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EVERSPACE 2 Trading Prices Spreadsheet

A Google Sheet to help keep track of Trading in Everspace 2.

EVERSPACE 2 Trading Prices Spreadsheet

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  • As a long time gamer, I’ve benefited from the hard work of lots of others out there who took the time to make spreadsheets of useful info for a lot of games and I didn’t see one for trading in Everspace 2, so I decided it was my turn to give back.
  • It’s still a work in progress, but you may find it useful.
  • It’s important to note that prices do fluctuate at times throughout the universe but they usually stay pretty close to what they normally are.
  • Any incorrect numbers are likely due to price fluctuations.
  • I put in simple functions to automatically mark the lowest and highest prices I found for each trade good and anyone may feel free to make a copy and change values to whatever prices exist in your game.
  • I hope at least a few people find it useful, I definitely did, especially when I wanted to make a quick 100k in the late game.

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