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Earth Defense Force 5: EDF 5 Weapon Farming

Stand and fight for humanity. This arcade shooter takes place in the year 2022, as the Earth Defense Force fends off an all-out attack by unknown life forms. Become an EDF soldier, battle against endless hordes of immense enemies, and restore peace to the earth.

Earth Defense Force 5: EDF 5 Weapon Farming

Earth Defense Force 5 EDF 5 Weapon Farming

Mission 62 – Gachapon Madness

What you need: A powerful short range weapon and a long range weapon (about 600+ meter range). No explosive weapons.

Ranger Setup: Highest level shotgun (or monsoon if you have it), highest level sniper rifle (600+ meter range minimum), detector (highest level, makes collecting items around the perimeter easier).

Wing Diver Setup: Highest level short range weapon (rapier, phalanx, power/dragoon lance, spark vine/whip), long range weapon (600+ meter range, closed laser or volt shooter).

Air Raider Setup: Highest level limpet gun, Highest level ZE-GUN or FZ-GUN, ZE Sniper or a long range weapon (AH Cruise Missile, AH High Speed Missile Group).

Fencer Setup: Highest level spear type weapon, Highest level hand gatling/gallion cannon/dexter shotgun/revolver, highest level hand cannon/heavy cannon (long range weapon), muzzle stabilizer (optional).

What you get: Level 9~15 Weapons (Normal), Level 23~31 Weapons (Hard), Level 54~62 Weapons (Hardest), Level 52~80 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor

This is probably one of the easiest weapon farming areas in the game, as there
is very little chance of getting hit, much less killed, by the enemies here.
Start out by heading down the street and taking control of the Fencers. Then
turn around and head back up the street until you reach the parking structure
on the left. Turn around again and start sniping at the dango worms (aka pill
bugs) that are terrorizing the civilians at the far end of the street. Try to
kill as any as you can before they start coming towards you. At this point head
to the center of the first floor of the parking structure. As long as you
remain on the first floor away from the outer edges of the structure the dango
worms can’t touch you. Switch to your close range weapon (I use a shotgun,
preferably a monsoon, but any high powered shotgun will do) and blast away
with impunity as the dango worms try fruitlessly to get to you.

Once the first group has been dealt with go and collect the weapon and armor
boxes scattered around the perimeter (if any) and then head back out to the
street. A second group of dango worms should be at the far end of the street
where the first group was. Take your long range weapon out and fire a single
shot at them. This should trigger the entire group to come heading your way.
Beat feet back into the center of the parking structure. At this point just
sit back and blast away at the waves of dango worms as they come towards you.
Yes, it’s scary and yes, they are terrifying to look at, but as long as you
stay in the center they will never, ever be able to touch you. Staying in the
center also encourages the Fencers with you to hopefully stay in the parking
structure and not walk out and get killed like idiots. Not that you need them
or anything, but it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling if they survive till
the end of the mission. Anyway, keep blasting away until the red dots on your
radar disappear.

Once the dango worms in the immediate area have been wiped out one of two
things will happen. In the first scenario you will have miraculously wiped out
all of the enemies on the map, in which case you have roughly a minute to run
around outside and pick up as many weapon and armor boxes as possible while the
operator is still talking. The second scenario, and one which is more likely,
is that a few enemies will have gotten stuck behind some buildings during the
mission. In this case take your time and pick up all the weapon and armor boxes
strewn about the perimeter of the parking structure before heading off to
hunt down the stragglers on the map.

Note that on rare occasions a dango worm from the second wave will get stuck
somewhere and prevent the transport ships from dropping off the rest of the
dango worms. In this case you’ll have to go out and hunt them down, and haul
ass back to the parking structure as the rest of the dango worms start spawning

If you play as a Ranger (like I do) I highly recommend farming for the
following weapons on this mission (on Hard) during your first playthrough of
the game:

Assault Rifle
Level 29 G&M – A23 LS
A semi-automatic weapon, but its power is amazing. It can kill regular enemies
in one hit and more durable enemies (like red ants) in two. It is also very
effective against larger enemies such as Queen Ants, King Spiders, Death
Queens, and even kaiju class enemies such as Erginus and Archelus. If you pull
the trigger rapidly it will also stun colonists and cosmonauts at close range.
As long as you don’t mind the semi-automatic nature of this weapon, it can be
an effective primary weapon for most of the game.

Level 24 Monsoon
Another amazing weapon you can get here. In fact, once you get this you can use
it to farm more effectively in this mission as well as mission 87 (which I’ll
be covering shortly). The weapon itself is a decent shotgun, but what makes the
monsoon (and its higher level versions) so amazing is its incredible fast
reload time. Where most shotguns take anywhere from 5 to 8 seconds to reload,
the monsoon can reload in about 2 seconds. If you’re expecting a mission with
enemies getting up close and personal, the monsoon makes an excellent choice
for a primary weapon.

Sniper Rifle
Level 27 Dunkel N213
This sniper rifle has an amazing rate of fire, and can be used as an erstaz
G&M assault rifle with a longer range.

