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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: Character Recruitment Guide

I’m not saying this is the ultimate way to recruit all the characters. It’ll get the job done, but there might be smarter ways to snag certain characters earlier.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: Character Recruitment Guide

If you’ found something or noticed something that I’ve missed, share it in the comments.

First Job (1-10)

1. Nowa: Auto Join
2. Garr: Auto Join
3. Lian: Auto Join
4. Mio: Auto Join

5. Iugo: At Eltisweiss, in the right alley (3 o’clock on the map), talk to him, and he will join.

6. Kuroto: At Altverden Village, go to the bottom-left corner of the map and complete his request at Redthroat Ridge.
(*I returned immediately once I completed the request to recruit him.)

7. Francesca: At Altverden Village, go to the top-left of the map; a cut scene will occur, and she’ll join.

8. Yusuke: At Fort Xialuke (Top of the world map), watch the scene, and he will join.

9. Mellore: Return to Eltisweiss and go straight to the center of the city to trigger the cutscene (if you haven’t done it yet). Then proceed to Redthroat Ridge, and she will join you.

10. Yume: Talk to the granny near the entrance of Town Werne. She mentions Yume. Go to Redthroat Ridge, an event will occur, and she will join.

** Meet Huang at Arenside near the river to the left of the city. He will not join you yet.

After Iron Mine (11-21)

11. Gigina: After the Iron Mine story, track back to Arenside via Fort Xialuke at the north. At the entrance, go left, and you’ll see her. My Nowa Level is 14 as I recruit her.

12. Sabine: Auto Join
13. Ymir: Auto Join
14. Sumire: Auto Join
15. Cassandra: Auto Join
16. Kogen: Auto Join
17. Yuthus: Auto Join
18. Zabi: Auto Join
19. Gocteau: Auto Join
20. Iris: Auto Join
21. Caine: Auto Join

After HQ (22-25)

22. Martha: Outside of the HQ near the inn, talk to her, and she will join.

23. Kerrin: Meet her at Dappled Forest (Forest below your HQ) and complete her request.

24. Wyler: Go to Bounty Hills (Rightmost your HQ). Talk to him at the entrance and offer to help him.

25. Marin: Joins together with Wyler.

After Treefolk (26-36)

26. Kallathor: Auto Join

27. Chron: Meet him at the entrance of the HQ.

28. Ormond: Go back to the Abandoned mine via the well at the HQ.
Go to the entrance of the HQ, and the center room will lead you to the park.
There is a well where you can enter. Ormond is somewhere inside the mine. Do his task, and he will join.
(*There is a shining light Item indicator near here that will give you Paleknight Armor, which is needed to recruit Galdorf.)

29. Hiro: Keep backtracking in the Abandoned mine you will find Hiro
Talk to him, and he will join.
(you probably met him before, he is the dude that sells items at the beginning of the mine).

30. Galdorf: Keep Backtracking in the Abandoned mine until near the exit. You will meet Galdorf. Give the Paleknight armor that you’ve collected when recruiting Ormond, and he will join.

31. Falward: Go to Altverden and go to the house at the top left. Complete his request, and he’ll join.

32. Frida: Go to Werne village, turn left at the entrance, and you’ll meet her. Talk to her, and she’ll join.

33. Pieter: Still in Werne Village, go to the top left to the field. Talk to him, and he’ll join.

34. Glenn: Go via Fort Xialuke and go to Arenside Village; go top left and meet him and do his favor, he will join.

** On your way to your next quest, stop by Dappled Forest and go hunt for Phantombirds in this area. If you’re lucky, it will drop SparkleStone that you’ll need later on. (It took me about 10 fights.)

35. Gieran: Go to Greatwood-East (It should be your next main quest anyway). There is a guy near the river that you probably met already. Give the Rune Of Conversion that you’ve got from the boss previously.

36. Squash – Go to Treefolk village and go to Trade Shop, you’ll meet him there, give the Sparklestone that you’ve got earlier, and he will join.

Euchrisse, The Land Of Water (37-48)

* Pay attention to the battle at Greatwood, you might encounter a rabbit, where a blue chest appear behind them. use Gimmick to loot it. I suggest you wander around until you see one. Do not sell this!

* Near Hishann There are Seaside Cavern, if you decided to go there and open a chest with PocketWatch in it, DO NOT SELL, you’ll need it to recruit Rody latter on.

37. Mariette – At Twinhorne East, Go near the dock, talk to the guy that read a book. If you haven’t loot the chest at Greatwood, backtrack there and try to find the chest.

38, Pastole – At Twinhorne East, He is near the Item shop, talk to him and he’ll join

39. Carrie – At the center of Hishann, you will encounter Carrie for the first time, but she won’t join you for now.
Go to the bridge at the north, you will encounter her again.
Go to the southern bridge and she will join.

40. Kurtz – Talk to him near Blacksmith in Hishann, Then go back to Treefolk village, talk to the npc near the trading shop to get what Kurtz wanted. Return back to Kurtz and he will join.

