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Enderal Forgotten Stories: Beginners Guide

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is a total conversion mod for Skyrim that is set in its own world with its own landscape, lore and story. It offers an immersive open world, all for the player to explore, overhauled skill systems and gameplay mechanics and a dark, psychological storyline with believable characters.

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Console Commands

To use Enderal: Forgotten Stories commands, you’ll need to open the developer console screen. This is easily done by tapping the tilde (~) key, which can be found under the ESC key, and just to the left of the 1 key on an American English keyboard. If you’re using a British English keyboard, you’ll need to tap the grave (`) key, which is located in the same place.

When typing in console commands, remember that commands are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about caps lock.


Turn God Mode on / off
(also adds infinite stamina / magicka)


Toggle clipping on / off.

Set PlayerExp to X

Add Experience Points (X=Amount)

player.additem f 1000000

Gives money.


Toggles combat AI on / off
(Can be used with TAI to
completely disable all NPCs)

ModAV carryweight [#]

Set carry weight to specified number.

AddShout [Shoud ID]

Add shout to player skill list.

Player.AddItem [item ID] [#]

Add item to inventory. Example:
“player.additem f 100” adds 100 gold.

Player.SetLevel [#]

Sets the player level.
Note: Does not grant commensurate experience.

Player.AddPerk [perk ID]

Adds the specified perk.

AdvSkill [[[[[Skill|skill]]|skill]]] [#]

Gives player the specified number of Skill-based experience points. Amounts vary from skill to skill.

[Item/NPC ID] [#]

Spawns item / NPC near player.
(Can be used with AI commands for hilarious effect)

How to Make Money

Stranded on cash? Swimming in Learning Points, but can’t afford to buy those blasted books from grubby merchants? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how you can make easy money completely legit.

Alchemy: Turning lead into gold?

If you’ve played Skyrim, you might recall alchemy being a reliable way to make money. Well, same thing applies to Enderal. Even if you don’t invest in alchemy & potion crafting skills, you can still rake in reliable profits very easily.

I’ll save you the hassle of finding out profitable alchemy recipes and tell you where you can grab the ingredients. This is still a work in progress, but I’ve found two easy recipes that’ll get you started.

What you need to get started?

1. In order to get started, you’ll want to reach Ark to unlock the Myrad Tower’s (as transportation option) and the Ark’s marketplace, which contains several ingredient selling merchants.

2. You’ll also want to have some cash (somewhere between 200-400) so that you can buy the said ingredients and that you can travel quickly between Riverville and Ark. For one recipe you’ll wanna make a quick trip to Duneville, there’s a big batch of Baldris Roots right next to Duneville’s Myrad Tower.

3. For one recipe, you’ll wanna farm crabs for their shells and blue butterfly wings. They pose little challenge, so you can fight them with little concern. Just watch out for bandits and wolves when you’re low level.

Riverville, your first Alchemy bench

You’ll find the first alchemy bench in Riverville, alongside with ingredient selling merchants. On your way to Riverville, you may have grabbed several blue butterfly wings and crab shells. Here’s what you can make out of them:

Stamina potions sell for modest amount, considering how easy the ingredients are to obtain. But we can one up those things without having to farm any crabs, all you need is garlic and a pinch of salt. Garlic can be bought on most ingredient merchants, for example the one in Riverville:

Make a mental note on Leucoagaricus, you can purchase them in Riverville and cash them in when you reach Ark (see next section).

Salt can be brought in big quantities (usually somewhere between 16 and 20) in all inns for cheap price of 5 gold per salt. One garlic + salt costs 7 gold, which can be turned into Fortify Mana Regen potion:

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Having no points in Rhetorics, or any bartering price affecting enchantments, we get to sell each Fortify Mana Regen potion for 19 gold -> 12 gold profit per potion:

Not too shabby for basically doing nothing, eh?

Ark – Myrad Towers and alchemy benches

Ark contains lots of merchants, making it easier to amass ingredients.

