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Europa Universalis IV: How to be a pirate of Carribean

Are you ready to be a strong pirate empire where everyone is free? Is america too boring for you?

Starting off in europe

Welcome to europe! A disease full of place where you get invaded in an eye blink. Yeah you probably should leave, and who better to leave with then the Punny nation of Nassau! Ally whoever you can except any nations in the Netherlands or Cleves. Fabricate a claim and invade Cleves, then do the same thing with Gerle. Now when you reach tech 5, do exploration ideas and rush it. You also want to core Gerle as fast as you can so you can get a fleet, also get an explorer and head off for the new world!

Landing in the Carribean!

So if you landed in there fast, then great. Do expansion ideas and colonize 5 carribean tiles, but watch out for the Dutch, Portugual, France, Spain, or England. You should Ally spain so you have a bit of protection, and no matter what Don’t loose Oldenburg! When you created the colonial nation, release it, and form Hati if you have tech 10.

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Mass Expansion

You did it, but now it is time to be big. Colonize, and wait for other colonial nations to pop up. Get a standing army and navy big enough to transport. Once you took out the colonial carribean nation in a series of wars, take small chunks and slowly become bigger, (Without the mother country joining! This is great!) then its time to colonise South America. Simply roll over all the nations there, and make some native allies. They could come in handy if your fighting the mother country. You may deal with separatists, but handle them with your army, and expand whenever you can. If you cant reach them do harsh treatment to quiet them until you can arrive. With luck and by 1821 you can annex the entire south america and a bit of central america too. This should be around 1800 – 1821. You are a powerhouse and are bigger then the romans. To celebrate your “Liberation” of the americas throw a party. You deserve it.

Yo ho Yo ho a Pirates life for me

So you have your Hati empire? Make a timelapse to share it, get extended timeline and do it, and you have steps for a world conquest, or maybe you just want to show this off to your friends.

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