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Eastward All Cooking Recipes

Most dishes can be cooked using combinations of types of ingredients, for example a combination of any Vegetable type ingredient with any Meat type ingredient will produce Pork Chops. There are some dishes which require specific ingredients, for example only three Crab can be used to cook a Big Dam Crab Pot.

In addition to three ingredients each recipe can optionally include a spice, which applies a further buff. Each spice corresponds to a different buff, and the effects will scale up for dishes of higher quality.

  • Steam Peppercorn: Applies (Duration: Increases defense)
  • Lava Candy: Applies (Duration: Increases attack)
  • Fire Mint: Applies (Duration: Reduces cost for items)
  • Electric Chili Sauce: Applies Duration: Boosts attack speed)

Bonus Slots
When cooking there is a slot machine which immediately appears. “Winning” matching icons will produce higher quality dishes, with a bonus to both base and spice added stats. After the dish is cooked the base stats display, then increase as each star is added. In player inventory stars over the icon of the dish indicate its quality.

Vegetable Stir-Fry+4 HeartsVegetable
Pork Chop+7 HeartsMeat, Vegetable
Fish Sandwich+3 Hearts, + 2 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergySeafood, Vegetable
Fruit Salad+2 Hearts, + 3 Gold HeartsFruit, Vegetable
Veggie Egg Stir-Fry+4 Hearts, + 4 Gold HeartsDairy and Eggs, Vegetable
Hot Pot+5 Hearts, + 2 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergyMeat, Seafood, Vegetable
Fruity Meat Stew+5 Hearts, + 2 Gold Hearts,Meat, Fruit, Vegetable
Meat Zongzi+8 Hearts, + 2 Gold Hearts,Meat, Dairy and Egg, Vegetable
Drupe-Fried Rice+2 Hearts, + 3 Gold Hearts, +30% EnergySeafood, Fruit, Vegetable
Seafood Ramen+3 Hearts, + 3 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergySeafood, Dairy and Egg, Vegetable
Cold Noodles+3 Hearts, +3 Gold HeartsFruit, Dairy and Eggs, Vegetable
Red Braised Pork Belly+8 HeartsMeat
Dumplings+4 Hearts, + 2 Gold Hearts, +40% EnergySeafood, Meat
Sweet and Sour Pork+5 Hearts, +4 Gold HeartsFruit, Meat
Oyakodon+6 Hearts, +3 Gold HeartsDairy and Eggs, Meat
Burger Set+4 Hearts, + 3 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergySeafood, Meat, Fruit
Sushi Platter+5 Hearts, + 3 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergySeafood, Meat, Dairy and Egg
Pizza+5 Hearts, +3 Gold HeartsFruit, Meat, Dairy and Egg
Seafood Skewers+4 Gold Hearts, +40% EnergySeafood
Steamed Fish+4 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergyFruit, Seafood
Seafood Chowder+3 Hearts, + 4 Gold Hearts, +20% EnergyDairy and Eggs, Seafood
Seafood Tempura+2 Hearts, +4 Gold Hearts, +20 EnergyFruit, Seafood, Dairy and Eggs
Fruit Pie+4 Gold HeartsFruit
Cake+3 Hearts, +4 Gold HeartsDairy and Egg, Fruit
Steamed Eggs+4 Hearts, +4 Gold HeartsDairy and Egg
Sandrupe Pasta+4 Gold HeartsSandrupe
Fries+4 HeartsPotato
Pumpkin Soup+4 Hearts, +2 Gold HeartsMilk, Pumpkin, Onion
Mushroom Pasta+6 Hearts, +2 Gold HeartsHam, Milk, Mushroom
Big Dam Crab Pot+4 Gold Hearts, +40% EnergyCrab
Diet Set+5 Hearts, +3 Gold Hearts, +20 EnergyChicken, Egg, Lobster
Crab Roe Tofu+3 Hearts, +4 Gold Hearts, +20 EnergyCrab, Tofu, Egg
Lasagna+6 Hearts, +2 Gold HeartsTomato, Cheese, Pork Belly
Takoyaki+3 Hearts, +3 Gold Hearts, +20 EnergyEgg, Octopus, Onion
Taco+6 HeartsRibs, Tomato, Lettuce

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