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Exoprimal Exosuit Guide

In this guide, I will explain every exosuit, their abilities, and potential modules for their abilities. (Currently typing everything up for this guide, will be done by the end of the day)

Exoprimal Exosuit Guide

Exosuit Library for every exosuit in Exoprimal.


Exosuit Library

About the Exosuit

A user-friendly, all-purpose exosuit. Excels at medium and long-distance combat.

Role: Assault
Primary Weapon: low-recoil assault rifle with guided sights.
Health: 500


An assault rifle that can be fired full auto. Aim down the sights to increase its accuracy. Hold left click to fire. Hold right click to aim down sights.

Rifle Grenade

A grenade round that explodes on impact. Hold left click and press the E key on the keyboard to launch a grenade.

Dive Dodge

Performs an evasive roll. Use W, A, S, D to change directions. Press the Q key on the keyboard to perform this action.

Thrust attack

A powerful strike that knocks back enemies. Charge to increase impact and range. Press the E key on the keyboard to perform this strike.

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Cluster Salvo

Deploys multiple heavy weapons built into your armor that unleash overwhelming firepower straight ahead. When fully charged, press the Z key on the keyboard to activate the Overdrive ability.


Exosuit Library

About The Exosuit

A Speedy, melee-focused exosuit. Requires deft movement skills to compensate for its light armoring.

Role: Assault
Primary weapon: Energized Tonfas
Health: 350

Tonfa Blitz

Unleashes a melee combo with tonfas that release waves of energy. Click the left mouse button repeatedly to perform combos.

Linear Strike

A powerful forward tackle. Sends some enemies flying and deals additional damage when they collide with walls or other enemies. Click the right mouse button to perform this ability.

Turbine Step

Executes a quick evade. Use W, A, S, D to change directions. Press the Q key on the keyboard to activate this ability.

Sky High

Kicks foes into the air. Press the key on the keyboard to perform this ability.

Limiter Override

Undoes the limiter on Zephyr’s boost gears. Cooldown times are reduced briefly, allowing for faster combos. Also heals Zephyr upon activation. When fully charged, Press the Z key on the keyboard to activate this Overdrive ability.

Double Jump

After your first jump, Press the spacebar key on the keyboard for an additional jump while you’re in mid-air (unique to Zephyr).

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Exosuit Library

About the Exosuit

A suit that uses different types of grenades fired from its crossbow to bombard the enemy.

Role: Assault
Primary weapon: incendiary grenade launcher
Health: 500


Fires a grenade that flies in an arc and ricochets off surfaces. Dinosaurs hit by a grenade will be set on fire. Left click to launch a grenade.

Triple Threat

Fires land mines in three locations. Detonate with [Right Click] after placement to set the sites ablaze. Mines set dinosaurs on fire. Right click to launch the mins, then right click again to detonate them.

Flip Dodge

Uses an explosive blast to evade. Use [W][A][S][D] a to change direction. Press the Q key on the keyboard to perform this ability.

Stun Grenade

A grenade that stuns enemies. Press E to throw the stun grenade.

Burning Heart

Remove your armor, ignite your Hi-Xol, and become a flying missile that deals huge damage to yourself and enemies upon detonation. Use [Mouse] to steer, and use [Left Click] to detonate. When fully charged, Press Z to activate this Overdrive ability.


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library


Exosuit Library
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