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Elden Ring Guide to All NPCs and Questlines

This is a guide to all NPCs and their Questlines. I will update it as I find new information and get time to work on it. It will also contain notes about theories of mine to try if anyone wants to test and tell me the result.

Irina and Edgar

  • Meet Irina past the Bridge of Sacrifice which is located South-East of the games starting area.
  • Accept a letter from her and travel south into the castle. Find her father Edgar on the ramparts of Castle Morne and deliver the letter.
  • Kill the boss in Castle Morne.
  • Return to Edgar.
  • Return to Irina.
  • Kill Edgar now or later meet Edgar as an Invader at the Revenger’s Shack on the West Side of Lake Liurnia for a Shabiri Grape(Grape may not appear until after meeting Hyetta)

Notes: If you get the Revenger’s Shack Grace before completing the rest of the quest, Edgar will not appear. Could there be a method to save Irina? Irina appears to have died from Demi-Human and a Note says kill Demi-Human leader to demoralize the rest.


  • Meet Hyetta after Irina’s death at the Lake-Facing Cliff Grace, north of Stormveil Castle.
  • Grab the Shabiri Grape from under the throne room of the castle, entrance nearby in the cliffs, then give it to her.
  • Go to the Purified Ruins and find the hidden floor in the center of the ruins to grab the Shabiri Grape within.
  • Find Hyetta in the North-West side of the ruins and give her the grape.
  • Get the Shabiri Grape from Edgar the Revenger and meet Hyetta at the Gate Town Bridge on the North-East side of Liurnia Lake.
  • Give her the grape and reveal what it is.
  • Go to the Church of Inhibition on the North side of Liurnia Lake and kill Festering Fingerprint Vyke who invades you for Fingerprint Grape.
  • Meet Hyetta at Bellum Church also on North side of Liurnia Lake and give her the Fingerprint Grape.
  • Later meet Hyetta in the deepest part Leyndell, Royal Capital, requiring you to go through the Sewers to Mohg, The Omen.
  • Kill Mohg then attack the altar behind the chest to open up a secret passage.
  • Make your way to the bottom and speak with her to end the quest and get Frenzied Flame Seal.

Notes: Hyetta will not appear until after the Irina/Edgar Quest. What is the relation between Hyetta and Irina? Why does she only appear after Irina’s death? Also, some report needing to take off all weapons and armor to get the secret passage to open. I just hit it and it worked so I don’t think that’s the case. The Frenzied Flame is required for one of the Endings but locks you out of all other endings once you acquire it unless you do Millicent’s questline and choose the right path.


  • Meet Roderika at the Stormhill Shack just outside of Stormveil Castle.
  • Talk to her multiple times and go into Stormveil Castle.
  • Find the Chrysalid’s Memento deep in the castle on a pile of corpses nearby a Mini-Boss Grafted Scion that looks like the boss in the Tutorial.
  • Return the Memento to Roderika.
  • After unlocking Roundtable Hold, talk to Roderika and Blacksmith Hewg multiple times until Hewg takes Roderika as an apprentice.
  • Go to Roderika’s previous location at Stormhill Shack for Golden Seed and back to her in Roundtable Hold for another Golden Seed.
  • Go back to where you found the Memento for a Crimson Hood.

Notes: If you unlock Roundtable Hold before getting her the Memento, you can never give it to her. Is this the end of the questline? She has later dialogue but nothing has really happened besides asking you to save Hewg, but he refuses. End?

Blacksmith Hewg

  • Follow Roderika’s Questline, ater mentions wanting to create a weapon that can kill a god.
  • After you upgrade a weapon to max, he thanks you for allowing him to make the weapon and hopes that you’ll use it to kill a god.

Notes: End?

Boc the Seamster

  • Is a tree South of the Telescope South of Agheel Lake North Grace, he will talk to you.
  • Hit him to free him and talk to him a couple times.
  • Go to Coastal Cave, on the shore West of the games start and talk to him inside a few times.
  • Kill the boss of Coastal Cave and talk to him again to give him the Sewing Needle.
  • Meet him next to the the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace, North of Stormveil Castle and talk to him.
  • He will appear again at a few different Sites of Grace but doesn’t do anything.
  • Grab the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows on the East side of Liurnia Lake.
  • Eventually you’ll meet Boc at the East Capital Rampart in Leyndell Royal Capital.
  • You have to buy a piece of boss gear from Enia and then you will be given the option to give him the Gold Sewing Needle.
  • Later he will mention his ugly appearance and ask your thoughts on it.
  • Here you have a choice.
  • Choice 1: He will mention Rennala and ask for a Larval Tear to go change himself. If you choose to give it to him, he will show up at Rennala’s boss room as a human, then when reloaded he will be dead.
  • Choice 2: Go to Hermit Village, located South-East of Volcano Manor and most easily reached by going through the “Coward’s Way” to reach Mt. Gelmir, you will find Prattling-Pate: You’re Beautiful on the South side of the village. Take that and use it next to Boc in East Capital Rampart and then talk to him. He will mention hearing his mother’s voice and ask if you feel the same. If you agree then he will be happy with his appearance.

