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Drug Dealer Simulator Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Alright, so you’re dealin’ drugs and running from cops. Let’s talk about a few things.

Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)


Unlock the bottom skill first. It will increase the amount of skill points and XP you get once you level it past the halfway point.


  • Cut your drugs with Sugar. It’s cheap, sells in units of 100g, and will never cause clients to OD!
  • 75% is a good potency amount for any drug. More experimentation could help, but this is a safe quantity for client satisfaction and cash savings.
  • The easiest drugs to cut are the white powdered ones. All you need is Baking Soda and a Mixer, or Sugar, a grinder and a mixer.

The Cops

  • DEA attention can cause your hideouts to get raided. I’ve never had my main hideout raided, but the others ones have been. Perhaps the main hideout is safer! A raided hideout will be totally empty, and have a locked door. You can lockpick it to get back in and search for anything that may have been hidden in a safe spot, but you’ll need to wait a while before you can use the space again.
  • DEA attention is increased by performing your business during the day. Making sales, giving samples, delivering to your dealers will all increase these values. To bring them down again, wait until night and then do your tasks during that time.
  • Keep your ♥♥♥ in a backpack and toss it on the ground if the cops are starting to get heavy. Nobody will take it, chill.
  • You can run a lot faster with no weight in your inventory and no pack on!


  • Protect your client base. Sell them non-toxic drugs with reliable cut and you will be able to increase sale prices, generate a larger client list, and eventually turn repeated customers into dealers. Happy clients will start to order larger quantities, and then request to become a dealer.
  • You can addict people to your stuff by cutting it with gross ♥♥♥, or just be patient. You’ll have the best luck addicting people with Meth and Heroin, but most drugs seem to work. Meth and Amp also seem to be addictive. There is a quest to create five addicts, but I have not seen a significant bonus in dealing with addicts so I do not recommend focusing on creating them. Get your salesman skill up and perform higher quality volume sales instead. Be the drug dealer you would want to buy from!
  • You can make your clients wait for product for a good long time, so long as you have not accepted their mission to deliver/meet! Your respect in an area will drop over time, which will slow down the speed at which clients will order more product. Low respect will also slow down your acquisition of new clients through word of mouth. However, this has no effect on your general reputation. People don’t seem to leave if you have low respect, they just order less.
  • If you need to gain respect again in an area that is zeroed out, hand out free samples and spraypaint the walls around the spot. Note that samples cannot be distributed during the night time.
  • Bitcoins purchased on the north side of the map can be used to buy over your cartel limit, but I never found this useful.
  • The Duffel is wsy bigger than a backpack, and can hold 500g. Purchased for $200 cash from the store near the nightclub, north side of the map.
  • “Work your way up to one of the local gangs” is a late-game quest that effectively marks the end of the current story. It does not appear that it is possible to complete this one yet. Sorry guys.

Crossing the border can be done in four ways:

Manhole Covers

You’ll need to go through without a backpack on. Pockets skill helps here. Bags dropped on the ground seem to remain indefinitely. Make a few drop bag stashes near the manhole covers with supplies for the crossing.

Tunnel Entrances

Look for the construction workers near the south and north end of the map, bring some cash!


Better not have any drugs or weapons!

Through the checkpoint after you throw the small backpack over the wall (big brain trick).

The small and medium size packs can be tossed over with ease, the rest can be done in certain areas but are less reliable.

It’s end. I hope “Drug Dealer Simulator Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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