So far I’ve found an easy & cheap Ambrosia recipe, consisting of Thistle and Peaceweed. You may have found Thistle on Riverville’s potion merchant, but Peaceweed can be found on merchant next to Ark’s marketplace leatherworks shop:

Handmade ambrosia might sell less than Fortify Mana Regen potions, but buying Thistle & Peaceweed and crafting ambrosia still gives you net gain.

Peaceweed can be combined with Fish Scales to get Fortify Block -potion, which has a value of 51 (slightly higher than Garlic+Salt),

Another component you can use for ambrosia is Baldris Root, which can be found in big quantities near Duneville’s Myrad Tower. I’m not sure if they re-spawn after picking up, but you can grab 35 Baldris Roots from there for mere 50 golds (25 gold per Myrad ride).

Before moving on, take another look at that previous picture. See those big quantities of Dates? They’re expensive, but do yourself and buy them. You can mix them with Leucoagaricus (12 golds a piece) for ludicrously valuable potions that’ll sell for over a 100 Gold per piece without any skill investments:

When deducing ingredient costs (100 – 32), we’re getting 68 Gold profit on each potion. Now that’s something!

EDIT: If you’re having trouble finding Leucoagaricus, Wild Berries should work just as fine.

Tavern gambling

Tavern gambling is another way to make money. You can profit off of them If you can stomach save scumming. Personally I find potion crafting more fun & consistent way of making money, but you shouldn’t overlook tavern gambling entirely.

There’s two types of gambling games in taverns, Morala’s Dice and Battle of Treomar.

Morala’s Dice is a kind-of-blackjack with dices: At the start of the game, two dices are rolled and their sum is tripled to as the score cap which you or your opponent can’t surpass (think of it as Blackjack’s 21). For example, if initial roll turns out 6, the score cap for the game is 18. Whoever rolls closer, wins. If one player rolls the exact number, the “Blackjack’s 21”, that player wins double pot.

Battle of Treomar is much like The Witcher’s card game Gwent. You and your opponent draws three cards which are between 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best), after which you can choose to throw a pair of dices to add to your total sum. Whoever has higher total sum (from cards and dices), wins the game.

Ark – Money in the Bank!

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s a good idea to open up a bank account.
You’ll need at least 100 Gold in order to open a bank account, but I’d wait until I have 1 000+ Gold so I can make first big deposit right away and still have enough money in the purse for next round of ingredient purchases.

When you’re storing money in the bank, you’ll gain interest from the bank (based on how much you’ve got on bank account). Why would I say no to free money? Getting up to +250 extra Gold per day ain’t nothing to scoff at:

Armour Sets

A combined list of all the armour sets, including the new ones added with Forgotten Stories.

So I have yet to see a combined guide that has all the armour sets currently available in Enderal with the recent Steam re-release so I figured here would be a good spot to post the information on all the old and new sets in one spot.

Please note that I have not found all of the sets in-game, so this guide will only cover all the currently attainable sets, as well as their stats, looks, and set bonuses and NOT where to find them as I spawned them via console commands.

Set bonuses are in the tables. Screenshots have the actual stats of the items. Set bonus “I” is from 2 parts, bonus “II” from 3 parts, and bonus “III” from having all 4 parts of a set. Keep in mind that armour and weight values can change depending on perks and points invested into skills, and that all armour parts are in their original conditions and not improved via crafting.

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Ash Warrior Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases light armor by 9 points.
II – Sneak is 10% more effective.
III – Bows do 10% more damage. Increases health by 11 points.

Fallen Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Block 7% more with a shield.
II – Increases health by 15.
III – Increases melee damage by 5.

Heavenstormer/Skybreaker Set (Crafted)

The armour is named “Heavenstormer”, but set bonuses in-game show up as “Skybreaker” which is likely a translation fluke. The crafting blueprints for it show up as “Skybreaker” in the current version as well I believe.

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases heavy armour by 7.
II – Increases health by 25 points.
III – Doubles damage dealt by “Iron Maiden”.

