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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Furrowfield Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Furrowfield is a very important island in Dragon Quest Builders 2, especially because it blesses us with some story-related content. There are a total of 10 Puzzles in Furrowfield. Let us discuss how to get to each Puzzle:

Furrowfield Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Puzzle #1

This should be the easiest Puzzle #to find. It will be located a little south of the famous Furrowfield Farm.

To solve this Puzzle: just pick up the two blocks that are placed on the floor and put them on one of the two pillars in front of you. This should be done in such a way that both pillars become the same height.

Puzzle #2

From where you are right now, head back to Furrowfield Farm and take a detour to the East. You will find the second Puzzle.

To solve this Puzzle: smash the weird-looking dirt block that is blocking the flow of water. As soon as the water gets flowing, you’ll be rewarded with a Mini Medal.

Puzzle #3

Instead of heading back to Furrowfield Farm, head north-west of your current location. You’ll find a cliff near the waters. Drop down the cave near this cave and you’ll find the Puzzle.

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Pick up the lone dirt block and place it in the middle of the two dirt blocks. This will complete the shrine and solve the Puzzle.

Puzzle #4

Head east of Puzzle #3 and you’ll find the mad-man with the hoe. Beyond him should be a chalk mountain.

Dig through the chalk mountain and head inside. You’ll find a room. Here should be some water that has been sealed. Un-seal this and make a path for the water to move freely.

Puzzle #5

To the south edge of Furrowfield should be the marshes – head there! You will find a mountain here that harbors our next Puzzle. Move the blocks in such a way that the raveled building here becomes a perfect cube. This should complete the Puzzle.

Puzzle #6

Head to the south-most corner of Furrowfield Island and you’ll find the beaches. On the beach, there should be two small pools. Clean both the pools of any garbage/debris and you’ll find that one of the pools has a picture of a slime painted on it.

On this pool, take out two blocks from where the smile of the slime ends (the cheeks). Replace these cheeks cavities with the two extra blocks that should be outside the pool. This will solve the Puzzle.

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Puzzle #7

Immediately north of your previous Puzzle, you’ll find a mountain. Climb the mountain and on the other side of the mountain should be this Puzzle.

You’ll need to clear out any debris and fill the cavity with water. Thankfully, you should have the water pot now. Use that pot to fill the cavity.

Puzzle #8

Head back to the center of the island and the south-east mid of the map, you will find the Ruined Church. Just a few meters west of the Ruined Church, you’ll find the eighth Puzzle.

To solve this Puzzle, pick up the weird blue plants and plant them inside the white tiles: onto the green blocks.

Puzzle #9

From Furrowfield town, head slightly north and then take a curve to the right until you reach a cliff that is blocking water. Break the blocks there to free the water and let it run down into a pool. This should solve the Puzzle.

Puzzle #10

Before solving this Puzzle, make sure you have the Glider unlocked. To the extreme left of Furrowfield Island should be another small island, a few hundred meters offshore. You can get there through the Glider.

Here will be two stones that have a lot of cavities. Use the pot to fill both of them with water. This should reward you with the final Mini Medal piece.

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Where to Trade Mini Medals?

Mini Medals are a useful and precious currency in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You can trade-in your Mini Medals to get unique and special items from the Hairy Hermit.

Complete your Furrowfield story and return to the Isle of Awakening. Head up the Temple and talk to the old Hairy Hermit sitting atop the Temple. From now on, he should offer you rewards almost every time you check-in with new Mini Medals.

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