Eden Rising: Labelled World Map

Eden Rising Labelled World Map

Brace yourself for a brand new action-packed Open World. Explore a huge world to gather materials for gear and defenses. Use everything at your disposal to defend your bases and defeat hordes of hostile monsters. Play solo or up to 8-player online!

Eden Rising World Map


  • A – Metal Bombard.
  • B – Null Batons.
  • C – Ascendant Armor.
  • D – Sulphur Seed Armor.
  • E – Symbiote Rods.
  • F – Flack Gloves.
  • G – Chitin Slingers.
  • H – Conversion Rods.
  • I – Chitin Hammers.
  • J – Blast Gloves.
  • J – Fungal Slingers.
  • K – Eden Armor.
  • L – Polarity Rods.
  • M – Bone Bombard.
  • N – Bone Armor.
  • O – Bone Hammers.
  • P – Gamma shielding.

The Map

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