Inodan Set (Crafted)

This set is unique as it is one of the two sets that has 5 pieces to it, and another tier of set bonuses which confer permanent stat boosts upon completing the set, as well as providing a special ability.

Set Bonus Stats

I – Mana regenerates 8% faster. Increases Magic Resistance by 7%.
II – All spells cost 7% less mana.
III – Increases health and mana by 25.
IV – Does damage equal to regained health to an enemy near you. Increases your primary fight skills by 4 permanently.

Mysterious Nomad Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases mana by 12 points.
II – Mentalism and Elementalism spells cost 5% less mana.
III – Entropy and Light Magic spells costs 5% less mana.

Nemesis Set

Please note that this set has a differently worded bonuses for mana regeneration, and I am unsure what the different (if any) exists between mana recharge percentage bonuses and flat mana recharge point bonuses.

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases mana by 8 points.
II – Mana regenerates 4 points faster.
III – Mana regenerates 6 points faster.

North Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases stamina by 4, and health by 10.
II – Sneak is 4% more effective, One-Handed attacks do 5% more damage.
III – Pickpocketing is 3% easier, Prices are 3% better, and Mentalism spells cost 3% less mana.

Rat Catcher Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases health by 9 points.
II – Increases heavy armour by 5, two handed attacks do 5% more damage.
III – Block 5% more with a shield, one handed attacks do 5% more damage.

Scarlet Night Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Lockpicking is 5% easier.
II – Increases critical hit chance by 7%.
III – You move silently while sneaking.

Selna Set

The other of two sets that has 5 pieces to it, and another tier of set bonuses to match.

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases Health by 12 points.
II – Increase Heavy Armour by 5 points.
III – Block 5% more damage with a shield.
IV – Increases melee damage by 6 points.

Skaragg Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Block 9% more damage with a shield.
II – Increases health by 20 points.
III – Increases melee damage by 7 points.

Swashbuckler Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increase light armour by 5, increase stamina by 5.
II – Lockpicking and Stealth 5% more effective.
III – Bows and one handed attacks do 5% more damage.

Tracker Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases light armour by 7 points.
II – Sneak is 8% more effective.
III – Bows do 7% more damage. Increases health by 5 points.

Tribunal Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Mana regenerates 8% faster.
II – Increases Magic Resistance by 4%. Elementalism spells costs 4% less mana.
III – Increase mana by 20 points.

Vagrant Set

I am unable to aquire the stats for the Vagrant set as attempting to spawn it in via the console does not actually give you the armour. So this section will remain blank as I am unsure if the complete armour is in the game or not.

The set is apparently used in-game by NPCs so presumably it does exist, so I am unsure if it is bugged, attained in a strange manner, or just not usable by the player by design.

Venturer Set (Crafted)

Set Bonus Stats

I – Increases sleight of hand by 9 points.
II – Increases critical hit chance by 10%.
III – Increases the chance that the perk “Vagabond: High Dexterity” completely intercepts damage from 10% to 20%.

Wandering Mage Set

Set Bonus Stats

I – Mentalism costs 5% less mana. Light Magic and Entropy cost 4% less mana.
II – Mana regenerates 4% faster. Elementalism spells cost 5% less mana.
III – Increases mana by 20. Increases heavy armour by 5.

Class Combinations

A combined list of all the class combinations, including the new ones added with Forgotten Stories.

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So I have yet to see a combined guide that has all the classes currently available in Enderal with the recent Steam re-release so I figured here would be a good spot to post the information on all the old and new class combinations in one spot.

In case you don’t know already, the wiki states that ‘some of the disciplines share special affinities. From level 19+ on, the two disciplines with the highest number of AND a minimum of 10 Memory Points invested into each of their Memory Trees will unlock a special class, granting bonuses to some of your stats and skills, as well as certain special effects. Only one special class can be active at a time, and putting more Memory Points into a third discipline can change the active special class.’

