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Earth Defense Force 5 (EDF 5) Enemies Guide

Enemies Guide

They come in a wide variety, but for the most part the most common versions
you’ll encounter are the black and red ones.

Yep. The ants are back. They’re still pretty much the same, except now they
show battle damage when shot. They bite at close range and shoot acid from a

A much stronger version of the black ant that appears on Hardest or higher
difficulty. They also make an appearance in the new mission packs.

Red ants can take a lot more damage than black ants. They lack the acid attack
and can only bite.

Like the gold ants, purple ants replace the red ants on Hardest or higher

Similar to black ants, except they move much faster and do a lot more damage.
There is a small variant that is exactly the same as the regular version
except for its smaller size, making it much harder to hit.

Still the same as before, the queen ant fires a veritable ocean of acid.
Mission pack 2 introduces a gold variant that’s even tougher.

A new edition to the game, eggs release ants when shot open. White eggs release
black ants, while red eggs found later in the game release red ants.


No changes here, except like ants they also show battle damage. They attack
by shooting threads.

A much tougher spider variant appearing on Hardest or higher difficulties. They
also appear in the new mission packs.

Yep. No changes here. Just a big spider. A silver version appears in the new
mission packs.

This enemy is new to EDF5 and is particularly horrifying in appearance. It
rolls into a ball and bounces around like a super ball on crack. On a side note
dango refers to a round Japanese rice dumpling.

Aside from the name, these large spiders are exactly the same as the retiarius
from the previous games. Like their predecessors they fire a web that
immobilizes you and pulls you closer. If you deal enough damage to the araneas
it will release the web. The web still goes through buildings like before, so
be careful.

Aside from the fact that they’re now flying frogs, tadpoles are exactly the
same as the dragons from EDF 4.1. Like the dragons they breath fire from the
air and chomp on you at close range. There is a smaller version that is green,
but aside from its size is exactly the same as the regular versions.

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A larger version of the regular tadpole that’s purple. It can take
significantly more damage than the regular versions.

Not the bees! All jokes aside the bees are pretty much the same as the last
game. They shoot a cluster of stingers from a distance.

Bees that are red and a bit tougher than regular bees.

Still the same. Fires a large quantity of stingers. A new red variant of the
queen appears in mission pack 2.

These replace the quadruped walkers from 4.1. They are quite literally a
walking fortress. You’ll need to remove the outlying weapons around the base
before you can have a clear shot at the underbelly, which is its weak point.
Thankfully it’s much easier to target than the quadrupeds from the last game.
It’s still a tough target though since it carries like a bazillion guns.

They may look different, but shield bearers are pretty much unchanged since
EDF 4.1. While stationary they project a field that deflects all missile
attacks, but allows alien attacks to pass through. The field shrinks in size
when the shield bearer is in motion, but it’s still active you you’ll need to
get close in order to take it out.

The colonists are the new hectors of EDF 5. They are large bipedal frogs armed
with various weapons. Unlike the hectors, colonists are more evasive and
perform actions like side stepping and climbing over obstacles. You can
actually shoot off their legs to immobilize them or their arms to disarm them,
but only temporarily as they will regenerate their limbs. Their weak point is
their head and a strong long range weapon shot to the head can take them down
rather quickly. They are usually armed with an energy rifle but some are
equipped with a long range bombardment cannon. There is a red variant that is
armed with an energy shotgun that is devastating at close range.

In the mission packs a new heavily armored variant of the colonists makes an
appearance. Like the cosmonauts they wear heavy armor which significantly
increases their durability. They also receive significant weapon upgrades. The
red variants use a plasma machine gun similar to the ones the Wing Divers use.
The biggest threat though are the artillery colonists. They fire a massive
spread of orange bombardment shots that cover a huge area. Like their regular
brethren their weak point is their head. However, since they wear armored
helmets you will need to shoot them off first before you can hit their head.

