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Drunken Wrestlers 2 – Kickboxing: Attacks and Tactics

A helpful resource for new players that explains each attack in the game, along with basic combat strategies.


The Right and Down Arrows use the right arm and leg, while the Left and Up Arrows use the left arm and leg.

Left Arrow – Hook
Right Arrow – Jab
Down Arrow – Kick
Up Arrow – Step Kick

Forward + Left / Right Arrow – Swing
Forward + Down Arrow – Front Push Kick
Forward + Up Arrow – Axe Kick

Back + Left Arrow – Spinning Back Fist
Back + Right Arrow – Uppercut
Back + Down Arrow – Spinning Roundhouse
Back + Up Arrow – Roundhouse

Notable Attacks:

The Jab is extremely fast, and thus can be used to interrupt an opponent’s attack. The Hook can also be used for this–decide which to use based on the position that you are in.

The Swing is incredibly powerful, and should be your go-to tool for dealing damage.

The Front Push Kick has the highest range out of all attacks in the game, making it useful for long range approaches. However, you can be punished if an opponent blocks it.

The Axe Kick can easily knock opponents down, and should be abused to damage downed fighters. It can also hit twice in a single use, as the leg rises and as it falls. It’s great at splitting the opponent in two for an instant-kill.

The Roundhouse has a good mixture of speed, range, and power. It is a great move for decapitating an opponent, best used at maximum range.

The Kick is also a great mixture of these stats, and it’s an incredible move to use alongside the Swing and Axe Kick when fighting an opponent. While not quite as explosive as those moves, it is effective at any range whereas the Swing or Axe Kick would whiff or get you injured.

Punishing an Opponent

When in an attack, you cannot block. This means that you should aim to hit your opponent as they throw their own attack. Your best attacks for making use of this are the Swing and Roundhouse.

Block Break

If you’re playing against a defensive opponent, spamming attacks on their block is a good strategy. If the opponent’s block is broken, you can deal massive damage to them without putting yourself at risk, and they can’t avoid it unless they run away.

Using multiple axe kicks on a downed opponent is a great way to guarantee free damage once their back on their feet. If you hit them twice with a single axe kick, their block gauge will decrease greatly. Breaking their block with this method and then using swings to deal massive damage afterwards is a great approach to combat.

Keep in mind that in order to break their block, you’re putting yourself at risk by attacking and dropping your guard. Fight wisely!

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