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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – All the Cult and Glitch Locations

A kinda bad guide, but it includes all the glitch and cult spots so its fine, since nobody made one yet.

All the Cult and Glitch Locations

Cult location #1

You have been to greenwood town’s warp slime.

After you reach greenwood village, the theif that is in the alley has moved to a new spot, allowing you to go into the back of the equipment shop. Push the fridge and enter the basement. go to the end, and talk to each mask guy.

Then just leave, after getting the chests.

Glitch location #1

Finish cult location #1
Get to the warp slime in Greenwood village.

Go to the warp slime, head to Lances fort. Go one screen to the right.

Enter the glitch square inside of the small area in the middle.

The only interesting thing here is the quests menu and the people on the screen that you appear on when you leave.

Cult location #2


Go to the house near the southern side of Greenwood village. Push the dudes shelf twice. complete the area and talk to the cultists downstairs and the guy after he changes.

Glitch location #2

Do the previous cult stuff

Nothing too cool happens. the character icons on the menu become darkened and occasionally glitch, but that’s it.

There are a few creepy statues after that tho.

Glitch location #3

Do the last glitch spot
Get the boat
(You may have to reach redpine village first, idk i found this by accident)

Glitch 4

Do the previous glitch spot

Cult location #3

Get the candle from crater

Push the star gravestone left one time, then enter. light the candles, then go to the basement.

Glitch 5 The boss guy

Do everything above

Go north for spooky things and the boss.

Change your weapons to non-elemental and armor to ones that boost non-elemental, give natz revive, and have a summon that gives morale, such as stumpy gloop.

Use non-elemental attacks only, use natz as a main healer and lance as a backup healer(if healmore is on cooldown.) nolegs can be used for his 9lives if you dont have the sp for morale, or if both healers are on cooldown. otherwise, a non-elemental sword blitz is a strong and good thing. anna kinda sucks here tbh.

The Aftermath

Most items you pick up or place on objects in the overworld look like various glitches(I think the menus are still glitchy). To fix this, get into a battle or save and restart.

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