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EVERSPACE 2 How to optimise your mining yield

Are you fed up of mining pitifully few pure ores & flawless crystals? Follow these tips to improve your yields!

Wait, what if I hate mining manually?

There are a couple alternatives for attaining materials if you detest mining:

  • Buy them from shops. In any case I would recommend always purchasing any pure ores or flawless crystals if you come across them for sale
  • Accept jobs that reward them. I’ve found that jobs from Kato’s Palace in Preston Starbase have better rewards than G&B’s. Increasing your renown guarantees item rewards for completing jobs
  • Kill everything. Grinding High Risk areas is a good way to get all sorts of loot, as well as a meagre amount of ores & crystals

Don’t do this!

You may have discovered that kinetic weapons that generate an explosion, like the Flak and Penumbra, can mine an ore/crystal node in one shot. Whilst it does greatly improve your mining speed, you are missing out on maximising your chances of mining pure ore/crystal. Build yourself a mining laser as soon as possible!

Building your mining laser

Find a Beam Laser

This primary weapon has the base attribute +25% to all mining modifiers which is crucial for enhancing the modifiers received from installing a mining catalyst.

How to optimise your mining yield

Craft a Mining Catalyst

You can find a mining catalyst or its blueprint by getting it dropped from a tough enemy. Best way to farm for them is probably by doing High Risk areas by using signal decoders. A mining catalyst may be crafted from the following components:

  • 2x Charge Compensator
  • 2x Neutron Membrane
  • 3x Hadron Buffers
  • 1x Fusion Core

These components may be found as loot, for sale at shops or can be crafted themselves.

Install your Mining Catalyst onto your Beam Laser

These modifiers have greatly increased my chances of attaining pure ores and flawless crystals as well as slightly more yield from each node.

Clearly using a higher rarity of the Beam Laser results in better mining modifiers from the Mining Catalyst, so do use as high a rarity as you can find (White < Green < Blue < Pink)

Find the best Sensor variant

All weapons and modules may drop with slight variants that modify their statistics. Keep an eye out for a Salvor Peruser sensor as it has a much greater detection range for mining resources than the standard one at the cost of reduced ship & loot detection range:

How to optimise your mining yield

Unlock HIVE’s Mining Tracker Perk

This perk may be researched for HIVE at the cost of:

  • 8000 Credits
  • 6x Flawless Culver Crystal
  • 5x Neutron Membrane
  • 3x Heat Detector

So what does the perk do?

A new overview is made available on the galaxy map:

How to optimise your mining yield

Simply select the ore/crystal you wish to mine and all systems where you previously found and mined it will be highlighted with their node spawn frequency.

If you hover over a specific system, you can see how many ores/crystals can be found in that system with what frequency and whether you have discovered them or not:

How to optimise your mining yield

Note however that the perk will not reveal ores/crystals in a system unless you have visited it and mined them there at least once. So whilst not super helpful to begin with, this perk will become invaluable over time.

Thanks for reading! I hope it has made your grind for raw materials less painful. Let me know if you have any additional suggestions.

Written by aByZMaI

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