Dragon Quest Builders 2 Moonbrooke Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

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Moonbrooke is the second island in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and contains 10 Puzzles. Let us discuss how to solve each one of them, in a precise and accurate manner.

Moonbrooke Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Moonbrooke Mini Medal Locations & Solutions

Puzzle #1

Head north-east of the Moonbrooke church and you’ll find the Puzzle #at the edge of the map, near the lake. You will need to fill this little shrine with water to solve it.

Puzzle #2

To the direct north of Moonbroke Town, you’ll find the beach-side. The Puzzle #should be here somewhere. Pick up the rocks and place them on brown tiles while placing the flowers on the white surfaces. This should solve the Puzzle.

Puzzle #3

To the east of Moonbroke town, you’ll find Moonahan. Travel there and you’ll eventually find the enormous Puzzle.

To solve this Puzzle, climb the stairs up to the shrine and match the pattern on the left wall to the pattern on the right wall. This should help the snow to fall directly down the shrine. And that’s what we want to do.

Do note that even if you successfully align the patterns, it should take some time for the snow to fall down the chute. Give it some time.

Puzzle #4

Head to the far north of Moonbroke Island and you’ll find a cave right beside the local gigantic dragon. Enter the cave. The trick to solving this Puzzle #is using the springs to jump up to the highest floor of the shrine, and finding the brazer. After grabbing the brazer, drop down and use it on the Puzzle #monument.

Puzzle #5

Just a little south of Moonbroke town should be a small forest. Inside this forest should be the shrine that is our fifth Puzzle. To solve this Puzzle, just put 1 candle in front of each statue that is facing the screen. Do that and the Mini Medal is yours.

Puzzle #6

Head directly south of the local Moonbrooke River. You’ll eventually arrive at a small shore where the shrine should be. Place the boxes on the left in the same pattern as the boxes on the right and the Mini Medal should reveal itself.

Puzzle #7

To the far-east corner of the map, to the south of Moonbrooke, you’ll find a shrine. To solve this Puzzle, you need to destroy blocks to make a slime face. After making a slime face on the tiles, wait for the snow to fall. When it does, you will be obtaining a Mini Medal.

Puzzle #8

Head to the Shrine of Rendarak and you’ll find our Puzzle #shrine just a little south of this shrine. To solve this Puzzle, just move the furniture in an order that it is inverted when compared to the room on the left.

Puzzle #9

From your previous Puzzle, head a little to the west and you’ll find this next Puzzle. To solve this Puzzle, put snow blocks into the snow face on the left to match the snow face that is on the right.

Puzzle #10

Keep moving further toward the south of the previous Puzzle #and you’ll encounter the final Puzzle #of this island.

To solve this Puzzle: clear the snow from the flower beds and match the flower bed on the right as the one on the left. However, it should be horizontally inverted.

Where to Trade Mini Medals?

Mini Medals are a useful and precious currency in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You can trade-in your Mini Medals to get unique and special items from the Hairy Hermit.

Complete your Furrowfield story and return to the Isle of Awakening. Head up the Temple and talk to the old Hairy Hermit sitting atop the Temple. From now on, he should offer you rewards almost every time you check-in with new Mini Medals.

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