Mission 87 – Gachapon Madness Part Deux: Gachapon Harder

What you need: A powerful short range weapon. No explosive
Ranger Setup: Monsoon Shotgun (Monsoon M3 is better, Monsoon MZ is the best),
Detector (highest level you have).
Wing Diver Setup: Rapier (highest level).
Air Raider Setup: ZE-GUN (ideally ZEXR-GUN level 79, FZ-GUN (ideally FZ-GUN
level 88).
Fencer Setup: Hand Gatling (highest level) x2, Muzzle Stabilizer (highest

What you get: Level 15~20 Weapons (Normal), Level 33~42 Weapons (Hard),
Level 61~69 Weapons (Hardest), Level 64~91 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor

Once again we have a mission where we can exploit our friends the dango worms
to their fullest. From the start turn right and follow the river to the
waterfall all the way at the end. Optionally, you can kill one or two Fencers
on the bridge before doing so, but it doesn’t really make two much of a
difference in the long run. If you’re using an Air Raider (or Ranger with a
detector) you should probably ignore the soliders on the bridge and just head
straight for the waterfall. At the waterfall you should see a small group of
rocks to the right. There is a small crevice here that you can wedge yourself
into. This is where you’ll be hiding when the dango worms come a calling. On a
side note, there is a rather funny glitch that occurs after the dango worms
have killed all the EDF soliders on the bridge and start coming after you.
You’ll notice several dango worms shoot high up into the sky in the distance.
This is your cue to get into cover in the small crevice.

Once the dango worms get to your position all you need to do is to start
blasting away at them. You may need to adjust your aim up or down depending on
their position. If you’re a Ranger just blast them as they appear with the
monsoon. If you’re a Wing Diver spray them with your rapier as they come by.
If you’re a Fencer hose them down with your hand gatlings (having the muzzle
stabilizer helps). When one runs out of ammo simply fire the other one while
the first one reloads. The Air Raider requires a rather different technique.
You will need to toss your first set of turrets out in front of you on the
right rock. Activate the turrets when the enemies approach, and while the
first set of turrets are blasting away go ahead and put the second set of
turrets out in front in the same position. When the first set of turrets run
out of ammo activate the second set. While the second set is blasting away wait
for the first set to reload and then toss them back out. Alternate between the
two sets of turrets so that one set is always firing while the second set is
reloading and/or ready to go when the first set runs out.

Once the crowd dies down to about one or two you can probably stick your head
out (collecting all the boxes that have conveniently stacked up in front of
you) and blow away the remaining enemies. If you’re a Ranger with a high enough
level detector you probably won’t even have to leave your position. A second
wave will appear shortly after the elimination of the first one. Just repeat
the process. This mission is actually easier than mission 62 to farm weapons
and armor as in as all the item boxes will be in front of you rather than
scattered about the area.

Note: On Inferno difficulty you can obtain weapons as high as level 91 on this
mission. The only two weapons (that I know of) that require a higher level
mission are the Wing Diver’s Dragoon Lance ZM (level 92) and Phalanx ZT (level

Mission 101 – Spray and Pray (or Spin to Win)

What you need: Varies by class (see below).
Ranger Setup: Magma Cannon (level 83), Reverse Shooter X (level 78), Detector
Type 5 (level 66).
Fencer Setup: Hellflame Revolver (level 82) x2, Muzzle Stabilizer S Type (level
76), VZ Skeleton (level 85)

What you get: Level 18~21 Weapons (Normal), Level 40~46 Weapons (Hard),
Level 65~73 Weapons (Hardest), Level 70~95 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor

This is the mission you want if you’re trying for the elusive last two weapons
for the Wing Diver. There are many variations on how to do this mission with
other classes, but this is the one that I use. Note that unlike missions 62 and
87 there is a very real chance of getting killed as you are out in the open.

Ranger Strategy

The general strategy here is to use the magma cannon to eliminate the wave of
green ants while using the reverse shooter x to restore your allies when you
reload the magma cannon. From the start move forward in front of your allies,
and then use the magma cannon to take out the first wave of green ants that
approach from the northwest. You should be able to take down the first wave
without reloading. The second wave appears from the northeast. This wave is
bigger than the first so you’re going to have to reload mid wave. When you
reload the magma cannon, immediately switch to the reverse shooter x and shoot
it at your feet. Then switch back to the magma cannon and continue blasting
away when it reloads. The third wave comes in from the northwest. You will have
to reload twice during this wave. This wave is bigger than the first two waves
and you will have to spin around in a circle while firing to keep them off your
back. The fourth wave somes in at the northeast, followed shortly by a second
group coming in from the southeast. This group is very huge so you are
definitely going to have to spin in a circle and fire as they surround you. As
with the third wave you’re going to have to reload at least twice. The fifth
and final wave comes from the southwest and west, shortly followed by a third
group from the northwest. Spin constantly while firing. As before you should
need to reload twice.

Thanks to the short range of the magma cannon and the type 5 detector,
collecting all the boxes during the battle shouldn’t be much of a problem.
Unfortunately, the majority of the weapons you can get here (99%) are stuff
you can get from mission 87. Consider yourself lucky if you should happen to
get anything higher than level 90+ here.

Fencer Strategy

Before you start go into the game options and set the swing speed (6th option
from the top) to about 150. The Fencer strategy for this mission takes the
whole concept of spray and pray/spin to win to whole new levels. Basically
you’re going to be spinning around shooting the hellflame revolvers. The
nice thing about packing two hellflame revolvers is that you don’t have to
worry about reloading as you can just fire the second one as the first one runs

It’s end. I hope “Earth Defense Force 5: EDF 5 Weapon Farming” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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  1. For Fencer on mission 87, you should roll with a shield in the left hand, so you don’t get knocked down and lose your progress. A single revolver in the right hand is plenty.


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