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Earth Defense Force 5: Quality of Life Improvements Between EDF 4.1 and 5

general/all classes

– there’s a voice chat push to talk now (v). amazing, mission complete that right there is why sandlot is the best the one and only

– you get to play as a civilian version of your class who wants to be taken to a safe place for the first few missions

– higher difficulties are locked until you complete the game on any difficulty to prevent newer players and people with lower armor from joining your hardest/inferno lobbies

– to help players trying to get to 70% and higher completion, missions completed on a harder difficulty will autocomplete it for a lower one. i don’t think it works for hardest and inferno missions but you 100% aren’t forced to play on easy now

– to remove annoyances with only getting duplicate weapons, there is now an upgrading system that rewards getting the same gun by (sometimes) improving the gun’s stats. a high level gun might perform very differently compared to a lower one. very important and very cool

– you now keep some armor and weapons after losing a mission depending on your difficulty level

– there is more class variance with the addition of support equipment, an additional weapon slot dedicated to improving your base class abilities

– most classes have a way to get an item collecting aura so it doesn’t feel terrible to play solo and kite after every mission to get those greens

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– there is an instruction manual if you forgot something or have some questions. stay strong newbie.

– in most missions you get some ai squads that don’t perma death because story essential. they just crouch down where they died and get up with about 1/5th health for the next wave. some special ai squads have improved ai and will remove primer

– a bunch of ‘useless on hardest/inferno’ weapon types are now improved with the addition of more gun stats such as piercing

– sometimes everyone can drive. wing divers and fencers can now pilot more types of vehicles. sometimes.

– allied ai units under your command can now be healing with medkits by every class instead of just ranger. i’m pretty sure ranger has an improved heal and can definitely further improve their healing with support gear

– hardest and inferno is even harder this time with additional waves of reinforcements and mutants in the core game. how can we penetrate the golden armour?

– the multiplayer lobby system is greatly improved, listing how long a mission has been going and having multiple ways to make a private lobby, with a passcode or searching a specific roomname out
also voice chat

– the music is good


still just a guy with a gun trying to save the world since 2003
truly the best class

– you can sprint now, very cool

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– great variance in support equipment, you can get improved movement speed, an item collection aura, dropping a vehicle and more

– your snipers are still good even though you can’t bring two lysanders anymore

– shotguns are goat because they can pierce and you will want pierce

– there is damage dropoff for most primary guns so it’s not brainless holding down mouse 1 sometimes

– watch out if your shiny new gun has garbage range and can’t shoot down a long distance spawner ship

wing diver!

wing diver went through some pretty big changes in-between games with her weapon usage
she still could be the best class

-rapiers and lances are still very good, you will probably want a lance in all missions if you’re playing in a group

-for the mid range guns with a magazine, they start very powerful at max ammo and quickly dropoff once about half ammo. keep your gun loaded for better damage output

-with her lightning guns and bullet guns, you charge the magazine with your energy bar before firing. a pretty big nerf to permastunning enemies on inferno but they’re probably still good

– keep an eye out for the lvl15 plasma big cannon. i thought it was called stardust cannon but it might not be? it’s really good damage like really good. it’s the new laser chainsaw you will want it.

– you can improve your energy bar with support equipment very good you’ll need it

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– wing diver also has a new aerial dash to help dodging midair

air raider!

air raider is greatly improved in 5 with more control of your airstrikes.
you’re actually air raider instead of epsilon railgun class now
amazing quality of life, might be the best class now

– instead of support equipment slot, you just get a 3rd weapon slot. thank you sandlot.

– you get a top down perspective of calling in bomber runs. amazing stuff

– for gunship requets, you aren’t relying on the point system anymore as they reload over time. awesome

– limpet guns are still bad lmao

– you can’t take multiple of the same sentry gun which ruins all my plans of lazy raider


fencer is still the best class with incredible movement speed and big damage output
legendary under control by a good player (not me)

– inspired by dash cancelling, they made it part of the core game. absolute madmen

– support equipment is very important for fencer because you can get more jumps and dashes. high level equipment give 5+ and you will want both.

– take a melee weapon and a gun so you can jump and dash at the same time. it still feels bad early on but wait until late game ok

– blasthole spear is still bread and butter amazing always

– missiles are still necessary for any fun versus drones

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