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Escape the Backrooms How to access hidden vent on Level 0

This is a basic guide on how to get back to Level 0 after you beat Level 1. Whether that be for the challenge or if you want back for whatever reason.

Escape the Backrooms How to access hidden vent on Level 0

How to get set up

So firstly you will need some crowbars

I highly recommend you bring some friends with you as you have to carry these items through multiple levels with out dying.

I Recommend you scavenge Level 4 for almond water and other food items.

You will have to be in Level 4 anyways so there is no reason to not do this.

Now, Just run through the camera section, don’t worry about being spotted, doesn’t matter at all.
once in the security office, grab a few crowbars. if you have one other person, each person grabs two.

Run back to The Hub, you are ready to start the “challenge”.

The next few levels

So now you will play through Thalassophobia as you normally would.

Make sure to play it safe and not pull anything stupid.

You really don’t want to die with the crowbars as you can’t get any more from this point onward.

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Cave system will be difficult but the more people you have the easier it it. Just play it safe.
I advice you to use Juice to run past the Moths and Skin Stealers.

One player can be a sacrifice so the others can move on. Just make sure you take their crowbar before you send them to their doom.

The Vent

Now you will be in the Level 0 sublevel.

This is pretty easy, just run to the locker you find the chainsaw in, and in the corner is a vent.
use the crowbar to open it up and walk though.

You are now back in level 0, Ready to play the entire game again!

Written by Piratepr0

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