Notes: End?


  • Meet at the Church of Irith next to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace.
  • Buy all Sorceries.
  • After getting into the Raya Lucaria Academy, find the Glintstone Key on top of a Chandelier in the Church of the Cuckoo’s inside of the Academy. This can only be gotten by travelling the rooftops which start near the Debate Hall Grace.
  • Give him the key then travel to Schoolhouse Classroom Grace in the Academy and loot his body just outside and around the corner.

Notes: Could he have been saved?

Miriel, Pastor of Vows

  • Located at the Church of Vows on the East Side of Liurnia Lake. Takes Scrolls and Prayer Books and teaches their contents.
  • Also teaches you how to make NPC’s you’ve aggro’d by accident friendly again.

Notes: Could there be more?

Gurranq, Beast Clergyman

  • Go to the Third Church of Marika, just North-East of the Minor Erdtree in East Limgrave.
  • Go North of the Church and into the water to find a Sending Gate.
  • Use it to find the Bestial Sanctum where Gurranq is.
  • He wants Deathroot which can be found in quite a few different locations, usually places where there is a lot of death or Undead for a total of 9.(will list here later)
  • Give Deathroot to him and he will give various rewards.(will list here later)
  • After the 4th Deathroot, he will become hostile and must be hurt a little to get him to become friendly again(rot or poison makes this easy, just run outside after applying).
  • Turn in all 9 Deathroot and he will leave and become Maliketh, the Black Blade which is a boss late in the game.

Notes: His location can be told to you by D, Hunter of the Dead.

Brother Corhyn and Goldmask

  • Found in Roundtable Hold.
  • Jump off the Balcony in Roundtable Hold and kill Mad Tongue Alberich then collect the Cipher Pata from the room beyond.
  • Talk to Brother Corhyn and he will announce he is leaving.
  • After getting up the Grand Lift of Dectus, go North-East of the lift to the Altus Highway Juntion Grace and North of that you can find Corhyn along the road.
  • Talk to him then go to North-East and on the North-End of the bridge you can find Goldmask.
  • Talk to Goldmask then go back to Corhyn and talk to him then back to Goldmask.
  • Corhyn and Goldmask can later be found in Leyndell on a hill near West Capital Rampart.
  • Talk to them and then get the Golden Order Principia near the Erdtree Sanctuary Grace(South-East of West Capital Rampart) by going up a root, through the door, and jumping onto a roof before circling the building and climbing another root.
  • Take this book to Corhyn or Miriel and learn the Law of Regression.
  • After learning, travel West of the Erdtree Sanctuary Grace and down an elevator and stairs to find a message on the ground.
  • Stand on the message and face the statue then cast Law of Regression.
  • Touch the newly formed message then talk to Goldmask and Corhyn.
  • Later, travel to the Stargazer’s Ruins in the North section of the Mountaintops of the Giants, located on the North-Eastern corner of the map and talk to them.
  • After beating the Fire Giant and Maliketh, find the corpse of Goldmask on the West side of Erdtree Sanctuary Grace, past a few plants for the Mending Rune of Perfect Order.

Notes: Quest can be completed even with Corhyn dead. You also have the option to give him the Potion of Forgetfulness from Rya’s Questline. Doesn’t do anything when offered at Stargazer Ruins, but may do something later.

