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Echo of Combats – Deck Building Basics

The basis of victory in Echo of Combats is a well-chosen deck and the ability to play it. After a few games you will understand the interaction of cards better and most likely you will want to change the existing base decks or make your own.

Deck building tips

Each deck starts with a Hero, so you have to choose his/her Class (Fighter, Shooter, or Caster) and Alignment. (Light or Darkness)

This combination determines the card sets you may use to build your deck, as well as the unique ability of your Hero.

Available card sets include cards that share Class or Alignment with your Hero (e.g. Paladin may choose from Fighter cards and Light cards). Also, any Hero may add Neutral cards to his/her deck.

You may include up to two copies of any single card into your deck, except for Legendary cards (marked with winged frame), which must be unique.

There are lots of efficient card combinations for you to discover while playing. There is no single path to victory; however, beginners are encouraged to follow these tips.

Try to populate your deck with different card types (first/second row creatures, spells). Different Heroes may have their own preferred tactics, still, Shooters require somebody to protect them, while Fighters might find it hard going without spells.

Remember that cheap cards are just as useful in the beginning of the battle as expensive ones that dominate the endgame. Try to balance costs across your deck so that you have cards to play at any moment of the battle.

While building your deck, try to stick to some tactic! For example, a Shooter will certainly benefit from cards that increase their Ranged damage, as well as from creatures with Ranged attacks; and a Caster will enjoy some way to boost their Spellpower.

And, last but not the least, don’t be afraid to break these rules and experiment, for you might just discover the key to building the most powerful deck of all!

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