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Escape from Fortress Lugohm Guide: Walkthrough, Endings, Events

Aisha was on her way home after having completed a mission for the guild. But on her way back, she was caught by the infamous Count Lugohm. Will she be able to escape from the clutches of Count Lugohm? Find out in this Stealth Survival RPG!

Escape from Fortress Lugohm Guide

Endings, events, outfits, etc.


Lewd Ending
Escape with 40 or more lewdness

Normal Ending
Escape with less than 40 lewdness

Rich Ending
Escape with all 8 treasures found and less than 40 lewdness

Subjugation Ending
Defeat the earl as thief (easy mode), or with more than 0 lewdness

Assassin Ending
Defeat the earl as assassin (hard mode) with 0 lewdness


Aisha (R*pe 1)
Random option when caught by a guard

Aisha (R*pe 2)
Random option when caught by a guard

Aisha (R*pe 3)
Random option when caught by a guard

Aisha (R*pe 4)
Random option when caught by a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Missionary)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Doggy Style)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Cowgirl)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Face to Face)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Blowj*b)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Seduction – Breast F*cking)
Player’s choice when seducing a guard

Aisha (Meeting Room R*pe)
After cleaning the meeting room on 1F as maid

Aisha (Dancer Custume Sex)
Getting the dancer costume

Aisha (Bathhouse R*pe)
Talk to the guard in the barracks during the maid laundry chore

Aisha (Confinement R*pe)
Talk to Captain Zwei (blue) in the Canteen, then go to his room on 2F

Aisha (Seducing the Captain)
Seduce Captain Drei (green) on 1F

Mugi (Sex Service)
Spying on Mugi from the vents

Mugi & Aisha (Sex Service)
Getting the final ingredient in hard mode

Celestine (R*pe)
In inspector room after seeing the earl leave from the vents

Celestine (Confinement R*pe)
Automatically viewed after using the Oath on the Dragon statue

Celestine & Aisha (Confinement R*pe)
After failing to save Celestine

Bonus – Slave Event
Accessible from recollection room after beating the game

Escape Walkthrough

Getting the Maid Costume
(optional: look in 5 vases to get a Goat coin)
Get a Sleep Scroll from the Storeroom next to the stairs.
(optional: re-examine the chest that held the sleep scrolls to get a Dog coin)
Get to the Torture Room next to the horny guard and use stealth + sleep scroll to kill the 3 guards.
Get the Underground Dungeon Key from one of the guards, which unlocks the door on 1F.
(optional: examine the tortured corpse to get a Snake coin)
Take the stairs up to 1F.
Go to the northeast corner and get the Fine Quality Oil from a chest behind the horny guard.
Go back down to the dungeon and use the oil to open the cell with the maid corpse in the southeast.
Take the Stained Maid Costume and go back up to the Fortress 1F.
If you go east to the Fortress Gate, you can see Captain Drei (green).
Easy mode: Go back inside and into the Captain’s Room to get the Silver Key, which unlocks the 2F Armory.
In the north of 1F, take the big stairs down to the B1F Barracks floor.
Go to the northwest corner and wash the Maid Costume to obtain it.

Barracks part 1
Go to the Large Room in the southeast.
Talk to the maid to learn about the secret merchant.
Talk to the dancer to learn about the dancer costume.
Talk to the witch to start the witch quest.
(optional: make some money in the bed, H-Event – lewdness +3 and 30-40 silver)
Go outside and touch the gate between the 2 barracks to unlock the secret merchant.
(optional: ask the merchant about the dancer costume to get a H-Event – lewdness +5)
Go to the west barracks (gambling den).
Talk to the gambler on the southwest side, then to the cheater on the west side, then again to the gambler on the southwest side.
(optional: go to the Maid Resting Room in the southwest and then on to the Pantry to get a High-Grade Wine and a Lion coin)
(optional: go to the Boiler Room in the southwest and look in the water bucket to get an Ox coin)

Go back to the Gate area, and get the Broken Hook Rope.
Hard mode: Go to the Captain’s Room and either use the Dancer Costume to seduce him (H-Event – lewdness +5) or defeat him in battle to get the Silver Key.
Go to the Meeting Room in the top left and either clean the room as Maid (H-Event – lewdness +6) or kill the guards, to get the Fort Lugohm Area Map.
(optional: clean everything before getting the map to get a Lion coin)

Barracks part 2
Go back to the west barracks (gambling den) and talk to the guy you helped, to get 300 silver.
(optional: go along with his advances for a H-Event – lewdness +3 and the Golden Scarab. This can also be bought from the merchant for 500 silver.)
Go to the Canteen and talk to the maid to get the laundry chore.
(optional: talk to the horny guard in the east barracks room for a H-Event – lewdness +4)
Get all dirty clothes from both barracks rooms and take them to the laundry area in the northwest.
Go back to the canteen and talk to the maid again.
(optional: Talk to Captain Zwei (blue) to get invited to his room. Then go to his room for a H-Event – lewdness +8 and the Iron Key.)
Go to the Large Room, and Aisha wonders where Mugi went.

