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Earth Defense Force 5: Today’s Schedule Walkthrough

Today’s Schedule Walkthrough

Enemies: Black Ants
Note: This is a tutorial level. The enemies here will never kill you and unless you kill yourself with an explosive weapon during target practice you cannot fail the mission. This mission does not appear online.

After the initial dialogue move your character with the L Stick, look around using the R Stick, and then finally jump with L2 (Rangers/Air Raiders) or X (Fencers). If you’re using a Wing Diver you’ll be asked to fly instead (hold L2). An acknowledgement screen will pop up. Just press O to continue. While you’re in this room Wing Divers can fly as much as they want until they leave it, whereupon they are forced to walk (very slowly). Air Raiders can now roll but oddly Rangers cannot.

Follow your friend out the door and down the long hall as several EDF soliders and tanks go by. When you reach the door on the left the lights will go out and you’ll turn on your flashlights. Cross to the opposite side as several combat frames go by. When you reach the next door a black and will come out and kill the security guard. You have no way to defend yourself but don’t worry as several Rangers will appear nearby and kill the ants for you. If you’re lucky they may drop an armor box or better yet a weapon box. Once the ants are all dead after a short dialogue you will be taken to weapons practice.

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Your first goal is to destroy four targets. Target the targets closest to you. The weapons you get depend on your class.

Rangers: Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Wing Diver: Raiper, Plasma Cannon
Air Raider: Limpet Gun, ZE-GUN
Fencer: Gatling, Blast Hole Spear

Rangers can easily destroy the four closest targets with the assault rifle. The same goes for the Fencer and the gatling, but remember that the gatling has a start up time before it starts to fire and has severe muzzle climb, so fire in short controlled bursts. The Wind Diver’s rapier weapon has a very short range so you might want to get close to the targets before firing. The Air Raider’s limpet gun fires in an arc so you might want to get a bit closer to the target as well. To detonate the limpet mines you’ll need to press L1. Don’t get too close or you’ll end up blowing yourself up.

Once the first four targets have been destroyed you’ll be asked to reload (press square) and then switch your weapon (press R1). Use your second weapon to destroy the remaining targets. For the Ranger remember that rockets explode so don’t get too close. For the Air Raider the plamsa cannon must be charged first before you can fire it. Hold down R2 to charge the weapon and release it to fire. The greater the charge the more powerful the shot will be. For Air Raiders you need to toss the ZE-GUNs on the ground (R2) and then activate them with L1. And finally for the Fencer simply destroy the targets with the blast hole spear, which has an extended range so you can take them out from a distance.

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Once all the targets are destroyed you will be asked to perform a specific action depending on your class. Rangers will need to do an evasive roll (L2 + L Stick) and dash (hold L3). Wing Divers will be asked to do an emergency evade (L3). Since Air Raider’s didn’t get anything new they get a free pass. Fencers will need to use their secondary abilities (just press R1 and then L1).

Once you’re done with all of that just follow the EDF soliders up the ramp and the mission will end.

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