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DREDGE Hooded Figures Map

Here is a map of the hooded figures and every fish they require to complete their quests.

DREDGE Hooded Figures Map

  • Right now these are timed quests, but I’m hoping in the future they remove the hidden timer.
  • Map is a heavy alteration of a map I found that only had the location of the hooded figures.
  • The dot is a location of the fish. Crab pots have a square instead of a dot.
  • These are not the only location of these fish, just one of the locations close to a port.

Hooded Figure Locations

Hooded Figures Map

Red Figure

Red Figure is at 14-L

1. Cusk EelVolcanicNightRod/TrawlDevil’s Spine
2. SailfishOceanDayRod/TrawlThe Marrow
3. Frilled SharkVolcanicDay/NightRodDevil’s Spine

Violet/Purple Figure

Violet/Purple Figure is at 10-E

1. TarponShallowDay/NightRod/TrawlTwisted Strand
2. Horseshoe CrabCrabDay/NightCrab Pot 0-10CMTwisted Strand
3. BarreleyeAbyssalDay/NightRodStellar Basin

Blue Figure

Blue Figure is at 7-M

1. Blue MackerelCoastalDayRod/TrawlThe Marrows
2. Tiger MackerelCoastalDayRod/TrawlGale Cliffs
3. Snake MackerelCoastalDay/NightRod/TrawlDevil’s Spine

Gold/Yellow Figure

Gold/Yellow Figure is at 2-K

1. Red SnapperCoastalDayRod/TrawlStellar Basin
2. Horseshoe CrabAbyssalDay/NightRodStellar Basin
3. Blue CrabCrabDay/NightCrab Pot 0-5CMStellar Basin

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