Go to 2F, and use the Silver Key to get into the 2F Armory.
Repair the Hook Rope.
Follow the rat into the vents.
Chase the rat and kill it to get the Copper Brooch.
Use oil to get to the southeast spot to spy on the earl meeting with Celestine.
Use oil to get to the southwest spot to spy on Mugi (H-Event).
Easy mode: Go back out of the vents and to the Inspector Office to spy on Celestine (H-Event).

Barracks part 3
Go back to the Barracks and to the Boiler Room.
Use the water to douse the fire and crawl through the fireplace.
Use the Hook Rope to get to the (blue) Captain’s Room

… to be continued


s32 Met Mugi-san
s63 Mugi-san progress (combat training & 25+ turmoil)

v62 Total Turmoil in Fortress = Vigilance + Fear
v74 Coins obtained
v75 Dog coins
v76 Lion coins
v81 Vigilance
v82 Lewdness
v83 Time
v84 Theft
v85 Fear
v86 Poker

Vigilance >= 45: s130 Alertless level 3 ON
Vigilance >= 30: s129 Alertless level 2 ON
Vigilance >= 15: s128 Alertless level 1 ON

Getting caught and seducing: Vigilance +2, Lewdness +4
Silently taking down the target: Vigilance +1
Taking down the target: Vigilance +5
Escaping when not stealthed: Vigilance +3
Losing: Vigilance +2, Lewdness +10

Easy mode:
Vigilance 0-9: 1-2 1×L5, 2×Lv5
Vigilance 10-19: 1-3 1×Lv5, 2×Lv5, 3×Lv5
Vigilance 20-29: 2-4 2×Lv5, 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8
Vigilance 30-44: 3-5 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5
Vigilance 45-59: 4-7 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8, 1×Lv12
Vigilance 60+: 5-8 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8, 1×Lv12, 1×Lv12+2×Lv5

Hard mode:
Vigilance 0-9: 1-4 1×L5, 2×Lv5, 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8
Vigilance 10-19: 1-5 1×Lv5, 2×Lv5, 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5
Vigilance 20-29: 2-6 2×Lv5, 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8
Vigilance 30-44: 3-7 3×Lv5, 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8, 1×Lv12
Vigilance 45-59: 4-9 1×Lv8, 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8, 1×Lv12, 1×Lv12+2×Lv5, 1×Lv15
Vigilance 60+: 5-10 1×Lv8+2×Lv5, 2×Lv8, 1×Lv12, 1×Lv12+2×Lv5, 1×Lv15, 1×Lv15+2×Lv5


Underground (B1F A)
Vases – Goat Coin
Maid Corpse – Maid Costume (need lubricant to unlock cell)

Torture Room
Tortured Corpse – Snake Coin
Soldiers: Short Sword, Underground Dungeon Key, 12 Silver

Troops Room
2 Healing Potions
20 Silver
1 Cheap Wine
1 Cheap Sake
Soldier: 3 Rations

1 Gemstone Ring
2 Sleep Scroll, 1 Dog Coin
12 Silver
2 Cheap Wine

Barracks (B1F B)
Box: 1 Hairpin or 3-8 Silver

Large Public Bath
Human Coin (requires Telekinesis Scroll)

Large Room
Box: 3 Hairpins or 3-8 Silver
Locked Chest: Amethyst Ring
Closet: Healing Salve
Start of Witch quest

Boiler Room
Chest: 2 Fine Quality Oil
Bucket: Ox Coin

Barracks A
Chest: Kukri
Shelf: Spirit Potion
Chest: 4 Throwing Knives

Barracks B (Gambling Den)
Chest: Healing Potion
Treasure Chest: Gold or Gem Bag


Bottle: High Grade Wine
Box: Lion Coin
Barrel: Hairpin

Maid Resting Room
Mirror: 2 Hairpins

Hidden Room
Strange Chest: Recovery Ring (unlock with 1 Lion and 1 Hawk coins)

‘Recreation’ Room
Chest: Sleep Scroll
Locked Chest: Silver Dagger

Chest: Potion of Invisibility
Chest: 3 Fine Quality Oil

1F Armory
Armor Stand: Partial Armor
Locked Chest: Wand of Lightning
Bookcase: 2 Flame Scrolls
Weapon Box: Scimitar
Weapon Racks: 20 Throwing Knives
Weapon Box: 3-foot Stick
Chest: 5 Crossbow Bolts
Vent (requires Old Map)

Medical Room
Chest: 100-120 Silver
Closet: 1 Hairpin or 3-8 Silver

Station Room 1
Various hints

Station Room 2
Chest: Protection Scroll

Captain’s Room
Desk: Silver Key
Defeated Captain Drei: Scimitar
Seduced Captain Drei: True Silver Amulet
Locked Chest: Thick Leather Boots
Treasure Chest: Gold or Gem Bag

Meeting Room
Chest: Antidote Leaf
Chest: Weakening Scroll
Table: Fort Lugohm Area Map
Table: Lion Coin

Storage Room
Chest: Spirit Potion
Chest: Magical Arrow Ring
Chest: Leather Belt
Strange Chest: 1000 Silver (unlock with 3 Dog coins)
Treasure Chest: Gold or Gem Bag

Chest: Fine Quality Oil
Chest: Leather Gauntlet
Ground: Broken Hook Rope

Basement (below NW tower)
Chest: Potion of Invisibility
Locked Chest: Musket Pistol

Written by Mihir

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