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Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Starter Guide & Tips

Generic tips that got me to 159 Victories.

Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Starter Guide & Tips

Starter Guide for those who like pain.

Generic Tips that got me to 159 Victories


What worked best for me is:

  • 1 Paladin (Frontliner)
  • 3 Reapers (Melee controllers + spot heal + execute + Bodyblock)
  • 3 Oathkeepers (AOE Heal or AOE DPS depending on whether you have more or less than enemy total health)
  • 2 Lightning Mages > Transition from Phoenix fire mages (These bring enemies within oathkeeper range for mass smite, start nuking from the moment battle starts)
  • 1 Healer


Refer post picture. Bottom bar of inventory are items that give stats when my characters level up. I have so many because my dwarves get full growth every time they level all the time. They wear twice the stats on their gear because of it.

  • a) When you select a mission and your guy is going to level up, his exp bar will turn hold.
  • b) Fill the leveling dwarf’s inventory with the appropriate growth items.
  • c) No effect if they arent leveling up, so growth items are to be swapped around.
  • d) PROTIP – Stagger your units leveling! If all 10 guys level at the same time and you have 6 growth items, then every missed out. But if you slowly stagger their levelings (E.G. 3 guys are new and level next turn, and you have 3 more veterans that will level up after them infrequently, all 6 can use your limited growth items till you acquire more).


Putting aside how I unlocked all the skill gems to unlock all the elite gear… This is how you ‘train’ a chosen dwarf for elite main team specialisation from the moment you choose to recruit them.

1) If you want a paladin, make him a priest (Wisdom weapon). At level 10 he will have 10 WIS. If you find a restoration growth item, you can have a paladin at level 10 (Class requires 10 stam and 10 Wis)

2) If you an oathkeeper, use a damaging wizard weapon and pair it with a strength growth item (you can even use 2 and have an oathkeeper by lvl 10)

3) If you want a warlock, start with daggers, pair with intelligence growth item

4) If you want a reaper, start with wizard weapon or strength weapon and swap in growth items.

Its all about mixing and matching, see what items you get for free and pair them with the right growth items.


1) I do not start upgrading my store until I have characters to equip who have strong growth upgrades on hand to specialise and build them. You are against the clock because each victory makes the game go nuts.

2) More upgrades also means more clutter and makes it harder for you to find dwarves when you reroll (I feel). @ Developer, It would be helpful if dwarves had a SEPARATE option from items, it doesnt make sense to choose between weapons/fights/dwarves within a 3 square option.

3) You dont need your growth items to have quality, white is fine so stay at shop 1 and save money for good dwarves, rerolling growth free rewards and making sure you have training weapons for your classes to level in the correct stat. Also you must save 5000 to immediately transition a normal dwarf to a specialist once they have the stat requirement from growth.


1) When you get your first specialist (Mine is usually a reaper), you will kill bosses (this is by chance to find the encounter and it pays 10x a normal fight).

2) At victory number 30 – 50, when rerolls cost 120… that 30000 lets you reroll as many times as you want and need. This is how you gear, find dwarves. Find white items, forge them into your stat and collect them.

3) My breakpoint for upgrading shop level starts when I have too many of the next level items, and I want more to finish my forging.


1) Don’t miss out on good dwarves and essential training items in shop, you can lock the selection and carry it over if you are broke.

2) Pick growth items that can be used for more than 1 specialisation. E.G. Strength (Reaper and oathkeeper use strength) or Intelligence (Reaper and Warlock).

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