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Enshrouded Best Ranger Early Game Skills

Best First Skills for Ranger in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Best Ranger Early Game Skills

Inner Fires2 Skill Points
Double Jump4 Skill Points
Airborne2 Skill Points
Enshrouded Best Ranger Early Game Skills

When you’re starting to go through the group of Ranger roles, you’ll want to choose between either Dexterity or Endurance first. If you choose Dexterity, you’ll be starting the path toward Ranger and Assassin. Selecting Endurance will mean going toward the Beastmaster and Survivor Roles.

With the skills that we’re recommending, it’s worth grabbing the Endurance node toward Survivor for 1 Skill Point and the Dexterity node toward Assassin for 1 Skill Point.

Grab Airborne from the Assassin pathway, which reduces the Stamina consumption of your Glider by 30%. This will allow you to fly for longer, and will sometimes help you get over areas of Deadly Shroud if you launch yourself from high enough. We’d also recommend getting Double Jump to make exploration (particularly in Ancient Spires) easier. Lastly, go for Inner Fires. This will give you additional time to explore the Shroud, without needing to worry about upgrading the Flame Altar straight away.

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