It has also been stated to be possible to change your class if you gain more points in another combination. So for example, having 10 points in Elementalism and Sinistrope will grant you the Black Mage class, but then putting 11 points into Keeper will change your class from Black Mage to Dark Keeper instead.

Enderal Classes

The following classes were included at the launch of the original mod, and cover the combinations of the Rogue, Warrior, and Mage classes.

Disciplines Affinity
Elementalist / Thaumaturge / Sinistrope Arcane Archer
Boosts Archery, Elementalism and Light Magic.
An arrow fired during the effect of “Eye of the Storm” will be followed up by a Spectral Arrow which briefly paralyzes the target.
Blade Dancer Assassin
Boosts Stealth, One-Handed.
You move much more quietly and gain an additional 10% chance for critical hits.
Keeper Dark Keeper
Boosts HP, Heavy Armor, Entropy.
Successfully using “Devour Soul” will briefly increase your damage.
Blade Dancer Blade Master
Boosts HP, Stamina, One-Handed, Two-Handed.
Permanently increases your melee damage.
Elementalist Battlemage
Boosts HP, Mana, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Elementalism.
Killing an enemy with “Shock Nova” briefly increases the damage of your spells and weapons by 8%. Stacks 3x.
Vandal / Keeper
Blade Dancer Blade Breaker
Boosts HP, One-Handed, Carry Capacity.
Your hits will decrease the damage resistance of your enemies.
Sinistrope Shadow Dancer
Boosts Sneak, Entropy, and Psionics.
Enemies you kill while marked with “Ghostwalk” will rise as your minions to fight for you.
Elementalist Black Mage
Boosts Mana, Elementalism, Entropy.
“Shock Nova” will absorb some of the HP and Mana of your enemies.
Thaumaturge Seraph
Boosts HP, Mana, Heavy Armor, Light Magic.
Keeper / Vandal
Trickster Well-Travelled One
Boosts Stamina, Light Armor, Archery.
Every “Fire Arrow” you fire will cause an additional small explosion.

Forgotten Stories Classes

The following classes were added with the re-release on Steam of Enderal:Forgotten Stories, and include all the combinations with the new Lycanthorpe and Phasmalist classes. It is also worth noting that the Lycanthorpe class combinations have unique looks for each transformation.

Required Memory Trees Name Effect
Lycanthrope/Vagrant Drifter Brewed Chemica are stronger. You can have up to 3 Chemicas active at once.
Lycanthrope/ Infiltrator Throat Ripper More sneaking damage in Wolf Form. When sneaking in Wolf Form gain invisibility for a short time (60s cooldown).
Lycanthrope /Blade Dancer or Vandal Ravager/Brute(No direct translation from German so both are possible) Gain 7 additional Claw damage and, while in Wolf Form, deal 5% increased damage for 7 seconds after killing an enemy(up to 25%).
Lycanthrope/ Sinistrope Ravager/Brute(see above) Gain 7 Speed(not sure what stat this is or what the proper English equivalent is) and the active ability Massacre, which lets your attacks absorb some health for a short time while in Wolf Form.
Lycanthrope/ Thaumaturge Scourge of the woods 15% more life and armor while in Wolf Form and the active ability Colossus, which briefly increases size, resistances, armor and health in Wolf Form
Lycanthrope/ Elementalist Druid Elemental Chemica have more effect and you automatically cast Shock Nova when transforming into a Wolf.
Lycanthrope/Phasmalist Soul Caller Increases Alchemy and Enchanting by 5. Your Apparition also transforms into a Wolf.
Phasmalist/ Infiltrator or Trickster Ghost Blade Increases enchanting, sneak and archery by 6. After you perform a sneak attack, your apparition teleports to the enemy and also attacks them.
Phasmalist/ Sinistrope Ritualist Increases Mana by 20, enchanting and entropy by 6. Your Apparition is strengthened if you have a summoned creature.
Phasmalist/ Vandal or Keeper or Blade Dancer Spectral Warrior Increases one- and two-handed by 6, entropy(typo?) by 7. Your stances also apply to your Apparition(max. 1).

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