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Exoprimal Tips for Warframes

Small tips on using different Warframes, including descriptions of some features. According to my play progress, I plan to update the content about the special mods of the Warframe and the Alpha Warframe in the future.

Exoprimal Tips for Warframes

Note: In the game (including training), keyboard and mouse players can press the F1 key to view the details of the warframe, and there will be some features that are difficult to know without looking at the details. Gamepad players press the down button of the controller to view the details of the warframe by default, and it can be changed in the key bindings.

  • The device can be switched at any time during the game, only the cost of reloading the CD, remember to switch according to the battle situation.
  • Switching armors during the game will retain the accumulation of ultimate moves.
  • Jumping will reset the speed accumulation of the sprint, so don’t keep pressing jump if you want to hurry.
  • The recovery provided by the first aid bomb device will not overflow, but the recovery provided by the auxiliary armor will generate a green shield based on the overflow. When playing an auxiliary armor, in addition to paying attention to white blood, you must also remember to maintain the green shield of your teammates, unless it is the original genius doctor who can only use skills. armor.

This guide will not mention too much content related to the specific data of the Warframe, I hope someone can study this aspect.


  1. The trajectory of a sharpshooter’s shot starts from the muzzle. When the camera is turned to the right, the trajectory is more leftward, and when the camera is turned to the left, the trajectory is more rightward. At the same time, TPS’s habit of shooting with the muzzle exposed behind the cover is still effective.
  2. The actual effect of “Increasing Accuracy” of the right-click aiming of the sharpshooter is to cancel the ballistic spread, which is similar to where to hit, but the impact of recoil on the lens will be more obvious.
  3. The recoil of the sharpshooter is simply to let the front sight float upwards, but no matter the hip-fire or the machine sight, as long as the player controls the movement of the front sight, the recoil will be covered up. That is to say, there is no need to press the gun deliberately while keeping the long press, as long as the sight is on the target.
  4. The sharpshooter’s right-click grenade will have a section of the muzzle raised when shooting. The actual starting point of the grenade parabola is above the normal muzzle.
  5. There is an error in the description of the sharpshooter’s push palm. In fact, long-pressing to charge can improve performance, damage will increase and knockback will be further. There is no mechanism for long-pressing to fully charge, as long as long-pressing until the white light flashes, it is the enhanced version. Long-pressing for a long time will not enhance the performance but will only be released automatically.
  6. The sharpshooter’s big move can be released in the air. However, the ultimate move has a fan-shaped ballistic distribution, and the farther away from the target, the fewer bullets will be hit. When you want to have a wave of explosive output, it is recommended to release it close to your face.


  1. Without the influence of special modules, Gale’s flat slashes all come with a piece of sword energy, the range is about 5 positions, and the damage is 1/3 of the flat slash. exist.
  2. Although Haifeng is actually using a crutch, the third stage of the flat cut is held like a double knife.
  3. Gale’s iron mountain will have different breakthrough performance when it is on the ground and in the air. When on the ground (including standing on a high platform), you can only advance horizontally, and the direction pointed by the front sight shall prevail. When in the air, you can rush in any direction, depending on the specific position of the front sight. That is to say, using the iron mountain to lean on in the air can rise higher or drop rapidly.
  4. Gale’s flat cut cannot hit people through walls.
  5. Haifeng can also double jump after picking up.
  6. Gale’s ultimate move will only return to full HP when it is activated, and there is no continuous blood recovery effect.
  7. The actual effect of Gale’s special module “Z01-Berserker” is that there will be a special energy storage effect before the third stage of the horizontal cut, and the third stage will reduce the CD of all active skills (excluding equipment) when the body is glowing. ), the reduction increases with the level of the module. This mod will be disabled during the activation of the ultimate move.
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Bomber King