41. Maureus – Talk to him at Mountain Path Homeward and bring a character with 300 MP or over, and he will join.
*You could come back later if you don’t have anybody with 300 MP yet

42. Huang – Meet Huang again at Hishann; he is near the river between the item shop and the appraisal shop. Leave the city and head right/east to the hidden fishing spot. Check your map, and you will see a cave icon. The spot is southwest of the cave, near a cliff (Check the map). Keep trying until you catch the fish that Huang wants (It will take some time). Give it to him, and he will join.

43. Hakugin – Go to Daphan Village ( it is the village at the top right of the map). Talk to her with Mio at your party and she will join.

44. Riufan – Meet him at the dock at Hishann on the left side of the inn. Nowa level must be 35 at least.

45. Lam – Go back to your HQ Inn, talk to Riufan, then go back to Daphan Village and meet Lam at the northwest of the city

46. Nell – At Hishann, Keep going left before exit the town at the top left most exit, go check the stall, and inspect the brown bag. Nell will join you.

47. Perrielle – Auto join
48. Janquis – Auto Join

After Meeting With Euma (49-51)

49. Faye – Go back to your HQ and go the bridge above the inn (Check Map) and you will trigger event. Someone will mention B’baba.
After recruiting B’baba, go meet her, Enter the Main HQ Floor1 and go to the rightmost room. Event will trigger and follow the quest to recruit Faye.

Level 3 – Go rooftop,
Level 1 – Go to the Left most room
Level 2 – At main corridor

50. B’baba – Go to Daphan and find her in a house at top right of the city and she will join.

51. Code L – Find him in Daphan Village at the runeshop. After you beat the boss at Old Hishann Town, bring the Rune of Currents to him and he will join.

After Euchrisse (52 – 76)

52. Melridge – Auto Join
53. Barnard – Auto Join
54. Seign – Auto Join
55. Pohl – Auto Join
56. Valentin – AutoJoin
57. Hildi – Auto Join
58. Yaelu – Auto Join
59. Ivy – Auto Join

60. Shixeen – At your HQ, Upgrade your Card building to the next level and go to card game arena, Buy all deck until you have plenty of cards. If you own 100++ cards, she will pop up. Beat her in card game and she’ll join

61. Milana – At your HQ, go to rune shop (Create one if you haven’t) there will be an event and she will join.

62. Leon – At Your HQ, Head to the exit to the west of your castle ( you’ll see someone injured) talk to him and he’ll join

63. Douglas – Travel to Eltisweiss, and go to the blacksmith, complete his request and he will join.

64. Isha – Still at Eltisweiss, Go to the square at the bottom right one, Complete her quest and she will join

(Southwest of town, Grind at MountainPath, Arenside’s item shop)

* At mountain path, grind for eggs (you need 5 of them to recruit Pacquia)

65. Paquia – Go to Arenside, Give the eggs that you collected previously and she will join

66. Mandie – Joined automatically with Paquia

67. Aire – Go To Hishann and go to the Bottom Left Exit, you will see him there. Complete his request and he will join

68. Dr Corque – Go to Eltisweiss and go to Bottom Leftmost of the map to meet Reid, then go to Dr. Corque’s house at bottom right of the map. Then process to complete below quest.
(spot a beigoma table near these characters)
1. Go to Alteverden and go north and talk with the kid named Taq.
2. Go to Kyishiri and find Fender at town square
3. Go to Werne and find Celera at top of the map
Dr Corque will Join once you completed above quest.

69. Reyna – Meet her at Dabavin‘s dock and talk to her. Complete her quest and she’ll join

70. Prunella – Meet her at Dabavin‘s inn and complete her request.

71. Rody – Meet her at Dabavin’s item shop. Remember the Pocket Watch to I’ve told you to keep and never sell. Give it to her and she will join. If you don’t have it, wander around the desert when you have a chance to ride the boat until you get one.

72. Jorhan – Hunt for Antique?? around Dabain, then Go back to Hishann to the Bottom Rightmost of the map, near trading shop. Talk to him and give the antique and he will join.

73. Stadler – At Impershi’arc go to the center of the map, talk to him and complete his request.

74. Cabana – At Impershi’arc go to the right side the inn, talk to him and he’ll join

75. Quinn – Meet her at Impershi’Arc , on your way to inn an event pop up and after that she will stand by near the racing crowd in front of the inn. talk to her, she will give you a quest if you’re at certain level (I believe is 35, but my level is 39 at that time). Complete her quest (Very Tough one) and she will join.

76. Celia– You need to beat a series of challenge in cooking contest at your HQ’s restaurant. Eventually you need to go to Seaside Cavern to retrieve the Scroll of Heaven. Make your way to the bottom Left of the map, you’ll see a glimmering sparks, take it. Bring it back to Kurt. Continue the battle, She will join you in the end.

After Impershi’Arc (77-86)

77. Skyd – Auto Join
78. Yuferius – Auto Join
79. Mehlu – Auto Join

80. Scarlet – Talk to her at the Impershi’arc dock on the way back, do the quest and she’ll join

81. Fume – You need to have your guild built first , then Go To Dappled Forest, Talk to him and he’ll join. he is somewhere in the middle of the map near the entrance of the third area.

