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Enter the Gungeon – The Robot Tips and Tricks

Want some advice or info about the Robot? This guide well help out!

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Starter Items

The Robot starts out with three great items:

1- His Right Hand

+ Highest magazine size of any starter
+ Combined with Battery Bullets it is extremely accurate and can be used for medium-long range shooting

2- Coolant Leak

+ Good recharge rate
+ Good range
+ Deals great amounts of damage against groups of enemies, particularly swarms
+ Effective against grounded jammed enemies
+ Can defuse chests
+ Can put out fires
+ Can cover/remove all liquids when used
– Liquids can cover/remove coolant leak after it is used
– Ineffective vs. enemies that leave goop on the ground, I.e. blobulins
– Useless vs. flying

3- Battery Bullets

+ Can electrify water from guns, water barrels, and Coolant Leak
+ Increases accuracy of all weapons (Reduces shot spread by 50%)

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Trade-offs

The Robot has a few interesting changes compared to other characters:

+ Junk gives a permanent additive 5% increase to damage for all weapons dealt.
– Health Up items do not affect the Robot.
~ Master Rounds give the Robot one armor.
+ Health up items (Including Master Rounds) give the robot ~10-15 casins upon being picked up.
~ Nurses do not always heal the Robot. They give out either Armor, Junk, or a Bottle.
– The Robot cannot use many shrines, mainly those that require health to be sacrificed.
– The Robot cannot interact with the Vampire NPC.


The Robot indirectly synergizes with a few items:

  • Riddle of Lead always gives a 50% chance to negate damage.
  • Mega douser and other water-based weaponry benefit heavily from the battery bullets.
  • The AC-15 directly synergizes with the Robot due to its increased power when you have armor.
  • The Scope combined with battery bullets gives the robot 100% accuracy.

Note: Any items that require the character to be full health (Blasphemy and perhaps other items) do not work, since the Robot does not have any heart health.


  • Use coolant leak to block off routes for enemies, forcing them to move into it.
  • Use coolant leak and stand inside of it to help defend from swarms of enemies.
  • Use coolant leak as much as you can get a benefit out of it, since it recharges quickly.
  • Coolant leak works wonders for Chamber 1 bosses except for Bullet King.
  • Buy as much armor as you can
  • Due to the Robot’s great accuracy, you can gain more distance from enemies without much of a penalty.
  • Ammolets are a valuable item, since they apply to Armor blanks!
  • Kick spare water and poison barrels for some extra damage against enemies.
  • Tables give a split second of invulnerability when kicked (Until they hit the ground). Use this to defend against attacks!
  • The start of cursed runs are easier due to Coolant leak dealing good dps to high-health grounded enemies. This is great for extra casings!
  • Glass guon stones can save you from time to time. They are very cheap in the shop, invest in them.
  • When hit, take the spare time from the free blank to reposition yourself or finish off an important enemy.
  • Sell any health up items (Master rounds don’t sell) for massive amounts of casings!
  • I generally break any chests that are blue or brown for junk, but I usually open up green or higher.
Written by Scary Terry

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