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Enshrouded Where to Find Copper?

Copper Ore is one of the stronger resources you need to track down in Enshrouded after you have an established base. It’s a basic material you’ll need for more advanced crafting projects, and tracking it down takes a bit of time.

There are multiple locations where you can reliably find Copper Ore. The trick to finding it is recognizing the areas where you need to go and how out of the way you have to go for it. Once you do this, several crafting projects should become available, making your life much easier in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Where to Find Copper?

The more reliable locations are to the north of the Farmer’s shelter and to the east of the Ancient Spire – Low Meadows. You can make your way to either location as you progress through the main story of Enshrouded, and you’ll want to bring a pickaxe with you to break away the rock to find it.

Enshrouded Where to find Copper?

If you’re looking for it in the Low Meadows region of your Enshrouded world, I had to climb up several rocks to find copper. It almost looks like clay, but it will have distinct green colors through the middle of the rock. The green makes it a standout resource from clay, which is purely orange and brown. You should be able to approach it and begin smashing it with your pickaxe of choice. I’ve been using a Scrappy Pickaxe to make the process faster. You might want to bring a second pickaxe with you to help climb up the rocks to reach this area, similar to salt.

Both locations are good, and you’ll likely have a chance to find more in the equally dangerous regions of your Enshrouded world. These are two solid starting positions where you can regularly find Copper Ore and bring it back to your base. After you have enough, speak with any crafters to see what they can complete for you, giving you access to more advanced recipes. You’re still going to want to find plant fibers, though.

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