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Enderal Forgotten Stories Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements

These achievements, being hidden, will contain spoilers. But you are reading an achievement guide, so you should expect that already.

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A Fine Drink
You shared a drink and a good conversation with Lishari Peghast.

A Sliver of Hope
You found the Beacon.

Voices of the Dead
You found and returned the Word of the Dead.

Aren’t we beautiful?
You relived another version of your nightmare. Aren’t we beautiful?

Halfmoon Island
You took the Pyrean train to Halfmoon Island.

The Scorpion’s Tail
You sided with Dijaam in the conflict about the Scarabeus.

The Price of Sin
You approved of Tharaêl killing Qalian, even though he kept his end of the bargain.

Goodbye, Daddy
You relived the third version of your nightmare.

You rebutted the Nehrimese’s attack on Ark.

Esme trusted you enough to reach out to you after the tragedy in Old Ishmartep.

What We Deserve
Found captain Rocio.

Gertrude’s Wings
You found Kurmai’s pride – Gertrude the Starship.

He Already Paid the Price
You disapproved of Tharaêl killing Qalian. His life is punishment enough.

You found all three of the Black Stones and brought them to Lexil.

Part of Something
You finished Jespar’s companion quest and helped him find his place in Enderal’s struggle.

One Soul
You finished Calia’s companion quest and helped her cope with the entity inside her.

What dreams may come
You convinced Rynéus to disband the illusion of Silvergrove.

What’s reality, anyway?
You unlocked the hidden ending and survived the destruction of the Beacon. Or did you?

Coup De Grace
You killed Mirell’s daughter so that the Red Madness doesn’t spread.

You won Jespar Dal’Varek’s heart.

The Lion’s Roar
You sided with Maél Dal’Loran in the conflict about the Scarabeus.

Free At Last
You sacrificed yourself to give mankind another chance.

The Black Guardian
You realized that not all myths are just myths.

A Better World
You chose to flee to the Starcity and create a new mankind.

You prevented Tharael’s suicide and gave him back hope.

The Dreamflower
You found, created and drank the Dreamflower potion.

Come On, You Stupid Rod
You found a brave warrior’s frozen corpse in the Frostcliff Mountains. The damn thing just wouldn’t cooperate.

Music of the Lightborn
You constructed the Koppophon.

There’s Always Hope
You gave Mirell hope.

You followed Yuslan to his house in the alternate reality and witnessed a conversation between his alter ego, a girl, and Näea.

Sleep, My Child
You convinced Mirell to ease his daughter’s suffering.

You refused Dijaam’s attempt to blackmail you.

The Beast Overcome
You won Calia Sakaresh’s heart.

Worth It
You and Dijaam escaped and kept the Scarabeus for yourselves.

Finders Keepers
You lied to Maél Dal’Loran about the trinket.

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