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Evan’s Remains Achievement Guide

Below is a 100% achievement guide. The game itself should take around 3 hours to complete, however you do have the option to skip puzzles and dialogue which will significantly reduce the gameplay time.

If you’re after achievements, you can get them all within 30 minutes from the above strategy, otherwise, enjoy!

Evan’s Remains Achievement Guide

Step by step

All you need to do is pass the first puzzle which is incredibly simple.

  • There are two blocks and a missing block.
  • Jump on the first twice.
  • Jump to the second block.
  • Jump back to the first, then jump to the second, third, and over the green pillar.

*From here, every other puzzle can be skipped without a detrimental effect to your achievements. As previously discussed, if you want to 100% the game as quickly as possible, go this route. Otherwise, continue on with the puzzles

**If you also put your controller down for 15 minutes before solving, you will get the “Take your time” achievement, otherwise see later in the guide.

Note: There are two missable achievements, 1. Boquita papá! and 2. Aurelio. Please look at the guide section before playing the game if you don’t want to miss them.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Go into options and click skip puzzle. As previously discussed, this does not affect any other achievements, so skip as many as you like.

I personally played through them all and finished with 2.5 hours.

Take your time

All you need to do is spend over 15 minutes solving a puzzle. Just put your controller down or walk away from your PC during a puzzle.

The Forest

Reach Zone 2.

This is through natural progression with the story.

You can either skip puzzles if they’re too hard, or solve as needed.

I won’t be posting guides for every level as there are heaps of youtube videos on solves. The majority of puzzles aren’t hard and it’ll take longer following a guide then solving yourself.

The Town

Reach Zone 3.

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.

The City

Reache Zone 4.

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.

The Garden

Reach Zone 4.5

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.

The Valley

Reach Zone 5.

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.

The Water Plant

Reach Zone 6.

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.

The Flower Field

Reach Zone 7.

Natural progression through story. see *The Forest for further information.


Natural progression through story. Once you’ve completed all the zones, either sit through the dialogue or go into menu>fast dialogue.

Goodbye Dysis

Natural progression through story. The additional puzzles you do on this one are the exact ones as zone 1.


Natural progression through story. Just keep going through the dialogue.


This is a missable achievement.

After your cut scene with Andre in your portal room, make sure you go Left instead of right. You will return to the previous puzzle and you will notice a new Character on top of the platform.

From here, exit your game and reload from Continue. You will automatically spawn at the beginning of the puzzle. It’s pretty simple and all you need to do is solve it and jump to Aurelio. Your game might get an error message, but don’t worry, you will get the achievement.

See below from Cheevo Guides. Aurelio achievement from 04:30 minutes

You did it

Beat the game. This is through natural progression.

For the Backers

Play through the post-credits scene.

This takes roughly 5 minutes, so either sit back and watch all the backers the Dev thanks, or walk away and come back once complete. The additional puzzle post the game credits isn’t necessary for achievements.

I’m assuming it was a special thanks for people who donated a lot more and got their own personal message.

Boquita papá!

Drink mate using the termo of el más grande.

This is a missable achievement.

you must progress to the picnic with Clover and Dysis, around Zone 4.5 with the game’s playable language set to Espanol *Spanish*.

You can either play the whole game in Espanol or when you get to this scene, exit, change game language to Espanol and reload back in. This will change the drink from ‘Tea’ to ‘Yerba Mate’.

This is a reference to the developer’s homeland Argentina. Once that is done the achievement will pop!

You can see the walkthrough from Cheevo Guides, from 03:50 minutes.

Written by Snow

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