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Dragon Spear – Cheap Build for Beating Ice Dragon

A build that requires minimal grinding to obtain for beating Ice Dragon.

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The items mentioned for this build doesn’t require you to farm the harder bosses. You only need some gold and to farm Deus Ex Machina a few times.

Important Options

There are two types of options in this game. When you click on an item there are options in Blue and options in Yellow. The options I will be talking about are the Yellow options.

The important stats for this build are these 3:

Active upon taking damage (which will be refered to as ATD from now on) MANA, ULT Gain, and Cooldown reduction.

The following is a mostly complete list of what items give you these stats also which set bonuses:

(If you do now know where to find the equipment or material to make the equipment, go to the blacksmith and either in Carve Set Option or Merge (4th option) click the equipment and it will show you where to find it. Click the material if you want to know where to find that.

ATD Mana

Deus Heavy Armor 2/5 and Health 2/5
Anemone Back 2/5
Deus Back 2/5 and 3/5 Attack
Machine Abiter set 5 pc 4/5

El Guardian Pants 3/5
El Guard Head 2/5

Mermaid Pet 2/5


Moon Knight Armor 2/5
Moon Knight Back 2/5
Rampant Knight 3 pc 3/5

Emerald Belt 2/5
Angel Back 2/5
Angel Armor 2/5

Pooh Roux Pet 3/5


Hybrid Roar 5 pc 4/5

Mutation Belt 3/5
El Guard Back 2/5
Mutation Pants 1/5

Cocoling Pet 2/5

You can mix and match however you want to get 5/5. 5/5 is mandatory because the stat increase from level 4 to level 5 is a lot greater than 3 to 4.

Here is what I recommend:

ATD Mana
El Guardian Pants 3/5
El Guardian Helm 2/5

Rampant Knight Set 3/5
Moon Knight Armor 2/5

Mutation Belt 3/5
El Guardian Back 2/5

Slots that are open: Weapon, Pet, and 3/6 Set.
You can choose to finish the Rampant Knight Set for the set skill if you want. You will be able to spam it anyways.

Skills and Runes

1 skill that will be your main damage. Equip Massacre Runes.

2 skills that will help you build ult guage. Equip Vengeance Runes. Keep in mind, in order for DAMAGING skills to gain ULT GUAGE they need to actually hit an enemy. Some buffs gain ULT GUAGE without having to hit but Vengeance runes won’t work with them. Instead, just use Hunter runes.

1-2 skills that have low cooldown and can be used really quickly. Equip Vampire Runes.

2 Rune of Guardian on your Ultimate, the higher quality the better.

How to use this Build

Alright, so how this build works is simply this: you first try to survive and build Ult Guage as much as possible. As soon as you build your Ult use it immediately. The Ice Dragon’s Ice Sheet ability (ground aoe damage over time ability that leaves CRACKED ICE on floor) will trigger your “Active while taking damage” options. At 5/5 ATD Ult you will gain it significantly fast, at 5/5 ATD Mana you won’t run out of mana, at 5/5 ATD CDR all your skills will reset almost immediately.

After the first time you use your ULT, you will gain a lot of damage reduction thanks to Rune of Guardian. After the first use, your skill priority will always be ULT > Ability with Vampire Runes > Ability with Vengeance Runes > Damage Skill. Remember to use your ultimate as much as possible, that is how you will take next to no damage.

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