DUSK – Duskworld Weapon Damage Chart (Multiplayer)

DUSK Guide

This is a chart that shows the weapons’ stats in the Duskworld multiplayer, including Damage Per Second.

Weapon Damage Stats

Damage values are sourced from a Discord post by Duskworld developer 500_pts.

  • Physics objects do not cause damage in Duskworld unlike in Single-Player.
  • Reload times are listed in milliseconds. (1217 ms = 1.217 seconds)
  • DPS figures account for 100% accuracy at point-blank range.
  • Flip is performed by pressing the flip button at point-blank range.
  • Flip does not do any damage with the Scythes, Super Shotgun, Crossbow, and Sword.
  • Flip reload value based on semi-automatic key presses.
  • Shotgun fires 5 pellets that do 20 damage each, totalling 100 if all of them connect.
  • Super Shotgun fires 20 pellets that do 20 damage each, totalling 400 if all of them connect.
  • Hunting Rifle fires two hitscan bullets simutaneously that do 50 damage each for a total of 100 on an armored player or 50 on two weak players under 50 HP with no armor.
  • Crossbow can pierce enemies, doing 125 damage to each enemy a bolt hits.
  • Sword (Alt.) is performed by holding down Fire and releasing when over 100 health.
  • Sword reload values based on semi-automatic mouse clicks.

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