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Enderal Forgotten Stories: How to Make Money

Stranded on cash? Swimming in Learning Points, but can’t afford to buy those blasted books from grubby merchants? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how you can make easy money completely legit.

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Alchemy: Turning lead into gold?

If you’ve played Skyrim, you might recall alchemy being a reliable way to make money. Well, same thing applies to Enderal. Even if you don’t invest in alchemy & potion crafting skills, you can still rake in reliable profits very easily.

I’ll save you the hassle of finding out profitable alchemy recipes and tell you where you can grab the ingredients. This is still a work in progress, but I’ve found two easy recipes that’ll get you started.

What you need to get started?

1. In order to get started, you’ll want to reach Ark to unlock the Myrad Tower’s (as transportation option) and the Ark’s marketplace, which contains several ingredient selling merchants.

2. You’ll also want to have some cash (somewhere between 200-400) so that you can buy the said ingredients and that you can travel quickly between Riverville and Ark. For one recipe you’ll wanna make a quick trip to Duneville, there’s a big batch of Baldris Roots right next to Duneville’s Myrad Tower.

3. For one recipe, you’ll wanna farm crabs for their shells and blue butterfly wings. They pose little challenge, so you can fight them with little concern. Just watch out for bandits and wolves when you’re low level.

Riverville, your first Alchemy bench

You’ll find the first alchemy bench in Riverville, alongside with ingredient selling merchants. On your way to Riverville, you may have grabbed several blue butterfly wings and crab shells. Here’s what you can make out of them:

Stamina potions sell for modest amount, considering how easy the ingredients are to obtain. But we can one up those things without having to farm any crabs, all you need is garlic and a pinch of salt. Garlic can be bought on most ingredient merchants, for example the one in Riverville:

Make a mental note on Leucoagaricus, you can purchase them in Riverville and cash them in when you reach Ark (see next section).

Salt can be brought in big quantities (usually somewhere between 16 and 20) in all inns for cheap price of 5 gold per salt. One garlic + salt costs 7 gold, which can be turned into Fortify Mana Regen potion:

Having no points in Rhetorics, or any bartering price affecting enchantments, we get to sell each Fortify Mana Regen potion for 19 gold > 12 gold profit per potion:

Not too shabby for basically doing nothing, eh?

Ark – Myrad Towers and alchemy benches

Ark contains lots of merchants, making it easier to amass ingredients.

So far I’ve found an easy & cheap Ambrosia recipe, consisting of Thistle and Peaceweed. You may have found Thistle on Riverville’s potion merchant, but Peaceweed can be found on merchant next to Ark’s marketplace leatherworks shop:

Handmade ambrosia might sell less than Fortify Mana Regen potions, but buying Thistle & Peaceweed and crafting ambrosia still gives you net gain.

Peaceweed can be combined with Fish Scales to get Fortify Block -potion, which has a value of 51 (slightly higher than Garlic+Salt),

Another component you can use for ambrosia is Baldris Root, which can be found in big quantities near Duneville’s Myrad Tower. I’m not sure if they re-spawn after picking up, but you can grab 35 Baldris Roots from there for mere 50 golds (25 gold per Myrad ride).

Before moving on, take another look at that previous picture. See those big quantities of Dates? They’re expensive, but do yourself and buy them. You can mix them with Leucoagaricus (12 golds a piece) for ludicrously valuable potions that’ll sell for over a 100 Gold per piece without any skill investments:

When deducing ingredient costs (100 – 32), we’re getting 68 Gold profit on each potion. Now that’s something!

EDIT: If you’re having trouble finding Leucoagaricus, Wild Berries should work just as fine.

Tavern gambling

Tavern gambling is another way to make money. You can profit off of them If you can stomach save scumming. Personally I find potion crafting more fun & consistent way of making money, but you shouldn’t overlook tavern gambling entirely.

There’s two types of gambling games in taverns, Morala’s Dice and Battle of Treomar.

Morala’s Dice is a kind-of-blackjack with dices: At the start of the game, two dices are rolled and their sum is tripled to as the score cap which you or your opponent can’t surpass (think of it as Blackjack’s 21). For example, if initial roll turns out 6, the score cap for the game is 18. Whoever rolls closer, wins. If one player rolls the exact number, the “Blackjack’s 21”, that player wins double pot.

Battle of Treomar is much like The Witcher’s card game Gwent. You and your opponent draws three cards which are between 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best), after which you can choose to throw a pair of dices to add to your total sum. Whoever has higher total sum (from cards and dices), wins the game.

Ark – Money in the Bank!

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s a good idea to open up a bank account.
You’ll need at least 100 Gold in order to open a bank account, but I’d wait until I have 1 000+ Gold so I can make first big deposit right away and still have enough money in the purse for next round of ingredient purchases.

When you’re storing money in the bank, you’ll gain interest from the bank (based on how much you’ve got on bank account). Why would I say no to free money? Getting up to +250 extra Gold per day ain’t nothing to scoff at:

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  1. Have around 8900 gold in bank account (to make 250 free gold every day)
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