Iron Fist, Alexander

  • Can be found on a cliff South of the Agheel Lake North Grace, far North of the lake in Limgrave and West of the bridge where he wants you to hit him to free him from his hole.
  • Can also be found in Gael Tunnel, East of Limgrave and on the West side of Caelid where you need to open the door next to the boss room that acts as a path between Limgrave and Caelid.
  • Is later found at Redmane Castle in the South-East corner of Caelid and can be talked to.
  • Summon him for the boss-fight and after the fight he can be talked to nearby.
  • Next found South of the Carian Study Hall located on the East side of Liurnia Lake and needs you to use an Oil Pot to free him.
  • Later found sitting in the lava at Seethewater Terminus, West of Volcano Manor near the North-West corner of the map.
  • Can later be summoned for the Fire Giant boss fight on the South-East corner of the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Final location is up the path near the Dragon Temple Altar Grace, located in Crumbling Farum Azula, past an Imp Statue Fog Wall. He will challenge you to a duel and upon winning you get Alexander’s Innards and a Shard of Alexander.
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Notes: What are Alexander’s Innards used for? It might be the Great Jar in Caelid after doing it’s quest. Some also think Jarwight but he is a puppet at this point though someone reported having seen him alive and not as a puppet somewhere. I have a theory that the fates of multiple puppets may be changeable.

White-Faced Varre

  • Found just outside the starting area, talk to him then return to talk after unlocking Roundtable Hold.
  • Return to his location after killing Godrick to find a message.
  • Go to the Rose Church located on an island in the South-West area of Liurnia Lake.
  • Talk to him for Festering Bloody Fingers then perform 3 Invasions, outcome doesn’t matter, and talk to him again for a Lord of Blood’s Favor.
  • Next go to the Church of Inhibition in the North-East section of Liurnia and interact with the corpse of the maiden in the chair.
  • Return to Varre to get a reusable Blood Finger for Unlimited Invasions and a Pureblood Knight’s Medal that he says to use “when the time is right” Can be fought as an invader in Mohgwyn’s Palace.

Notes: There are multiple alternatives to the Church of Inhibition, it’s just the easiest. When is the right time to use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal?

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

  • Can be found South-East of the lake in Limgrave under an overpass.
  • Talk to him to learn about the dragon nearby.
  • Kill the Dragon for more dialogue.
  • Go North of the lake, up the stream and be Invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus and Yura will appear to help. Don’t let Yura die.
  • After Nerijus is dead, go a bit further North and talk to him under another overpass.
  • Later, when you get access to Raya Lucaria Academy, go to the Main Academy Gate Grace and on the bridge going North, past the seal(don’t interact with it, just walk past) you will see a Red Summon Sign.
  • Interact with it and help Yura kill Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin, Yura living or dying doesn’t matter here.
  • Talk to him after the fight. Later, after going up the Grand Lift of Dectus, Go North-East of the Grand Lift to the Second Church of Marika. There you will find him on the ground.
  • Talk to him then you will be Invaded by Bloody Finger Eleonora. Kill her for a few rewards.

Notes: His body is later taken over by Shabriri, advancing too far causes his death so Shabriri can take over.

Sorceress Sellen and Witch-Hunter Jerren

  • Found under the Waypoint Ruins East of the lake in Limgrave after a boss fight.
  • Accept her offer to teach you sorceries.
  • Later go to the Hermit Village in the West part of Mt. Gelmir, North-West of the Grand Lift of Dectus, and find an old man named Primeval Sorceror Azur who has a crystal for a head and gives the spell Comet Azur.
  • Go back to Sellen. Then head to Sellian Hideaway in North Caelid past the seals in Sellia and North of the Church of the Plague Grace. It is hidden behind an Illusory wall behind a giant gravestone.
  • Talk to Master Lusat and defeat Radahn in Redmane Castle then return to Sellen.
  • Head to Witchbane Ruins, South of the Fourth Church of Marika in West Liurnia Lake and talk to her.
  • Beat Caria Manor in North Liurnia Lake and go North-West of it to find a Dragon. Beat or ignore it and search the ruins for an Illusory Floor.
  • Enter inside and find the Illusory Wall at the back to find Sellen again.
  • Interact with it and return to Sellen in Witchbane Ruins.
  • Talk to Witch Hunter Jerren a few times. If Jerren is not there, go to Castle Redmane and talk to him in the church on the way to the Radahn Boss Fight and he will leave and appear in the Witchbane Ruines.
  • After getting access to Raya Lucaria, go to the Grand Library Grace and walk out to find 2 Summon Signs.
  • One helps Sellen and one helps Jerren. Sellen gives the Glintstone Kris and makes Shard Spiral available to buy, Jerren gives an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and both give Witch’s Glintstone Crown.
  • Choose one and kill the other.

Notes: Scrolls can be given to her but I’d give them to Miriel. Sellen also features in another questline but isn’t completely necessary to complete it.