82. Enoe – Once you have your guild, go to Daphan and talk to him.

83. Larla – Go to Eltisweiss Inn, talk to her once you have at least 1 epic success on your guild mission.

84. Durlan – Once you upgrade town HQ to level 3 , go to Abandoned Mine via your HQ . Keep going left and head down until you meet him.

85. Sid – go to Hishann and meet him at near blacksmith, talk to him and he will join

86. Dalton – Go to Twinhorn East, he is near the inn, talk to him and complete the request.

Athrabalt Episode (87-92)

87. Marisa – Auto Join
88, Garoo – Auto Join

89- Aleior – Go Talk with Marissa at HQ, Go To Altverden Village and talk to the man near the stair to the inn, finally go to the Abandoned Mine from the front entrance.
(*Just walk west from Altverden Village).
Inside the mine, pass 1st cart then turn right on the 2nd cart and keep going right. Talk to her and she will join.

90. CJ – At your HQ, head to southern exit with Isha and Garoo, an event with CJ will play. Head to Arenside, if you open your map, there is a Runebarrow symbol south of Arenside. Go inside and complete the quest.

91.Chandra – At your HQ, go to the training ground, where an event will play out. Then, bring Code L as support. On your way to Yarnaan via the Eldroad, at the top crossroad, go right past the abandoned structure. Play along with her for a while, and she will join you.

92. Goldsmid – At Yarnaan on the 2nd floor, head left, and you’ll see him near a huge pillar. I think he is looking for a character with a certain STR threshold before he is willing to join.

After Snowpeak Pass (93 – 111)

93. Alwe – Join Automatically
94. Nil – Join Automatically
95. Rudy – Join Automatically
96 – Lilwn – Join Automatically
97. Euma – Join Automatically
98. Kassius – Join Automatically
99. Wayve – Auto Join
100. Yulin – Auto Join

101. Rohan – Go to Twinhorn West Go to the inn and talk to him

102- Hogan – Go to Twinhorn West. At the dock, talk to him, complete his quest and he’ll join

103. Allby, Go to your HQ‘s Inn and talk to her and she’ll join.

104. Clarke – At Ardinale City (Seign Hometown) go to the square. You need a script called “Start Crossed Lover” Talk to him and he’ll join.

105. Aoi – Go to Twin Horn East with Iugo at your party. She is at the right side of the inn, Talk to her.

106.Djikstra – Go to Twin Horn East and head to the left side of the item shop, near the dock. Assemble your best fighter.
(*If you can afford Dr. Croque as support, by all means, do it; you will get all the good Beigomas here, which are required to recruit Reid.)

107. Foxiel – At Athrabalt, go to the rightmost fountain of the town, talk to her, then go back to your castle and talk to Kurtz. Return to her, and she’ll join.

108. Momo – At Hishan, keep going south past the bridge in front of the item shop, and an event will be triggered. Complete her quest, and she’ll join.

109. Galladur – Go to The Proving Ground, head left but do not enter; he is just below the entrance, sitting there. Talk to him and do his quest, and he’ll join.

110. El Alicanto – At Snowpeak Pass, go north and keep going until an event plays. Do his request, and he’ll join.

111. Selbineth – At your HQ, in the mysterious room at the dungeon, try to win at least one, and she will join.

Reid (112)

112. Reid – Probably the hardest to get, but once you complete Djikstra’s quest with Dr. Croque, you should be able to steamroll anyone with all those elite Beigomas.

Quest Steps:

1. Go to the Beigoma Center at your HQ; an event will play, and Reid will challenge you.
2. Go to Daphan Village at the top right of the town; an event will play.
3. Go to Arenside at the left bottom.
4. Go to Treefolk just near the entrance.
5. Return to Dr. Croque’s office at HQ.
6. Go to Hishann: in front of the trading/appraisal shop.
7. Go to Impershi’Arc: near the item shop.
8. Go to Ardinale at the commoner area (you might need to beat more NPC opponents).
9. Reid will finally join you.

Beigoma NPC Locations

In case the Spintinel asks you to beat more opponents:

Arenside Village: near the center house.
Fort Xialuke North: left side of the gate.
Eltisweiss: at the bottom right of the city.
Altverden Village: top right of the village.
Werne Village: old lady below the item and inn shop.
Kyishiri: kid at the center of the tower.
Treefolk: near the trading shop.
Hishann: bottom area near the guitarist.
Twinhorn East: go down, and the old guy is near the old woman.
Daphan: little girl in front of the inn.
Dabavin: soldier behind the waterfall.
Impershi’arc: shark below the inn with the Beigoma table.
Den Of Dunes: at the right side, you’ll see an NPC.
Skriss: kid in front of the inn/item shop.
Twinhorn West: lady near the blacksmith.
Ardinale: fancy guy below the blacksmith.

Final Eight (113-120)

Congratulations on reaching the final eight! Here are the last recruits:

113. Markus – Auto Join
114. Lakian – Auto Join
115. Goldwyn – Auto Join
116. Elektra – Auto Join
117. Maxim – Auto Join
118. Vorridice – Auto Join
119. Viesskin – Auto Join
120. Leene – Auto Join

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