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eFootball PES 2020: PS4 Special Controls

PS4 Special Controls

1. Super Cancel

Press R1 and R2 to cancel whatever action the player was about to take and regain full control. This includes shooting or passing.

2. Positioning (High Balls)

You can adjust the positioning by using LEFT STICK while holding R2.

3. Change Strategy

Switch Preset Tactics by holding the Up or Down Directional Buttons. Controls may change depending camera angle.

4. Switch Advanced Instructions

Push Directional Buttons with L2 to turn Advanced Instructions ON/OFF.

*The setting can also be changed during set pieces.

Advanced Instructions have 9 attacking instructions and 6 defending. Try to select the strategy most appropriate for your players’ strengths and the nature of the opposition.

  • Attack 1 On/off L2 + Up Button
  • Attack 2 On/off L2 + Down Button
  • Defence 1 On/off L2 + Left Button
  • Defence 2 On/off L2 + Right Button

5. Switch Attack or Defence Level

You can switch the Attack/Defence Level by pushing UP and DOWN on the Directional buttons. The higher the level, the more the players tend to take up attacking positions and vice versa.

*The setting can also be changed during set pieces.

  • Raise the Attack/Defence Level – UP Button X 2
  • Lower the Attack/Defence Level – DOWN Button X 2

*Control using the LEFT or RIGHT buttons when Camera Settings are “Vertical” or “Player”.

When the Attack/Defence Level is at its highest level, the CB can come forward and threaten the opposition’s goal. Also, when taking corner kicks during extra time, even the GK can join the attack.

On the other hand, if it’s at its lowest level, your whole team will play defensively. Switch the level according to the situation and time remaining, making the right choice at just the right time will lead to a dramatic game!

How to Change The Camera Angle

Press the Touch Pad button to change the camera angle between the ball and the players on the pitch.

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