Blackguard Big Boggart

  • Appears at Boilprawn Shack in the South section of Liurnia Lake.
  • During Rya’s Quest for her necklace, he is the thief and will let you buy the necklace.
  • Buy the necklace and some Boiled Prawns and he will give you an emote for buying the Boiled Prawns.
  • Later he appear in the North outer moat of Leyndall and will sell Boiled Crabs as well. Buy some. Later during Dung-Eater’s questline, Dung-Eater’s invasion will happen here.
  • Talk to Boggart and he will warn you about Dung-Eater being in the area and to stay on your guard.
  • If you reload the area you will find him having become a victim of Dung-Eater, tied to a chair. He begs you for death and then dies, leaving a Seedbed Curse on his body.

Notes: If you kill Dung-Eater Invader before having bought Boiled Prawns from him then he will still appear in Leyndall but will not become a victim of Dung-Eater. His Seedbed Curse is not necessary to complete Dung-Eaters Questline.


  • Appears at Roundtable Hold beyond the room with the Twin Maiden Husks.
  • When given a Seedbed Curse(found in several locations, the earliest meaningful one being available in Leyndell Royal Capital. Will list here later) he will give you the Sewer-Gaol Key and tell you to come meet him.
  • Go to the Avenue Balcony Grace in the Center of Leyndell Royal Capital and find a Well to the North-West in a ruined area nearby the Lower Capital Church Grace.
  • Go down the Well to enter the Sewers.
  • Go through until you reach the Underground Roadside Grace.
  • Go out the door, turn left, run past the big guy and go down a large open grate on the left side before reaching the gate. Once you fall in, go down the path, not into the sewer pipe tunnel, and you’ll see multiple giant flowers.
  • Run past the flowers and up the ladder to find the room with a bunch of Giant Hands. Kill the hands and then open the nearby door with the Sewer-Gaol Key to find Dung-Eater.
  • Talk to him then go back to where he was in Roundtable Hold to find a message.
  • Go to outer moat on the North side of the Leyndell Royal Capital, outside the city walls, and he will spawn as an Invader. If he doesn’t, it means that Blackguard Big Boggart is there and you should talk to him, buy some Boiled Crab, talk some more, reload the area, and talk to him again to collect a Seedbed Curse. When walking away, Dung-Eater should invade.
  • Kill him and go back to the him in Roundtable Hold.
  • Go to his real body and depending on if you’ve progressed Seluvis’ Questline, you get a choice.
  • Default Choice: Give his body Seedbed Curses and once you given him 5, you get the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse for another ending to the game.
  • Special Choice: If you’ve gotten the Seluvis’s Potion from Seluvis, you can choose to give it to Dung-Eater while he is tied to the chair. Go back to Seluvis and talk to him until he offers to sell you the Dung-Eater Puppet as a Spirit Ash.

Notes: Gross…..

Kenneth Haight

  • Found on top of a ruin North of the forest in Limgrave.
  • He will ask you to clear Fort Haight in the South-East corner of the forest.
  • Go there and clear the Fort then return to Kenneth.
  • He will reward you and then move to the Fort and mention looking for a new Lord.

Notes: According to data-miners, the lord is definitely Nepheli but no one is sure how to do it. I have a theory that the fates of multiple puppets might be changeable and so there might be a method of changing the Nepheli Loux Puppet.

Great Jar

  • Found in North Caelid just outside an arena.
  • Doesn’t speak but after talking to him there will be 3 Red Summons just down the hill from him named Knight of the Great Jar.
  • Defeat them and talk to the Great Jar again for a reward.

Notes: Maybe Alexander’s Innards can be given to him after doing both quests?


  • Located in Gowry’s Shack in East Caelid, East of the swamp area.
  • Kill the dog before you go to him, otherwise dog might kill him while you’re talking.
  • Go kill Commander O’Neil in the South-East corner of the swamp to get Unalloyed Gold Needle.
  • Return to Gowry and give it to him then reload the area and talk to him again.
  • Undo the Seal on Sellia by lighting the 3 fires in the towers within Sellia then go through the sealed area to the North and follow the path to the Church of the Plague.
  • Give the needle to Millicent then reload and talk to her again for a reward.
  • Return to Gowry and talk to Millicent(if not there, reload the area), then reload to find him there again and he will sell you some Sorceries.