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Possibly one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, cosmonauts are heavily
armed and armored bipedal aliens. You will need to shoot the armor off their
body before you can actually damage them. Underneath the armor they appear as
the stereotypical gray aliens with creepy black eyes. What makes cosmonauts so
dangerous is they use much more sophisticated tactics than the other aliens
such as supressive fire, flanking, taking cover, and overwatch. Most are armed
with an energy assualt rifle, but they also use close range shotgun type
weapons and energy cannons that fire a continuous beam from a long distance.
Like colonists, cosmonauts can regenerate limbs and their head is their weak
point, but you’ll need to shoot off their helmet first.

Similar to regular cosmonauts, heavy cosmonauts have much thicker armor which
can absorb far more damage than the armor that regular cosmonauts have. They
are also more heavily armed. Some carry gatling style weapons with a huge rate
of fire, while others carry rocket launchers. A few even carry flamethrowers
that are especially dangerous at close range.

You know em. You love em. Aside from their new design, deroys remain relatively
unchanged. They still fire an explosive plasma ball at range, while at close
range they strike with their long legs while shooting with the lasers on their
legs. One new trick they picked up in the interim is that a few variants can
now fire a missle barrage. Due to the odd shape of their head it can be a bit
harder to hit them here at a distance.

These take the place of the bug nests of the previous game. These large tower
like structures fly from the sky and imbed themselves into the ground. From
the large crystal like structure at the top enemies are teleported into the
area. This is also their weak point so shoot it quickly to stem the tide of
aliens entering the battlefield.

Similar to the regular anchor, except they’re much larger in size and can
spawn multiple enemy types at once. They are also far more durable.

An even bigger version of the anchor. It can spawn huge numbers of enemies. Not
surprisingly it’s also far more durable than even a big anchor.

These objects appear embedded in the rock in a few underground missions late in
the game. Like the anchors they spawn enemies continuously until destroyed.

Pretty much the same as the last game. Continuously spawns bees. It seems to
be a lot more durable than it was in EDF 4.1.

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Aside from their different appearance, they are pretty much the same as the
last game. They deploy aliens from their underside while the hatch is open,
which is also the only time they are vulnerable.

These transport ships look like flying six-packs and carry colonists or
cosmonauts into battle. They are invincible and have no offensive capabilites.
Don’t bother trying to shoot the passengers while they’re in the ship as they
are also invincible until the hatches open.

Aside from their appearance, drones in EDF 5 are pretty much the same as they
were in EDF 4.1. Due to their shape they’re much easier to hit from below, but
more difficult to hit from the side. They fire a laser burst.

Stronger variants of drones appearing on Hardest or highter difficulty.

Like their EDF 4.1 counterparts, red drones are much stronger and faster
versions of regular drones. They are extremely difficult to hit while moving,
but they tend to remain stationary while firing. The problem is that they tend
to fire from a very long distance away, meaning that they can “snipe” you
while you’re occupied with other enemies.

Stronger variants of the regular drones. They fire two scatter beams. What
makes them particularly annoying is that they tend to fly fairly high while
bombarding you with energy blasts. Long range weapons are a big help with
dealing with them.

Stronger variant of the type 2 drone. And when I say stronger, I mean if a type
2 drone is a sardine, an imperial drone is a tiger shark. These things are a
serious threat when they appear and should be engaged with caution. They fire
an energy barrage than can do serious damage even on normal difficulty and can
take a ton of damage before being destroyed. They may look like regular type 2
drones from a distance, but you can tell them apart by their ominous black

A new drone type introduced in mission pack 2. It’s much larger than regular
drones and can saturate an area with a barrage of plasma bombs.

The Erginus makes a guest appearance, but surprisingly he’s not the star of
the show this time. It has the same attacks as before: charging, stomping,
shooting laser breath, etc.

The new star of EDF 5, the Archelus is a kaiju type monster whose main shtick
is rolling around like Sonic the Hedgehog and firing nodules from its body that

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