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Everdell All achievements and how to unlock them

A list of all achievements sorted by type, along with their requirements and some tips for unlocking them.

Everdell All achievements and how to unlock them

Everdell has 18 achievements, most of which you should unlock just by playing for a while. I’ve added some specifications on the requirements along with a couple of tips for most of them.

As far as I’m aware, all achievements can be unlocked in either online matches or when playing versus AI, but not in local multiplayer matches. I’m not certain whether challenges allow for unlocking achievements besides those directly related to the challenges.

Instead of unlocking right away, all achievements should be unlocked at the end of the match they were gained in.

Constructions and Critters

These achievements relate to utilizing the effects of specific critters or constructions.

Dining Duo
Pair a harvester and gatherer.

When your city contains a Harvester and you place a Gatherer (or vice versa), they can be combined into a single critter, enabling both of their effects while saving space.

Leader of the Flock
Score 3 victory points in a single game with Shepard.

The Shepard’s ability allows you to gain 1 victory point for each victory point token placed on your Chapel.
A victory point token is placed on the Chapel whenever a worker is deployed to its location. As the Chapel only has 1 slot for workers, you’ll ordinarily have to send one worker there in spring, summer and autumn, before playing the Shepard to unlock this achievement.

Dungeon Master
End a game with 2 Critters in your Dungeon.

The Dungeon allows you to remove critters from your city in order to reduce the costs of a card you want to play.
It starts of with only one slot for this, requiring the Ranger to be played in order to unlock the second slot. Once you’ve got both cards in play, simply make sure to have two critters in you city, then place two Constructions, each time using the Dungeon’s ability. Also make sure to not remove the Dungeon, e.g. using the Ruins.

Path of Enlightenment
End a game with two workers in your Monastery.

The Monastery allows you to send workers to it in order to gain victory points, with the workers staying in the Monastery even through season changes.
Initially, the Monastery has only one destination slot, requiring the Monk to be played in order to unlock the second slot. After unlocking both slots, send two workers to the Monastery and make sure to not remove it before the game ends, e.g. using the Ruins.

Tree Hugger
Score 5 bonus points in one game with Ever Tree.

The Ever Tree gives you 1 victory point per Prosperity card in your city.
You’ll simply have to have 5 other Prosperity cards placed in your city before placing the Ever Tree. Potential cards for this are the Architect, King, Gatherer, Palace, Castle, School and Theater, most of which can only be placed once.

City Structure

Next up are achievements for which you’ll have to construct your city in certain ways.

City Planner
End a game 15+ cards in your city.

15 is the limit for how many cards can be placed in your city, with certain cards like the Wanderer allowing you to exceed this limit. Simply place as many cards as possible to earn this achievement.

Full House
Have 5 or more occupied constructions in a single game.

Each construction has a corresponding critter which can be placed for free if you have the construction in your city. Simply use this feature with 5 different constructions, amking sure you have enough space for the 10 cards this achievement will require overall. Also make sure to not remove any of the cards before the game ends, e.g. using the Ruins.


These achievements will see you repeatedly using certain actions during your turns.

Take 5 or more turns in a row.

This requires you to be the last person to pass at the end of the game, leaving you as the only one still allowed to make turns. With that, simply make sure to ration your ressources so you can take at least five more actions before passing yourself.

A Great Journey
Journey three times in a single game.

You can only send workers on journeys during autumn, meaning you’ll have to make sure to have 3 spare workers saved for this. As long as you do this, you really can’t fail this achievement, since the 2-point journey is shared and thus always available.

Send a worker to an open destination owned by another player 3 or more times in a single game.

This one is of course very reliant on other players placing constructions with open destination fields, namely the Inn and the Post Office.

Try to send workers to such destinations as soon as possible, to avoid other players hogging the limited slots. Also, keep in mind that the workrs will be removed from the destination fields whenever the player owning them prepares for the next season, giving you another shot to send your own workers there.

Holiday Season
Claim 4 or more Events in a single game.

There are just 4 basic and 4 special events available during each game, meaning you’ll have to claim at least half of them.
Try focussing mostly on the basic events, as their requirements are much less specific then those for the special ones. For the special events, keep them in mind and try to work towards their requirements when possible. Since they’re harder to claim, they’re also less likely to be snatched away by your oponents.
To make this achievement easier, consider playing with fewer oppponents to reduce the risk of others snatching events before you can claim them.

Match Results

You’ll mostly just have to play the game well for these next achievements.

Win an online game.

In spite of the description, I unlocked this achievement in offline play against AI, though I’m not sure if this is still possible.

Seasoned Competitor
Win 25 online games.

Like the last one, I actually got this achievement in offline play against AI, which may have been changed by now.

Half Centennial Club
Score 50 victory points in a single game.

Three Quarters Club
Score 75 victory points in a single game.


And lastly, achievements related to the completing certain aditional game modes.

Complete the Tutorial.

Compete every normal Challenge.

Challenges are Everdell matches against bots with changed rulesets, forcing you to addapt the way you play. You’ll mostly have to figure out the optimal way to play around the rescpective rule changes.

Ultimate Challenger
Complete every hard Challenge.

The hard versions of the challenges add more AI opponents and tighten the different rule sets further. They’re unlocked after beating the respective regular challenge.

Thanks for reading

I hope the guide could help you to fully complete Everdell. I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a comment in case you found a mistake or poorly worded section.

Additionally, I’d be very happy if you rated this guide and/or gave it an award in case it was of help you.

Written by Mannor

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