  • After having talked to her in Gowry’s Shack in Gowry’s questline, go to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Grace located North of the Grand Lift of Dectus(may require going through the “Coward’s Path” in Ruin-Strewn Precipice to reach the Grace) and talk to her there.
  • Then go to the North section of Altus Plateau to the Shaded Castle(on the map, it’s surrounded by green) and explore it to find the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. Return to her with it and give it to her.
  • Afterwards head to to the East of The Shaded Castle, North-East of the Minor Erdtree to Windmill Village.
  • Go through the area to the end and kill the Godskin Disciple then get the Windmill Heights Grace.
  • Reload the area and Millicent should be nearby, talk to her.
  • Later when you’ve unlocked the Mountaintop of the Giants past Leyndell Royal Capital, go to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Grace, which is on the path going North-East from the Zamor Ruins, and talk to her there.
  • Go far to the North to Castle Sol and beat the area to get one half of the Haligtree Medallion.
  • If you haven’t gotten the other half already through Albus and Latenna’s questline, go to the Folly on the Lake Grace in the South section of Liurnia Lake.
  • Go South-West from there and you should find a town hidden beneath the cliffs.
  • Proceed through the town and after getting the Village of Albinaurics Grace, kill the flute-playing enemy and nearby you should see a large Pot, Bush, Tree(it varies).
  • Roll into it or attack and it will turn into Albus.
  • Talk to him to get the other half of the Medallion and a quest Latenna which will be covered elsewhere.
  • Go back to the Grand Lift of Rold where you entered the Mountaintop of Giants and go to activate the medallion but don’t activate it yet.
  • When you get the option to use the medallion, click left or right until you see the option “Use Medallion(Secret)” and choose that one. It will bring you to the Miquella’s Haligtree area.
  • Go through the area until you get the Prayer Room Grace and talk to her there.
  • Continue onwards to the Drainage Channel Grace then from that Grace, go back up the ladder then up the hill to the right.
  • Kill the shrimp then turn left to see a large circular swamp area, only accessible by a tree-branch.
  • Cross the branch and enter the area to to fight a Defiled Root Monster.
  • Kill it then reload the area.
  • Go on the hill above the swamp in the same spot you fought the Defiled Root Monster, there you will see 2 Summon Signs.
  • Choice 1: The Red Summon Sign has you invade Millicent and kill her, giving you Millicent’s Prosthesis for the deed.
  • Choice 2: The normal Summon Sign brings you in to try to save Millicent from 4 Invaders called Millicent’s Sisters and rewards you with the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia.
  • Reload the area and she will be nearby and can be talked to.
  • If you kill her, she gives the Millicent’s Prosthesis. Otherwise, reload the area again to get the Unalloyed Gold Needle.
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Notes: The needle can be used at Malenia’s flower to get Miquella’s Needle, which allows you to undo the corruption caused by the 3-Fingers and allow you to proceed through the game with all other endings available again.


  • Is first found at the Zamor Ruins in Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Tells you about offering yourself to save Melina and acquire the Frenzied Flame far beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital, requiring you to go through the Sewers of Leyndell until you get to Mohg, The Omen.
  • Kill Mohg then attack the altar behind the chest to open up a secret passage.
  • Make your way to the bottom and speak with the 3-Fingers to get the Frenzied Flame(may require Hyetta).
  • Go back to Shabriri. Kill him to get Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s armor or later if you go to his location he will be dead and the armor will be on the ground.

Notes: The Frenzied Flame is required for one of the Endings but locks you out of all other endings once you acquire it unless you do Millicent’s questline and choose the right path.

