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Enter The Gungeon How to Drop Items and Guns

If you’re playing CO-OP mode in Enter the Gungeon, it’s likely that you are going to want to drop items to your partner. You can drop either the item that you are carrying, or a weapon that you are holding.

Thankfully, this process is easy to do. Although the guide may vary depending on which controller preset you are using, as well as what console you are playing on.

Dropping Items In Enter The Gungeon

You can check the key bindings by heading into the ‘Controls’ menu from the main settings. Check keyboard bindings.

By default, the control for dropping a gun is by holding F, whilst you can drop items such as medical kits by holding G. Again, these controls vary depending on what preset you are using or if you have set it to a custom key.

When you drop an item, your partner can pick it up or you can pick it back up yourself. To switch between guns, use Left CTRL, so that you can pick an item to drop.

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