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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room and Set Recipes

All rooms require walls at least 2 blocks high and one door. Note that only items within the 1st & 2nd level (height) will be taken into account (compared to the floor level).

Minimum size: 4 block area, 2×2 or 4×1

Maximum size: 150 block area, 15×10

To add a function to a room, it must have the right ingredients inside. With that in mind, here’s a guide for all the room recipes we’ve learned so far:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room Recipes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room and Set Recipes

  • Agricultural Kitchen: any chest, three sacks of wheat, two firewood, three bonfires.
  • Armory: any chest, any four fighting kits (ornamental armor, spears), two barricades.
  • Barn: any chest, any pot, one haystack, one rope, one farming tools, one firewood.
  • Barracks: any two fighting kits, any four beds, any two light sources.
  • Basic Bar: cocktail counter
  • Basic Bedroom: any two beds, any one light source.
  • Castle Cafeteria: a chest, one well, one brick barbecue, one buffet.
  • Castle Kitchen: any chest, one well, one brick barbeque.
  • Cell: one chains, one pot.
  • Chapel: one altar, any two tabletop light sources, one goddess statue, four chairs.
  • Communal Bedroom: any eight beds, any four light sources.
  • Creepy Conservatory: any chest, two blooming poxglove, four budding poxglove.
  • Dining Room: four dining table, any light source.
  • Dormitory: one inn sign, any three pots, any eight beds.
  • Farmers’ Bedroom: one farming tools, one firewood, any two beds, one light source.
  • Gory Grillhouse: any chest, one meaty marshy mountain, one brick barbecue.
  • Item Shop: any table, one price tag, one shop sign, any two crates.
  • Mushroom Cookroom: any chest, any fungus (use gloves to pick it up), any two bonfires.
  • Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom: any one resident’s sign, one dressing table, any chair, any ornamental flower, any light source, any bed.
  • Pot Chamber: any five pots, any chest.
  • Private Bedroom: any one resident’s sign, any bed, any light source, any chain.
  • Pumping Station: two dumb-bells, two mining tools, any two towels.
  • Relaxation Room: any bed, any two curtains, one folding screen, any light source.
  • Rough ‘n’ Tough Bedroom: any one resident sign, one barrel, one bottle, one dumb-bells, any one light source, any bed.
  • Royal Bedchamber: any one resident’s sign, one king-sized bed, any one fancy chair, any one fancy light source, one fireplace.
  • Rustic Bathroom: one basic bathtub, any three towels, four washtubs, any one chair.
  • Scenic Shower Room: four showers, any two towels, two folding screens, any two light sources, four small windows.
  • Sculpture Gallery: any three handrails, one stationary statue.
  • Shabby Throne Room: one disfigured throne.
  • Shower Room: one shower, any one towel, one folding screen.
  • Simple Kitchen: any chest, any three bonfires.
  • Smithy: one forge, any chest, any hanging bag, any pot.
  • Social Bedroom: any four beds, any two light sources.
  • Summoning Chamber: one forbidden altar, any chest, one false idol, two peculiar pillars, one unholy altar, one sinister sconce.
  • Throne Room: one throne, four bold banners, two braziers.
  • Toilet: any pot, any towel.
  • Training Room: four target dummies, two ornamental spears, four wooden fortifications.
  • War Room: one emblematic table, one map, any two wargame pieces.
  • Well-Stocked Bar: one cocktail counter, one pub sign, two simple sipper’s, one social sipper’s, two casks.
  • Wizard’s Workshop: one wizard’s workbench, one crystal ball, one comfy cushion, one incense burner.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Set Recipes

  • Fiery Frying Pan: 1 frying pan, 1 bonfire. Rules – pan on top of the bonfire.
  • Dining Table: any 1 table, any 1 chair, any1 decorative food. Rules – food on top of table.
  • Buffet: 1 big table, 1 crock pot, 1 crockery. Rules – crockery on top of the table and crock pot on top of the table.
  • Pool: 10 pure water, 1 ladder. Rules – ladder submerged.
  • Slime Stack: any 3 stackable slimes. Rules – stacked.
  • Playable piano: grand piano, any 1 chair. Rules – chair next to piano.
  • Cocktail Counter: 1 bar counter, any 4 chairs, 1 cocktail shaker. Rules -bar counter next to chairs.
  • Simple Sipper’s Set: any 1 table, any 1 chair, any 1 decorative food. Rules – food on the table.
  • Social Sippers’ Set: any 4 chairs, any 1 large table, any 4 decorative food. Rules – chairs next to the table and food on the table.
  • Card Table: 1 playing cards, any 1 table, any 2 chairs. Rules – chairs next to the table, cards on the table.
  • Medication Station: any 1 chair, 1 first aid kit, 1 crate. No rules.
  • Tree Swing: any tree, 1 swing. Rules – attach swing to the tree.
  • Potted flower: 1 plant pot, any 1 flower. Rules – flower on plant pot.
  • Station: any 1 track, 1 stop sign. Rules – stop sign next to the track.
  • Darty Party: 3 dartboards. Rules – put them on a wall.
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