Cursemark of Death/Age of Start

Features Ranni, Fia, Rogier, D, Iji, and Blaidd

Starting out Rest at 3 different Sites of Grace in the overworld and get your horse, just needs to be done before going back to Church of Elleh. Go North-East of the lake in Limgrave, Far North-East and across the bridge from Stormveil Castle until you encounter some graves. There you will find D, Hunter of the Dead mourning over a dead body. Talk to him to get a warning about Summonwater Village to the East. Go there and kill the Tibia Mariner there. After getting the Deathroot, go far South into the forest and and just South-West of the Minor Erdtree on the map is the Mistwood Ruins. You’ll hear a bunch of howling and see a figure on top of the tower there. Go to the Church of Elleh outside of the starting area at night and talk to Renna who is nearby to get your Summoning Bell and talk to Merchant Kale and mention the howling to get the Finger Snap Emote. Go back to the Mistwood Ruins and use Finger Snap to get Blaidd to come down and talk with you. He is looking for a man named Darriwil. Go South-East of the lake in Limgrave and just West of the bridge on a hill is the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. Enter the Evergaol to kill Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. If you kill him without Blaidd’s help you get an extra reward. After he’s dead, talk to Blaidd nearby before beginning your journey through Stormveil Castle. In the North-West section of the Castle, find the Chapel and go inside to find Sorceror Rogier(who was able to be summoned for Margrit) and talk to him. Go ahead and kill Godric then afterwards, rest at the Liftside Chamber, leave the door and go right to find a corpse on the edge. You can get down to the bottom from that ledge. Make your way through and be careful for the massive monster that will appear. You need to kill it or lose aggro from it or chance rolling around it but at the end of the path where is spawn is a giant face on the ground and a red bloodstain. Activate the bloodstain of Rogier and then go to Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold Talk to D to learn about the Bestial Sanctum and go there and back if you like but not necessary. In one direction is 3 different paths, take the right path and go into the bedroom to talk to Fia and have her hold you(note that the item you get causes a constant health debuff until used), then go back to the main room and through the path to find Rogier. Talk to him and mention the face and he will tell you about it. Go back to Fia and have her hold you again, this time talking while being held. Afterwards go to the North-East corner of Liurnia Lake to the Black Knife Catacombs. When you get to the room with the guillotines, ride one up to the pathway above and hop over. Follow the path to it’s end and roll into the walls until you find the Illusory Wall that leads to Black Knife Assassin boss fight. There is a summon sign for D that you can use if you like. After the fight, go back and talk to Fia then talk to Rogier. Leave and come back to Rogier to learn that he wants you to find Ranni.

Finding Nokron Go to the Northwest section of Liurnia Lake and find the Kingsrealm Ruins South of Caria Manor. There you will find a giant blacksmith named Iji. If you beat Darriwil alone and got the extra reward from Blaidd then Iji will offer an extra item in his shop. Go through Caria Manor and go North-East, past the Dragon to the center tower Ranni’s Rise. Go up to the top of the tower and talk to Ranni. If you mention the Cursemark, she will be mad and kick you out. If you get kicked out, go back to Rogier then back to Ranni to continue. Go down and talk to Iji, Seluvis, and Blaidd then back to Ranni then back to Blaidd. Go North-East of the Mistwood Ruins where you met Blaidd and head to the Siofra River Well and go down the lift. Go through the area and find the next lift and take it. Head to the East and find Blaidd nearby a wind-circle for your horse. Talk to him then go back to Ranni’s Rise and go the the tower South-West of it. Inside is Seluvis, talk to him to get a letter of recommendation then head to Waypoint Ruins, East of the lake in Limgrave. Go down some stairs and beat the boss then talk to Sellen in the room beyond and give her the letter. After go back to Blaidd in the Siofra River Well to discuss your next move. Go to the bottom right corner of the map in Caelid to Redmane Castle and talk to Blaidd before fighting Starscourge Radahn. After winning, talk to Blaidd again.

Entering Nokron Go back to the Mistwood Ruins where you first met Blaidd and find a message there. Go to Iji and talk to him then go back to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol where you found Darriwil and free Blaidd from it. Go back to Iji then back to Mistwood Ruins and head South-East. There will be a massive crater in the ground that leads to Nokron. Go through the zone and at the end of it find the Fingerslayer Blade before heading back to Ranni to trade it for a Carian Inverted Statue. Go East of Liurnia Lake to the Carian Study Hall and use the statue on the pedestal. Proceed to the top of the tower to find Ranni’s dead body and get the Cursemark of Death. Go back to Rogier and find his dead body.

Ranni’s Destiny Go to Ranni’s Rise and head to the tower in the North side as the seal is now broken. Take the Waygate to enter Ainsel River Main. Nearby is a coffin with a Miniature Ranni Doll. Go to the nearby Grace and rest at it, choosing the talk to doll function 3 times to get the doll to give you a quest. Proceed through the area and you will find the Baleful Shadow, which looks like Blaidd, defeat it and the doll will talk to you again and give you a Discarded Key. Go to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library(the boss room for Raya Lucaria in the center of Liurnia Lake) and use the key on the chest inside for the Dark Moon Ring. Go back to the Ainsel River and proceed to further in to the Lake of Rot(big red swamp area that causes rot). Travel through it and past it to the Grand Cloister and head down. Instead of going through the big doors, go over to the left to the cliffs edge and get into the coffin there. After that, fight and defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and proceed past his area to the Moonlight Altar. Continue past the Dragon and go to the nearby Cathedral of Manus Celes to the North-East. Talk to Ranni’s body and get the Dark Moon Greatsword. Go back to Ranni’s Rise and find Blaidd outside hostile. Kill him then go to Iji and report what happened. Rest at the nearby Grace and loot his body.

