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EXAPUNKS – Special Task Achievements

Some achievements require completing special tasks in levels. this guide lists them, in case you didn’t find them yourself.

Pizza party

In euclid’s pizza, there are some #powr registers for lights. write 1s and 0s to them to flip them several times.

Toner low

In zebros copies, there are several copy machines with #copy registers. write numbers to them to order copies, and do this until you’ve made 1000 copies.

Rite of passage

In the tec redshift devkit, after you’ve opened the secret area, there is a save file ending in rite_of_passage, false. copy a true from earlier in the file (for example, from bog_witch_approval) and overwrite the false.

Disc read error

In the sawayama wonderdisc, an exa from within the secure processor retrieves the tracks you drop in the buffer. drop a track for it, and kill it when it comes to pick it up.


In alliance power, write 0 to every #powr register.

Home run

In xtreme league baseball, link 799 an exa to the bases and then 800 around them.


In kings ransom online, the exas you must kill hold item files. grab all of them and drop them in your host.

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