Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Crossbow Target Locations (Gallopolis Region)

This guide will help you find the 5 crossbow sniping targets in Gallopolis Region.

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Crossbow Target Locations

#1 – This target is hanging from a tree near the entrance to the city.

#2 – This target is sitting up on a rock, southeast of the city’s entrance.

#3 – This target is also up on a rock, southwest of the city’s entrance, on the north side of the narrow passageway leading to the campsite.

#4 – This target is up on top of the guard tent at the Celestial Sands Checkpoint.

#5 – This target is out in the water, southeast of the ruins in the Celestial Sands.

Bodkin Archer Turn-In Location

Once you have found and shot all 5 targets, the Bodkin Archer is waiting in the very southeast corner, by the campsite. Talk to him, listen to his congratulations, and accept your reward!

Updated: 10.9.2018

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