Death God Proceed through the game until you reach Altus Plateau then return to Fia to receive a Weathered Dagger. Give the dagger to D and reload the area. Head through the hallway with the blacksmith and into the now open room beyond to find D’s body and Fia standing over it. Loot the body and talk to Fia and she will disappear. Go to Siofra’s Aqueduct, the northern part of Nokron, and you will find a man unable to speak. Give him D’s armor and proceed to the boss room with the 2 Gargoyles. After killing them, get in the coffin on the other side of the boss room to get to Deeproot Depth’s. Proceed through the area and when you see a bunch of roots going down to the water and onto building, climb them to get to the top, use the Grace and head through to a large open area with the same giant face from a while ago there. Head across the room and kill the spirits that are summoned before talking to Fia and asking to be held. Reload the area and talk again to give her the Cursemark then reload again to find her sleeping. Interact with her and kill Lichdragon Fortissax. Interact with her again to get the Mending Rune of the Death Prince. Reload and the man from earlier, D’s brother, will have killed Fia. Kill him or reload the area to get the armor back along with his sword.

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Volcano Manor Questline Part 1

Features Bernahl, Diallos, Patches, Tanith and Rya

Starting out From the start of the game, follow the Guidance of Grace until you reach Stormveil Shack Grace. Go East from there, following the road into the woods and you’ll encounter Warmaster’s Shack where you’ll meet Bernahl. Talk to him and you can buy some of his Ashes of War if you want. Note that if you manually travel here from Stormveil Shack at knight, he will be replaced by the Bell-Bearing Hunter. After talking to Bernahl, travel to the Agheel Lake North Grace, located South-East of the Warmaster’s Shack, or just East of the giant gate with all the enemies you passed through earlier. Follow the road East of that grace and then just before hitting the bridge, go South and take the path down to the water. Go North up the stream from there and you will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. Kill him then go into the nearby cave. Proceed through the cave and open the chest that looks like an obvious trap to find Patches who will then become a boss and attack you. Stop killing him when he surrenders, about half health, and the fight will end. Talk to him then reload the area and talk to him again. Reload and talk to him again then open the nearby and return to him again for an emote(not necessary but you will miss it if you don’t). Proceed through the game until you unlock Roundtable Hold which is done by either defeat Margit and resting at his Grace, or by taking the path North of Stormveil Shack, past the Finger Reader, onto the broken bridge then going left at the edge. Continue on that path to get to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace and when rested at, you’ll unlock Roundtable Hold. Go to Roundtable Hold and you should find a man in red named Diallos. Talk to him and he will ask you to find his servant Lanya.

Liurnia Lake Starting from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace(gotten after defeated Godrick or by taking the path mentioned earlier) head North-West to the Grace then go North-West into the lake. Go past the Laskyar Ruins Grace, still heading North-West and you will find a little island called Scenic Isle and there you will meet Patches again. Talk to him and he will give you a tip about helping a girl. Go East of him to find a pavilion, North of the Lanskyar Ruins, and you will find Rya who says her necklace has been stolen. Head North-West from her to find the Boiled Prawn Shack where you will encounter Blackguard Big Boggart. He offers to sell you the necklace, or you can kill him for it. Buy it from him and buy some Boiled Prawn to get an emote. Go back to Rya who will give you an invitation to the Volcano Manor. Go North from here, past the Academy Gate Town Grace and you will find Diallos standing over his dead servant and swearing revenge. Here you have a choice. If you leave him, he will move to Volcano Manor and do nothing except whine. If you kill him, you get a mask. This is your only chance to get the mask. Proceed with the game from here until you reach Altus Plateau. You can proceed by activating the Grand Lift of Dectus, requiring 2 medallion halves or by going the “Cowards Path” through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice. For this guide, we’ll take the “Coward’s Path” cause it’s less complicated to explain and you’ll need to go through this path anyway later. Go North-West from the Academy Gate Town and then North-East once you hit Testu’s Rise. Continue North-East up the stream until you reach the end and climb the nearby tower. Proceed through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice to the top and kill Magma Wyrm Makar.

