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Elite Dangerous – High Grade Emission 3.3

With 3.3. it´s much easier to farm high grade materials than in past. There´s a trick, which i show you guys.

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In the system

You know what you are looking for and have choosen the right system for the material. Now, we have to fly to the Nav-Beacon which is very close to the sun.

Something to scan

Once arrived we have to scan it like a ship.

What´s next ?

Activate your FSD and reduce your speed once inside the system to min. , because there´s still something to do and we don´t want to hit something.

On the left pannel you see your current system with planets, stars, other systems, …
What we are looking for is SET-FILTERS

Let´s make some changes

Once clicked we have many options now, but we need only one.


Everything else has to turned off.

It´s magic

If we go back and look into the panel again we see only Signal Sources in the whole system. Also our High Grade Emission.

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Something else to know?


  • Not all systems got a Nav-Beacon.
  • Works in every system with a Nav-Beacon.
  • Sometimes your High Grade Emission can be far away or you´ll find more than 1.
  • It´s also possible there´s no High Grade Emission. If that happens choose the system.
  • Keep always an eye on the time. In 3.3. USS disappear when the time runs out.
  • If your target is far away (ex. 100.000 ls) and disappear in few mins. Don´t try it.
    Choose an another one or change the system.
  • If there´s no one High Grade Emission left, change the system.
  • Not every High Grade Emission got exactly what you´re looking for. Ex. You look for Military Supercapacitors in an imperial system in war times. If you´re unlucky you´ll find only Imperial Shields and no Military Supercapacitors.

I hope it helps you a little bit to find what you´re looking for in a shorter time.

Written by Caeris

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