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Dungeon Warfare 2 – Transmutation Recipes

Dungeon Warfare 2 (v1.15) Transmutation Recipes.

Transmutation Recipes

Three items of the same rarity
A new item of the same rarity.

Additional Notes

The tier level of the new item is the average between the three items.
This recipe works with both identified and unidentified items.

Nine items of the same rarity
New item of improved tier.

Important: This recipe behaves differently for rare items depending on whether there is an identified item.

9 unidentified rare items
Unidentified unique item of improved tier. The tier of the new item will be slightly higher than the average of the items combined.

9 unique items
Grotesque Endeavor unique item. Its attributes are the combination of the 9 unique items that are combined.

Additional Notes

The Grotesque Endeavor has a maximum of 6 attributes. These 6 attributes are chosen randomly out of the combined unique items.

Some attributes can be stacked (eg. trap damage) for increased power, but some cannot. For example, having twice “Portal Guardian Attacks Ignites Target” does not make this attribute better.

Combining nine Grotesque Endeavors creates another Grotesque Endeavor.

Extra Notes

What are the item rarities?

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Blue)
  • Rare (Yellow)
  • Unique (Orange)

Do tiers matter?
Yes! Tiers matter! Items of higher level tiers have higher potential numbers.

How do I get items of higher tier?
There are several ways to get higher level items:

  • Increase the rarity of items using items
  • Play higher level maps
  • Rush waves to increase item rarity
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