Entering the Manor At the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus(if you got the medallions) or in the Lux Ruins past the Magma Wyrm Makar boss room(if you took the “Coward’s Path) you will meet Rya again. Give her the invitation and she will take you to the Volcano Manor. There you can talk to Tanith and join the Manor, becoming a Recusant Bloody Finger and get a key. Go down the hall and open the doors talk to the ghost who will mention leaving a serpent slaying spear in the lord’s chambers, it’s a surprise tool that will help us later. Unlock the door nearby to find Rya, Bernahl and….Diallos. Talk to all 3 then grab the Volcano Manor Request from the table. Go to the red spot indicated on the map, it will be North of Warmaster’s Shack where you met Bernahl, and find the Red Summon Sign on the ground. Use it to fight and kill Old Knight Istvan then head back to the manor and talk to Tanith. Just outside the room you should see Patches. Talk to him, then go talk to Bernahl…and Diallos I guess, then go to the room across the hall and open the door to see a giant snake. Talk to it to find out that it’s Rya. She will mention slithering in the walls. Go to the room next to the one she is in and roll into/attack the walls to reveal an Illusory Door. Proceed through the path until you reach the Prison Town Church Grace. Return to Rya and talk to her about it then talk to Tanith about Zoraya.

Volcano Manor Part 2

Making Friends Collect the second Volcano Manor Request if you haven’t already then go to the red dot, same as before. It is located East of Volcano Manor. Finish it and return to Tanith then talk to Bernahl for a request from him and Patches for a request from him. I think Diallos is usually whining about being inadequate or something at this point so ignore him and getting ready to make friends with the other 2. Go back to the boss room where you fought Magma Wyrm Makar and find the Red Summon Sign for Great Horned Tragoth. Kill him and return to Patches, then reload the area and talk to Patches to get the item he was just holding onto for you. Proceed through the game to the Royal Capital of Leyndell, the area North-East of the Grand Lift of Dectus. Go through the Captial and find the Red Summon Sign for Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorceror Wilhelm. Work with Bernahl to kill them both then return to Bernahl for a reward.

Discovering SecretsGo back to the Prison Town Church Grace and proceed through that area and you will eventually come to Temple of Eiglay where you will find and fight a Godskin Noble boss. Kill it and go to the altar nearby for the Serpent’s Amnion. Go back to Rya and give it to her to discover what it means. Reload the area and she will have disappeared. Go to Tanith and talk to her about it and she will give you a Potion of Forgetfulness. Go to the Temple of Eiglay and go up the lift onto the balcony, jump off the left side onto the hardened magma below, go across the bridge cover in slugs and head up to find an Iron Maiden. Run past it and past the open window you will want to use to escape it. Around the corner you will find a door and across from it will be another door. 1 door give you a shortcut to here for later in the form of a lift. The other door has Rya inside. Talk to her and she will ask you to kill her and you get the option to give her the potion. You can do either if you like but I recommend doing neither. Instead go talk to Tanith and then grab the final Volcano Manor Request.

Finishing the ManorThe final request for Volcano Manor requires you to get to the Mountaintop of the Giants area. Do this by through Leyndell, going North-East to the Grand Lift of Rold. You’ll have to beat the boss at the Erdtree first to get the medallion for this lift. Once you’ve gotten to the Mountaintop of Giants, go to the Red Summon Sign near the Shack of the Lofty, the red dot on the map will guide you. Kill Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood aka Diallos’ much more capable brother. Kill him and return to Tanith and she will transport you to the boss area. There you will find the Serpent Hunter which is our surprise tool from earlier. Use it or don’t and kill both phases of the boss then return to Tanith. Talk to Bernahl and Patches to say goodbye then head to Rya who now realizes you aren’t going to kill her. Reload the area and she will be gone, having left behind a note and a reward. Go back to the manor and everyone will be gone but you can buy Ashes from the sword sitting where Bernahl sat. Go back to the boss room and you will find Tanith there. Talk to her then kill her and her knight. Proceed through the game until you reach Crumbling Farum Azula. Once there, proceed through the area until the Beside the Great Bridge Grace. When getting onto the bridge, go left and down that path and continue to the end to be invaded by Recusant Bernahl. Kill him to tie up the last loose end.

Notes: The Potion of Forgetfulness can be used on a few different NPCs during their storyline, usually when they are most depressed. Patches is probably somewhere but he may not appear again until a DLC.

To Do List

Add Gideon, Nepheli, Seluvis, Pidia, Latenna, Albus, and Ensha Questline

Rewrite of Irina, Edgar, Hyetta, Gowry, Millicent, Shabriri, and Melina to be another questline

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Hang in there, skeleton!

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