stats.

T4 gear is the balence bewteen these 2 factors they can give you the +15 while not
overloading and reducing the flexiblity of the QQBang like t5 gear does.

Generally you want 2 tier 4 gear with +4 to 2 stats each and have them share 1 of the +4
stats so you have 3 stats that get a positive +4


Battle suit (turles) has +4 health and +4 atk, we should combine another tier 4 with
either +4 health and something non +4 atk or we should combine with one thats
+4 atk and something non +4 health.

What you get as a result can be a really good QQBang or a really bad one thanks to the
rng it make take hundreds of tries to get the exact +15 -9 you want but you will get alot
of good stuff including some that are 6 more possitive then negative that are really
interesting. Like -2 health +5 stamina +5 stamina +0 atk -5 strike +3 ki blasts.
A 13 positive to 7 negative and if you were looking for one with very little drawback
-7 negative isnt that bad for the +2 ki and stam bars and still bonus damage.

Cheap easy to get materials for these QQbangs and where to find them.

This part will list the t4 gear that can be bought with zeny or gotten for free from Majin Kids.
Yes there is other t4 gear besides these that you can earn through pqs and tp shop.

Clothing Shop

Battle Suit (Turles) +4 hp, +4 atk, cost 40,000 zeny

Lord Slug’s Clothes +4 ki, +4 strikes, cost 20,000 zeny

Mira’s Clothes +4 hp, +4 atk, cost 50,000 zeny (negative stats are different then turles)

Towa’s Clothes +4 ki, +4 ki blasts, cost 50,000 zeny

Pikkon’s clothes +4 stam, +4 atk, cost 30,000 zeny

Goku’s Tracksuit +4 ki, +4 stam, cost 24,000 zeny

Ancient Kata’s Battle Costume +4 hp, +4 ki, cost 30,000 zeny

Majin Kids

Supreme Kai’s Clothes +4 stam, +4 strike

Dabura’s Clothes +4 hp, +4 stam

Jaco Suit +4 stam, +4 ki blasts

Now to get to some crafting and some possible results from them.

This section will show some more details about the crafting and results of what QQBangs
can get made from the gear listed above.


You want to make a SS male that buff guy. You might want hp, stam, and atk.

Battle Suit (turles) + Pikkon’s Clothes + senzu beansprout =
+5 hp +5 stam +5 atk with 9 negative points bewteen ki, strikes, and blasts.

like these

+5 hp, +0 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and either -4 strike, -5 ki blast or -5 strike, -4 ki blast

+5 hp, -2 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and either -2 strike, -5 ki blast or -5 strike, -2 ki blast

+5 hp, -5 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and either -4 strike, +0 ki blast or -2 strike, -2 ki blast

And there are many other possiblities with that combo alone. Along with all the good
stuff bad ones will come though. To get a good one will probably take at least about 80
tries with the said combo.

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