Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul Dun Side Quests Walkthrough

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Dragon Quest Builders 2’s second island is known as ‘Krumbul Dun’. The following are all the Optional Quests you can complete in this area.

Khrumbul Dun Side Quests Walkthrough

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul Dun Side Quests Walkthrough

1.Make Diggers Juice and Cask

On your arrival into the town, this is the very first quest you get. To finish this quest, you have to make a cask. To do this, you need wood and cord.

You need to break the vines and busted barrels for cord and wood respectively. Place down the cask in the tavern and then drop the Vineapple in and cook it. Once it is cooked, hand it over to Babs and the quest will be finished.

2. Find the Voice

Go with Babs into the mine and remove the sand at the way-point. Interact with the Golem present inside and then go with him to the wall.

The Golem will destroy the wall so you can enter it. You will be handed bombs and told to bring back copper. Now, go inside the entrance the Golem made and go along the mine tracks towards the back.

Use the bombs to make the sand walls you will encounter explode. When you see the blocks which have the brown small rocks inside of them, you will need to blow them up to collect the copper.

Collect at least 5 and go back to town to finish this quest.

3. Build the Forge

This quest unlocks when you speak to the bald NPC. He will give you a recipe, use it to make the forge and make copper ingots. Gather all the ingots and then talk to Magrog to finish this quest.

4. Make the Cocktail Counter

For this quest, you will need to make Babs a cocktail counter for the tavern. Once you have built the forge and you obtain copper ingots, you can finish this quest. Craft the shaker using your copper ingots and put it on the table to finish this quest.

5. Rebuild the Tavern

This mission is gradually finished as you progress through the other missions.

6. Fix Up the Tunnel

This is one of the more significant objectives for the area. For this quest, you need to go with one of the miners into the tunnel, he will take you to the mine-cart.

You will have to repair the whole track up to town. To the minecart’s right, some extra tracks are present which you can break. Once you break them all, just go along the track up to the surface, filling the empty spots with the track you have.

If you fall short, you can find more track near where you came into the island. Go along the path towards the village and grab it all.

After all the track has been repaired, head to the Copper Dig Site warpglobe and defeat all the enemies there to finish this section of the quest.

7. Place down Chests

The miners will need you to place down three chests in the area. Place them down at the marked locations.

8. Make a Dormitory

The miners in the area will also need you to make them a place to sleep. To build a Dormitory for them, three pots, eight beds and the inn sign on the wall will be needed. Keep in mind that it has to be relatively small.

9. Place 10 Sconces

All you need to do for this quest is to make 10 scones and place them all over the town.

10. Mine Iron

To finish this quest, go with the miners into the mine and fix up the tunnel as you go along it. Near the end of the tunnel, the miners will need a scaffold.

Six ladders, four stone steps, and two sconces will be needed to craft it. Climb up the scaffold and then collect 10 iron.

11. Make a Mushroom Kitchen

You need to build a room for this quest. For this, two bonfires, a chest and a Marshroom (found in the mine) are needed. Do not cut the mushroom, use your glove to grab it and bring it back.

12. Make a Smithy

The Smithy is required to create iron tools. Iron is needed to build the Smithy’s walls. You will also need a leather sack, a chest, a forge, and a pot. Once the room is finished, make the iron sledsledge hammer to finish this quest.

13. Bust down the Metal Wall

Once the iron sledgehammer is acquired, go back to the iron mine and mine through the metal wall which could not be broken before. Go with the miners until they need you to help them with a water problem.

Climb the waterfall and block the hole up there. After this is done, the miner will need you to repair the mine track which goes back to your base. Fix up both the lanes using the extra track present in the area, this will finish the quest.

14. Make a Fancy Pump Station

This quest is unlocked once the mine is repaired. To make the station, two sets of mining tools, two towel rails, and two dumbbells are needed.

15. Make Babs Room

Put down Babs’ room’s blueprint and fill it out. You need to pick up the Gladiolus using your glow. After picking it up, drop it into the potted plant.

Go along the path which heads to the east, out of town and a small green patch with red flowers will be found. This is needed to finish the quest.

16. Build the Silver Bar

After the bronze bar has been fixed, the silver bar will have to be built. This will require a large number of silver bricks. Follow the quest’s instructions to build the bar. To obtain the Prickley Pop, Prickly Peaches will have to be put into the casks.

17. Make a Cocktail Counter

Once the Silver Bar has been made, it will need a cocktail counter. Follow the blueprint till the stone stools are placed and counters are connected. After this, place the cocktail shaker and the water job in the right spot to finish this quest.

18. Make a Card Table

Just follow the blueprint to build a card table in the silver bar.

19. Find More Silver

This quest is unlocked once you have more miners. To find more ore, you need to dig deeper down into the mine.

While you are clearing the path, you will encounter a bag enemy who needs you to search for her siblings. Head towards all the markers and defeat the enemies there. When all the siblings have been found, go back to town to finish the quest.

20. Build a Shower

For this quest, a room with silver walls has to be built. In this room, you will need to place a shower, folding screen and a towel rack.

21. Build a Relaxation Room

To build this room, cotton is required. It can be obtained from the underground lake, which is to the south of the iron dig site. It also can drop from rabbits.

You will need to put curtains on a window or wall and then place all the items in the room to finish the quest.

22. Find Gold

To find gold, warp down to the Marshroom Room and use the flute. Move with the notes, towards a wall which you will need to break open. Enter it to get the gold.

Mine a lot of it and then warp back to the Old Lift point. Use the flute again. After that, you will need to dig towards the next gold vein. It will take a while to get there.

23. Make a Fancy Dormitory

Make the walls of the room with silver, then place three pots, eight beds and the inn sign in the room. After this, place down Golden Braziers to make the room fancier until it reaches a three-star.

This grants you the recipe for the lightbox, so the silver bar can be finished.

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