  1. Bomber King can long press the left button to shoot continuously. Ordinary shooting will not blow you up, but right-clicking will blow you up and knock you into the air. When the mine is directly below you, you can rocket jump. A mine does 30 damage to itself.
  2. When the bomber king uses the right button to place mines, he can press and hold the right button to delay the launch time of the mines.
  3. The control effect of Bomber King’s stun grenade is actually only to fall to the ground. The control is released after the enemy gets up, and there is no additional stiffness.
  4. When Bomber King’s ultimate move is full of HP (500 HP), 100 HP will be deducted when it is released, and 200 HP will be deducted when it explodes. When the blood is higher than 200, the corresponding deducted blood will be reduced so that the final remaining blood is equal to 200. For example, when the remaining blood is 401, it will be released to deduct 1 blood and explode to deduct 200 blood. When the blood is lower than 200, the blood will not be deducted.
  5. When Bomber King releases his ultimate move, he can and can only use the front sight to control the direction of the flight, and the keyboard and left joystick will not take effect.


  1. There are only two versions of the right-click of the sentry to open the scope and charge, and there will be no other changes according to the charging time. Sentinels cannot long press the left button for continuous normal shooting
  2. Sentinel waist fire consumes 3 bullets for 3 bursts, 1 bullet for a single shot when the scope is not fully charged, and 5 bullets for a single shot when the scope is fully charged. The damage of the fully charged version will not decrease with the reduction of bullets consumed, that is, the base damage is 160 when there is only 1 round of ammunition left.
  3. The sentry’s super jump (jump and then press jump) can still be released after taking off and landing and pressing jump again.
  4. Sentry’s ice bombs, railguns and ultimate moves can be released in the air. You will not fall during the animation of releasing the skill in the air, but releasing the skill will cancel the effect of the super jump itself after reaching the highest point.
  5. The sentinel’s ice bomb can be exploded at any time to trigger aoe damage and freezing effects, including when the ice bomb is flying and fixed on the wall or the ground.
  6. The duration of the sentinel’s ice bomb is a fixed time, the longer the flight time, the shorter the fixed time, and vice versa.
  7. Sentinel’s big move has the same penetrating effect as the rail gun.


  1. The knocking and taunting of the roadblocker is actually determined to be a sound wave of a ball flying forward. When using it, you can see the special effect if you look closely. After releasing the tapping taunt, as long as you don’t press any key other than moving, you will keep tapping, and you can tap for a whole day.
  2. Enemy players will slow down after being hit by knocking and taunting.
  3. When blocking the shield, press and hold E or RB to move the field of view while keeping the shield facing unchanged. After releasing E or RB, the shield facing is synchronized with the player’s current crosshair position, instead of the crosshair returning to the shield facing .
  4. The shield-opening impact of the roadblock is actually not that the more enemies it hits, the better its performance, but that it will be strengthened when it is attacked/collided by a large number of enemies at the same time when opening the shield (that is, the dinosaur simply moves forward). The state of the fire top shield is an enhanced version. In addition, the damage of the shield attack is stronger when it is strong, and it hurts more to fight big monsters than small monsters.
  5. The blocker’s ultimate move will end when the time ends, and it will not automatically throw a tornado, so you will not be able to see the bodybuilding pose.
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  1. The overheating mechanism of Krieger’s left-click normal shooting is: based on Gatling’s barrel speed enhancement, the faster the barrel turns, the higher the fire rate and the higher the heat accumulation speed. As long as the exhaust heat is used (that is, the bomb is changed), no matter how much heat is exhausted, it will unconditionally return to the fastest speed. Press and hold to shoot to increase the speed, then stop fire will slowly reduce the speed and reduce the heat,
  2. Krieger’s right-click missile lock can only lock on the target in the field of vision. After locking, the enemy will lose the lock if the enemy leaves the field of vision before launching.
  3. After Krieger’s missile is locked, it can be avoided by panning left and right.
  4. Krieger’s fire-breathing dash can be canceled by pressing it again, but pressing it too quickly will be judged as not pressing it.
  5. Krieger’s dome shield will not actually be broken when hit by a large dragon, but the large dragon can shatter the shield after it hits the shield and stops.
  6. When Krieger uses the dome shield, all small dragons within the shield range will be pushed out of the shield, but if there are large dragons within the range, the shield will be shattered instantly after the shield is generated.
  7. Krieger’s ult will automatically mark the current crosshair position as the target point of the ult after the time expires.


