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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul-Dun Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Khrumbul-Dun is the final island of Dragon Quest Builders 2. It also harbors 10 unique Puzzles, as the previous 2 islands. Let’s deal with these pesky Puzzles, shall we?

Khrumbul-Dun Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul-Dun Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Puzzle #1

Head north of Khrumbul-Dun town until you reach the waters. Head a little east of here and you’ll find your first Puzzle. There should be two big boxes here, with holes in one of them.

Place the yellow cube in the right socket of the big box, the green cube in the front socket of the box, and the red box to the socket on the top of the box.

Puzzle #2

Head directly south of the local town and you’ll reach the docks. From the docks, go west until you reach the cliffs. Climb the cliffs and the Puzzle #should be right there, waiting to be solved.

To solve this Puzzle, you need to lay the red blocks directly below the waterfall that should be dripping from two canals.

Puzzle #3

Head back to the docks and this time, cross the water south. You’ll find 4 cactus aligned in order. To solve this Puzzle, grab two pieces of cactus from the nearby cacti and put them onto the final cacti.

Puzzle #4

From the previous Puzzle, head straight south until you reach the waters again. On these waters should be a small floating shrine. This is the Puzzle.

To solve this Puzzle, simply grab a white flower and place it in the middle of the shrine.

Puzzle #5

Travel back to the local town and head north-east until you reach the beach. To solve this Puzzle, repair the tracks on both sides.

Puzzle #6

This Puzzle #is located inside the mines. Enter the mines and head to the upper level. The Puzzle #should be three small rooms, joined with each other.

Arrange the rooms in such a way that the left room has its furniture on the left side, the middle room has furniture in the middle and room on the right has furniture aligned to the right.

Puzzle #7

This Puzzle #can be solved in the story.

Puzzle #8

To the north-west corner of the map should be a big beach. Follow the waters of the north, while heading west and you’ll eventually reach the shrine. Solve the Puzzle #by burying all the bones under dirt blocks.

Puzzle #9

To the direct East of the Oasis is the second-last Puzzle #of the island. Place two dirt boxes on the right, such that the red boxes should be able to easily move down the lane.

Puzzle #10

The final Puzzle #is also part of the story. In the lower level of the mines, in the lava area, head southwest and you’ll eventually reach an area with tracks that needs repairs.

Repair these tracks and hop on the cart to finally reach the Puzzle #shrine. Put the brazer into the blue tile to solve this Puzzle.

Where to Trade Mini Medals?

Mini Medals are a useful and precious currency in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You can trade-in your Mini Medals to get unique and special items from the Hairy Hermit.

Complete your Furrowfield story and return to the Isle of Awakening. Head up the Temple and talk to the old Hairy Hermit sitting atop the Temple. From now on, he should offer you rewards almost every time you check-in with new Mini Medals.

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