  1. Although Murasame can’t slash while walking, each horizontal slash with the left button will add a dash in the same direction as the player’s current control. For example, keep the front sight still, hold down the front and then cut horizontally, it will rush forward and then cut again, and then hold down and then press, it will change to the same face and protrude backward for the second horizontal cut.
  2. Murasame’s right button can be long-pressed to keep the knife retracted. When the knife is retracted, it can be moved and fine-tuned, and it will be released when the right button is released. But this is a circular AOE taunting skill, the movement speed is slower than that of a turtle, is there any point of fine-tuning?
  3. Murasame’s shield can be canceled by pressing it again. After the shield is full and turned into a blue sword, even if it is not a counterattack but directly canceled, it is still in the blue sword state.
  4. After Murasame enters the blue sword with a full shield, even if the shield is not released, the time limit of the blue sword will still be consumed, and a single shield can only be fully used once. However, the blue knife time limit will be refreshed once the rack is full again within the blue knife time limit.
  5. Murasame’s blue sword will strengthen all attack damage related to the sword, including active skills. It’s you! Circle…ah no, strong blade medicine!
  6. Murasame’s hook lock will not consume CD if it misses anything.
  7. Murasame can also use all active skills in the air.
  8. Murasame’s ultimate move can move and change direction, but it can only hit the area directly in front of it, and it cannot hit the air. When released in the air, it will remain charged but will not attack until it is on the ground.
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Doctor (witch doctor)

  1. The left-click electric shock of the genius doctor can see the attack range on the ground when attacking.
  2. The magic doctor’s right button will not consume CD when it misses.
  3. The right button of the genius doctor will increase the movement speed of the genius doctor, whether it milks a teammate or hits an enemy. Milk to teammates will also increase the movement speed of the treatment target.
  4. If the doctor’s right button hits the enemy, it will directly replenish the ammunition of the left button, and it can also slow down.
  5. The genius doctor can also use all active skills in the air. Using a repair field in the air will leave a repair field on the ground at the current location. Both the repair field and the ultimate move are within the judgment range of the cylinder. The repair field can milk teammates in the air, and releasing the ultimate move in the air can also milk teammates on the ground and slow down enemies on the ground.
  6. The tumbling of the genius doctor determines the direction according to the front sight. There will be a rebound when rolling and hitting an obstacle. At the same time, after rolling and jumping, you can also press jump to enter gliding.
  7. The genius doctor is currently the only passive auxiliary armor that does not automatically repair (automatically recover blood if it is not damaged for a period of time).

Sky wave

  1. Tianbo’s left-click normal attack can be long-pressed for continuous shooting.
  2. Skywave will rush in different directions with slipstream when holding down the moving direction, and fly straight to high places when not holding down the moving direction.
  3. Skywave’s gravity cage actually has a parabola trajectory. Press and hold to see the parabolic display, and release it when you release it.
  4. Tianbo’s big move is a ball-like judgment. When you can’t stop at a high altitude, pay attention to your height when you want to stop. You can press jump again in the air to release the floating state and speed down to open up.

Rain cloud

  1. Nimbus can press and hold the left button to perform continuous normal attacks.
  2. Yuyun’s holographic clone will start to revive teammates when it touches a dead teammate. The resurrection method is that the holographic clone will perform resurrection interactions there. Holographic clones can be destroyed.
  3. When the rain cloud teleports to the holographic clone, it will release an AOE treatment. The duration of the holographic clone will be displayed next to Nimbus’ body.
  4. Rain Cloud’s shotgun is actually a continuous shooting skill. The special module “N-Current Diffusion” actually strengthens the continuous shooting skill, not the shotgun of Alpha Nimbus.
  5. The healing and attack range of Rain Cloud’s ultimate move is consistent with the special effects, and it will not be judged by a cylinder that actually covers the entire z-axis like the magic doctor’s big move.
  6. Rain Cloud’s big move will be released automatically after the time is over.
  7. Nimbus can use all active skills in the air, but only the shotgun can stay in the air, and the big move will also fall during the release.
  8. Nimbus’s special module “N-Special Switching” can make right-click switching faster than reloading when the level is full.

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